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Attention coaches: Visit your team page to enter probable pitcher(s) for each game.
Participating Teams
Champion TBT Ballers Texas 14U Chick (15-5-0 in 2023) 14Major Mansfield, TX Rhett Massey
Runner-Up ZT Elite - Riley (16-19-0 in 2023) 14Major Dallas, TX Will Riley
  Cavalry Baseball (3-11-1 in 2023) 14AAA Cleburne, TX Patrick Mincey
  Dallas Tigers - Argyle (19-14-1 in 2023) 14Major Argyle, TX Jayce Owen
  Empire Lopez (9-14-1 in 2023) 14AA Mesquite, TX Julio Lopez
  NTX Fort Worth Cats 14U-Moreno (11-14-0 in 2023) 14AAA Kennedale, TX Albert Moreno
  TBT Ballers Texas 14U Cook/Vazquez (2-8-0 in 2023) 14AAA Frisco, TX Rhett Massey
  TBT Ballers Texas 14U Silver (6-21-3 in 2023) 14AAA Mansfield, TX Rhett Massey
  Texas Desperados (6-10-0 in 2023) 14AAA Highland Village , TX Jason Durham
  Texas Edge 14u-Negron (10-9-1 in 2023) 14AAA Fort Worth, TX Roberto Negron
  Texas Edge 14U-Vargas (20-15-1 in 2023) 14AAA Granbury, TX Art Vargas
  Usa Prime 14u Red (7-13-1 in 2023) 14AAA Fort Worth, TX Michael Valdez
  USA Prime North Fort Worth - Bailey (6-3-1 in 2023) 14Major Justin, TX Tim Bailey
  USG Arsenal 14U - Darnell (7-5-0 in 2023) 14AAA Waco, TX Paul Darnell

Accepted Teams
*requested an invite and are approved to attend