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2026 Top Prospects

Isaac Carrillo  3B - 2026 - Bakersfield, CA

Carrillo was another two-way standout with a couple solid base knocks along with a solid relief appearance. Showed promising strength at impact and can attack the barrel well for his current frame. Showed solid command of a fastball/slider combination that missed bats and forced soft contact. Some life and shape to both offerings give him some upside going forward.

2027 Top Prospects

Connor “Goose” Zuehlsdorff  RHP - 2027 - Napa, CA

Zuehlsdorff was an impressive force over two days of action. He opened eyes with a lively fastball up to 82 mph and mixed tempos with some feel to spin a subtle breaker. Lean frame that can really project going forward. Ease to the delivery with more in the tank.

Declan Gonge  C - 2027 - Lincoln, CA

Gonge had a loud BP showing that translated to in-game action, finding a pair of loud barrels. Big presence to the pull side at the age with good strength off the barrel. Stays short and gets into the legs well. Utilizes both halves well and brings a lot to like in the frame as the body continues to mature.

Dayne Williams  C - 2027 - Clovis, CA

Williams is a big, physical product and it showed. Has a direct plane with some strength at impact that stands out at the age. He can get deep and let's the strong hands work. Also showed well at infield and catcher with some athletic traits in the build.

Nicco Olivas  RHP - 2027 - Stockton, CA

Olivas was a big time two-way performer. He showed a heavy fastball for the age with good downward plane to it. Also flashed feel for a slurvy breaker for strikes. Strong hands at the plate, works well off his front side with present bat speed. Olivas was a two-way presence that really stood out.

2028 Top Prospects

David Goss  C - 2028 - Sacramento, CA

Goss has innaate feel for the age that stood out defensively. The actions are crisp up the middle, keeping his head on a swivel and showing the pocket early. He was even more impressive at catcher, framing well and showing soft hands in the receiving category. Meets the ball and doesn't drag. At the plate, he has a pretty leveled swing that continues to add strength.

Kylen Gravely  LHP - 2028 - Scotts Valley, CA

Gravely showed good feel at his current age and mixed tempos well from the left side. Fastball curveball were solid offerings. Also has some quickness to the hands at the plate. Two-way potential that can really grow and develop.

Brian Radford  C - 2028 - San Lorenzo, CA

Radford is a physical presence in the box and it continued over in-game action. Strong levers with good lift at contact. Can pull it a bit with some intent. Found a few loud knocks over the course of two days.