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Attention coaches: Visit your team page to enter probable pitcher(s) for each game.
Participating Teams
Champion South Charlotte Panthers Marucci 2029 (25-1-0 in 2024) 13Major Sophia, NC Jordan Gates
Runner-Up Scorpions 13u (26-7-3 in 2024) 13Major Orlando, FL Carmelo Delgado
Third Place Canes Elite (38-15-1 in 2024) 13Major Hialeah, FL Ozzie Delgado
Third Place Storm Baseball (12-9-0 in 2024) 13Major Doral, FL Al Tavarez
  ANGELS RED 13U (5-8-0 in 2024) 13Major LAKELAND, FL Mark Persails
  Canes FL Brevard 13u (1-3-0 in 2024) 13AAA Melbourne, FL Jason Stidham
  Canes FL Panhandle (2-5-0 in 2024) 13AAA FREEPORT, FL Brett Campbell
  Central Florida Bad Boyz (38-11-0 in 2024) 13Major Ocoee, FL Tyrone Thomas
  Davie Diamondbacks 13u (13-17-2 in 2024) 13AAA Davie, FL Frank Agate
  DLC Baseball (4-5-1 in 2024) 13Major lake worth, FL Tony Heminger
  East Coast Ghost Scout (9-6-1 in 2024) 13Major Eatontown, NJ Pat Geroni
  FTB Nationals Scout Team (13-9-2 in 2024) 13Major Palm Beach Gardens, FL Nick Tiano
  FTB Team Blanco 13U Select (21-13-1 in 2024) 13Major Doral, FL Gregor Blanco
  FTB Tucci (8-9-0 in 2024) 13Major Wimauma, FL Billy Bullock
  Okeeheelee Warriors 13U (3-10-0 in 2024) 13AAA West Palm Beach, FL Ruben Calderon
  Original Florida Pokers - Birge (6-5-0 in 2024) 13Major Parkland, FL Kris Birge
  Original Florida Pokers / BID Sandoval (41-12-2 in 2024) 13Major Coral springs / Parkland, FL Michael Sandoval
  Rawlings Tigers National 2029's (0-5-0 in 2024) 13Major Chesterfield, MO Evan Pratte
  Scorpions South Florida (31-19-2 in 2024) 13Major Fort Lauderdale, FL Ernie Gonzalez
  South Florida Thunder (1-12-0 in 2024) 13Major North Palm Beach, FL Todd Mercado
  Sports Academy Legends 13U (13-4-1 in 2024) 13Major Thousand Oaks, CA Jerry Muse
  SWFL SCOUT TEAM (12-2-1 in 2024) 13Major Fort Myers, FL Carlos Perea
  West Boca Panthers Orange (1-4-0 in 2024) 13AAA Boca Raton, FL Adam Romer
  ZT Prime Lujan (21-3-0 in 2024) 13Major Sarasota, FL Tony Lujan

Accepted Teams
*requested an invite and are approved to attend