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Attention coaches: Visit your team page to enter probable pitcher(s) for each game.
Participating Teams
Arlington A's - Waller (2-8-0 in 2023) 14AA Keller, TX Kenneth Waller
Arp Tigers (14-8-0 in 2023) 14AA Arp, TX Emmanuel Ponce
Black Sox (8-6-1 in 2023) 14AA Grand Prairie, TX Chad Hampton
Dallas Bandits - Hardison 14U (13-21-1 in 2023) 14AA Dallas, TX Chad Hardison
DALLAS BEAST MODE (5-1-0 in 2023) 14AA GRAND PRAIRIE, TX Alex Herrera
Dallas Tigers 14U Pono (3-9-0 in 2023) 14AA Allen, TX Pono Anderson
Desoto Elites (7-15-1 in 2023) 14AA Desoto, TX Terence Taylor
Express Baseball Club - Herrera (4-10-2 in 2023) 14AA Southlake, TX Justin Cotten
Express Baseball Club Red - Aguilar (4-8-0 in 2023) 14AA Fort Worth, TX Justin Cotten
Fort Worth Lobos - Jimenez (2-9-1 in 2023) 14AA Fort Worth, TX Chris Jimenez
Jocoderailers (17-3-2 in 2023) 14AA Cleburne, TX Jason East
Mansfield Mambas (3-7-1 in 2023) 13AAA Mansfield, TX Todd Blair
Midland Bulls 14u Gold (7-3-0 in 2023) 14AA North Richland Hills, TX Joseph Woodard
TBT Ballers Texas 14U Red (13-10-0 in 2023) 14AA Mansfield, TX Rhett Massey
Texas Damage (8-7-0 in 2023) 14AA Kennedale, TX Eric Darjean
Texas Oilers 14U Beavers/Cole (10-15-1 in 2023) 14AA Rockwall, TX Daniel Hamblin
Texas Outlaws (2-7-0 in 2023) 14AA Arlington , TX Anthony Cortez
Texas Sox 13U - Hoffman (15-10-2 in 2023) 13AAA Arlington, TX Randy Sykes
Texas Sox 14U - Barton (13-24-0 in 2023) 14AA Arlington, TX Randy Sykes
USA Prime - O'Donnell (8-7-1 in 2023) 14AA Aledo, TX Sean O’Donnell
Usa Prime 14u Blue (3-12-3 in 2023) 14AA fort worth , TX Michael Valdez
USA Prime North Fort Worth 14U (5-18-1 in 2023) 14AA Justin, TX Tim Bailey

Accepted Teams
*requested an invite and are approved to attend