Showcase West Coast Top Prospect Showcase
Aug 31 - Sep 1, 2002 San Diego State's Tony Gwynn Stadium - San Diego, CA  

2003 Top Prospects

Ryan Sweeney  - OF - 2003 - Cedar Rapids, IA - USA
Sweeney was the top prospect in San Diego as both a pitcher and position player. He showed outstanding outfield actions, threw 89 mph from RF, hit for average and power all weekend and ran a 7 flat in the 60. On the mound he threw 88-90mph with a hard slider and good change-up. Although he made things look easy at times he played hard all weekend with several stolen bases and competing every inning.

Adam Jones  - SS - 2003 - Spring Valley, CA - USA
Jones was one of the top athletes in San Diego showing plus bat-speed, plus foot-speed and an average Major League arm at shortstop. His actions are not yet polished but his tools are there and very playable. He is a switch hitter with plus bat-speed from both sides and showed more power from the left.

Jo Jo Reyes  - LHP - 2003 - Riverside, CA - USA
Reyes is a strong left-handed hitting 1Bman with a short, fast swing that showed plus bat-speed, power and the knack for finding gaps. He also showed a good glove at 1B and was 87-89 mph on the mound and showed a good curveball. One of the most potent left handed 2-way performances out there.

Eddie Solis  - 3B - 2003 - San Diego, CA - USA
One of the top hitters in the event, Eddie showed a professional hitting approach and good swing. He showed a fast bat, fast hands and the ability to recognize a pitch early. He also flashed some plus defensive skills at 3B with several outstanding plays in the field showing a Major League arm at the hot corner.

Brian Schroeder  - LHP - 2003 - El Cajon, CA - USA
Schroeder is an athletic left-hander with a powerful arm that produced 86-88 mph fastballs and a good sharp curveball. He showed a fast arm and stable base with a firm front side that he uses for leverage. He has athletic bloodlines and looks like a competitor on the mound.

Nicholas DeVito  - 1B - 2003 - Hingham, MA - USA
DeVito Showed one of the biggest bats in the event. He hit the ball hard all weekend showing plus bat-speed, plus power and threw with 85 to 87 mph velocity on the mound. He hit a HR over the left field wall and showed the ability to stay on off-speed pitches driving most of them up the middle or in a gap.

Chad Lundahl  - SS - 2003 - Thousand Oaks, CA - USA
Chad is a good infielder that featured some of the best bat-speed in the event. He has fast hands, hits out in front of the plate and has power. At shortstop he showed a good glove, quick hands and mature fielding actions. He can really swing it !

Michael Wagner  - RHP - 2003 - Woodinville, WA - USA
Wagner is a pitcher on the rise. He has come on strong lately and did not miss a beat in San Diego. He had command of 3 pitches. An 87-89 mph fastball, 78-79 mph change-up and a sharp curve. He worked quickly and showed a nice fast arm. All that after 2-a-day football practices throughout the weekend.

Kaleb Hutchinson  - C - 2003 - Vancouver, WA - USA
Hutchinson has one of the best looking swings in the event. He has plus bat-speed, a whip through the zone and some power. He popped a 1.99, showed good arm strength from the OF and even ran a 7.22 in the 60. His bat is still his best tool and his body is a plus indicating that there is more in there.

Andy Barb  - RHP - 2003 - Kirkland, WA - USA
Barb is a two-way player prospect with a plus body that projects at both catching and pitching. He showed hitting ability and power at the plate with a nice swing and had 88 mph velocity with plus life on the mound. Behind the dish he popped 1.89-1.90 and was clocked at 80 mph on his throws to 2B.

Justin Tellam  - C - 2003 - San Clemente, CA - USA
Tellum is a versatile player with a good looking swing with some power. He showed a good arm and quick feet as a catcher, popped 1.99 and 2.01 to 2B, ran a 7.2 in the 60 and pulled a HR over the wall.

Michael Cart  - 3B - 2003 - King City, ON - CAN
Cart is an athletic 3Bman with 7 flat speed, a playable corner arm and flat out hits. He showed good body control and plus defensive ability but each time we see him his bat shows average and power.

Ryan Muller  - RHP - 2003 - Morgan Hill, CA - USA
Muller is a pitcher with a lean body, 88mph velocity that we've seen even better and he showed good hitting and OF ability. He pitched out of tough counts, showed excellent athletic ability and hit!

Clay Coulter  - C - 2003 - Santee, CA - USA
Coulter is a sharp catcher with outstanding defensive ability. He showed plus catch and throw skill with quick feet, soft hands and popped a 1.88 and 1.90 to second. He also showed a good looking swing.

Ryan Kowalski  - SS - 2003 - San Diego, CA - USA
Kowalski is a solid infielder with 6.7 speed and a fast left-handed bat. He takes an aggressive hitting approach and is dangerous on the bases. He projects as a 2Bman and should be an impact for any program.

Russ Warthen  - RHP - 2003 - Las Vegas, NV - USA
Warthen showed plus life on a fastball that topped out at 88 mph and a good second pitch with a 76 mph sharp curve. His lively fastball got outs quickly and has grown into a good pitchers body.

Justin Klipp  - RHP - 2003 - Bell Canyon, CA - USA
Klipp showed a lively 87 mph fastball and tight spin on his curveball. He also showed a 78 mph change with sink and good looking arm speed. His arm works good on the mound and his stuff works for itself.

Andrew Nacario  - OF - 2003 - Carlsbad, CA - USA
Nacario ran a 6.91 in the 60, threw 86mph from the OF, has a good lean body and a good swing. We didn't see him play in more than one game but we saw enough of his swing and tools to show his ability.

Doug Low  - C - 2003 - Henderson, NV - USA
Low is an athletic catcher who can do everything well. He is a switch hitter who showed good left-handed power and hitting ability from both sides. He has a strong arm that showed 1.89 and 1.90 pop times too.

Brett Backman  - RHP - 2003 - Whitby, ON - CAN
Had pitchability in the mid 80's with a hard bite on his 12-6 curve. Someone to keep a close eye on. He can pitch!

Kyle Bennett  - LHP - 2003 - Morgan Hill, CA - USA
Showed a good working arm action from 3/4 and nice movement on his change-up. Lefty who projects and can pitch.

Harrison Bishop  - RHP - 2003 - Kirkland, WA - USA
Looked strong on the mound with mid 80's velocity and flashed and average curveball. Could develop into a special pitcher at the next level.

Brian Brehm  - RHP - 2003 - Encinitas, CA - USA
Brehm stays on the ball well and showed good gap power with some deep outfield drives. Strong kid who will go as far as that big bat will take him.

Matt Buck  - LHP - 2003 - Cave Creek, AZ - USA
Buck is a good left-hander with composure on the mound and showed a fastball with late life. Good body, he needs to be followed closely.

Joey Burke  - MIF - 2003 - Carlsbad, CA - USA
Good instincts at shortstop with a good line drive swing. Has ability to hit off-speed pitching too. Good all-round player with a good future.

Brandon Buxbaum  - LHP - 2003 - Encino, CA - USA
Buxbaum is a big left-hander who showed good mechanics and the makings of a killer curve. Projects out of sight! Could be a giant sleeper here.

Cassidy Carter  - MIF - 2003 - Dallas, TX - USA
7 flat runner with a playable arm and he hit in all situations to all fields. Showed a good swing and playability. Watch him, he can play!

Thomas Cordova  - C - 2003 - Whittier, CA - USA
Showed good pop times and a strong arm. His bat showed pull power in BP and all field line drive ability in the games. Strong body, he has some interesting tools. Keep an eye on him.

Darrell Fisherbaugh  - RHP - 2003 - Novato, CA - USA
Showed a plus, 2-plane breaking pitch in the 77 mph range and pitched tough in the mid 80's. Definitely can pitch at the next level. The off-season and next spring are important.

Ian Gac  - 1B - 2003 - Lake Forest Park, WA - USA
When he learns to make adjustments he will be a plus hitter. Has plus power now! His bat could take him a long ways. Played at a high level all summer. Ball really jumps off his bat.

Joe Gault  - RHP - 2003 - Canyon Country, CA - USA
Showed a good loose arm action and a lean projectable frame. Knows how to pitch. Definitely a good future at the next level. Projects great! Possible top draft prospect.

Aaron Guzman  - RHP - 2003 - Whittier, CA - USA
Showed a mid 80's fastball and good 12-6 curveball from a high 3/4 arm slot. Should be very successful at the next level.

John Haggerty  - 2B - 2003 - Hingham, MA - USA
Haggerty is a defensive specialist at 2B who started showing the ability to make adjustments by shortening up with wood. He can definitely play at the next level.

Augie Hagman  - C - 2003 - Burbank, CA - USA
Hagman showed the ability to swing a powerful bat and put a few in play hard. Body has room for more strength. Keep an eye on him.

Zac Haines  - C - 2003 - Oxnard, CA - USA
Didn't show results in BP but showed bat-speed and quick hands that translated well to the games with several impressive hits. Also showed quickness behind the plate with receiving skill. Good catchers body, needs to be followed closely.

Manuel Hernandez  - LHP - 2003 - San Diego, CA - USA
Smooth left-hander with a good feel for 3 pitches and a deceptive fastball with life. This lefty will get stronger and needs to be followed. He can pitch!

Billy Hume  - SS - 2003 - Madera, CA - USA
Has a feel for the game. Showed some pop in his bat and ran the bases aggressively. He can play! Follow him.

Adam Hurlbert  - MIF - 2003 - Fresno, CA - USA
Performed well showing line drive hitting ability and good IF actions. Another kid who will do good at the next level. Good player!

Jordan Jemoila  - OF - 2003 - Menifee, CA - USA
We liked Jemiola at 3B where he showed soft hands, a playable arm. He also showed bat-speed at the plate. Outstanding potential and a body that projects.

Jonathan Klausing  - LHP - 2003 - Arvada, CO - USA
Good working arm on a long and lean frame. Showed a low 80's fastball with late life and a good slider. His physical stature and arm action make him extremely projectable. Big time possibilities as he develops.

Kye Kolar  - 3B - 2003 - Austin, TX - USA
Hits with authority, and has defensive agility and power. Good body and bat control. Someone to keep an eye on. He can play the game!

Preston Langeliers  - RHP - 2003 - Pleasant Hill, OR - USA

Brian Lapin  - OF - 2003 - Madera, CA - USA
Scorched a few line drives and defensively looked sharp, throwing a player out at the plate. Bright future at the next level. Does a lot of things very well.

Robert Magley  - OF - 2003 - Coral Springs, FL - USA
Good outfielder who can swing it, showed arm strength and ran good routes in the field. Very interesting follow!

Peter Manso  - MIF - 2003 - Parkland, FL - USA
Showed good actions at SS, quick glove and very good looking swing with some bat-speed. Good all-round baseball player. Will play at the next level.

Dylan McCombe  - C - 2003 - Pleasant Hill, CA - USA
McCombe is a strong catcher with a powerful bat. He swings it hard and plays even harder. We like him, he has a chance to develop into a very top level player.

Mark McLaughlin  - OF - 2003 - Walnut Creek, CA - USA
Hitting machine from the left side with good defensive outfield ability. Made some of the toughest plays! Watch closely, this kid does a lot of good things on a baseball field.

Mike Mendrin  - LHP - 2003 - Fresno, CA - USA
Left handed pitcher who showed a low 80's fastball and some upper body strength with the bat. Room on his frame to get stronger. Lefty with a bright future.

Francisco Mora  - RHP - 2003 - Chula Vista, CA - USA
Threw with 86 mph velocity and showed good rotation on his curveball. Going to be a big help to a college program. Projects and could develop into a special pitcher.

Gary Moran  - RHP - 2003 - Madera, CA - USA
Big tall right-hander with a heavy fastball and signs of a good tight curve. Also swung the bat hard showing some serious power. Moran is extremely interesting and needs to be followed very closely.

Sean Murphy  - 3B - 2003 - San Marcos, CA - USA
Showed good command of a nice curveball and a mid 80's fastball that we've seen even better. Strong kid who will pitch at the next level and be successful. Might be a 2-way guy. He can hit and play third very well.

Alex Pappes  - RHP - 2003 - Henderson, NV - USA
Showed that you can get outs without big league velocity by throwing strikes with his fastball and change-up, both with sink. Pappes will be a successful winning college pitcher. As he gets stronger, he might really surprise some people.

Ted Pattock  - OF - 2003 - Tempe, AZ - USA
Showed a good hitting approach with quiet hands and good hitting ability. Runs well and showed a quick first step out of the box. His left-handed bat and athleticism give him a bright future at the next level.

Ryan Ponce  - RHP - 2003 - Anaheim, CA - USA
Good projectable body who showed a good lively change-up and even swung the bat with good results. Has a real baseball star look about him. Keep an eye on him.

Miguel Porchas  - C - 2003 - Somerton, AZ - USA
Big body with bat-speed and plus power, jacked a HR that left the park in seconds. That bat could take him a long ways. Serious power with wood!

Clayton Roberts  - OF - 2003 - Phoenix, AZ - USA
Good looking player with hitting ability and some power potential. Has some tools and body projects to get much stronger. Follow him!

Eddie Romero  - LHP - 2003 - Fresno, CA - USA
Showed an 84-86 mph fastball with a good looking arm action and a smooth delivery. Lefty who has a bright future in college baseball.

Angel Sanchez  - OF - 2003 - West Covina, CA - USA
7.2 in the 60, hits, runs, has athleticism, pitches in mid 80's and competes. We like him a lot. Could develop into a very good prospect by next June.

James Shackelford  - RHP - 2003 - Modesto, CA - USA
Big strong player with 2-way potential showing a good arm on the mound and nice left-handed swing. This kid needs to be followed closely. Could be a big sleeper.

Dean Stucker  - RHP - 2003 - Albuquerque, NM - USA
Loose and easy pitcher who showed an arsenal of pitches including a good slider and change-up. Frame has room for more strength. He can pitch and could develop into a big winner at the next level.

Jake Tepper  - C - 2003 - Studio City, CA - USA
Tepper showed some opposite field hitting ability and a 2.19 pop time on his throw to 2B. He shows strength and if he improves his agility and flexability, he will be ready for the next level. Someone to watch!

Grant Tripp  - LHP - 2003 - Upland, CA - USA
Showed a big swing and drove several balls. Also had some command of his fastball and good secondary pitch in a dime curve. Interesting 2-way player. Lefty with ability who projects. Keep an eye on him.

Steven Tripp  - OF - 2003 - Temecula, CA - USA
Showed a real nice left-handed swing that was short to the ball, balanced and hit to all fields with some power too! The bat can produce at a high level. He can hit! Watch him closely.

Andy Underwood  - RHP - 2003 - Madera, CA - USA
Long and lean pitchers build who showed good movement on his pitches and a nice bite with his curveball. Very projectable, someone to watch.

Trevor Vieweg  - RHP - 2003 - Encinitas, CA - USA
Big right-hander who touched 85 mph and showed some sink on his change-up. He could be a big sleeper, keep a close eye on him. We think he can throw better than what we saw.

Steve Vogt  - C - 2003 - Visalia, CA - USA
Strong left-handed hitter with good bat-speed, short and quick stroke with some pop and competes ! Hit the ball hard and played strong all weekend. Timed at 1.99 on his pop to 2B. Can play at a very high level. Follow him closely!

Alex Walters  - OF - 2003 - Aliso Viejo, CA - USA
Showed an aggressive bat with hitting ability, runs the bases and throws with a playable OF arm. A kid with a good future at the next level.

Ryan Watkins  - OF - 2003 - Albuquerque, NM - USA
Threw well from the OF, showed athletic ability and hit good in every game. We would like to see more of him. He can play! Keep a close eye on him.

Aaron Wideman  - LHP - 2003 - Mississauga, ON - CAN
Showed an 86 mph fastball with 5 K's using 3 pitches including a good curve and a change-up with sink. Very good lefty who should have a very successful college career. Possible draft pick if he puts a couple more clicks on his fastball.

Richard Wilkins  - OF - 2003 - Madera, CA - USA
Threw 89mph from the OF, 84mph on the mound, showed hitting ability and flashed some power. Has a projectable body. Someone to watch closely. Could become a big surprise by next June.

Johnny Zepeda  - LHP - 2003 - Fallbrook, CA - USA
Zepeda did not pitch but showed a good swing and launched some balls hard into the gap. He can swing it and made good adjustments to the pitching. He's a very good prospect as a pitcher, but could go both ways if he goes to college.

2004 Top Prospects

Rob Blackstone  - C - 2004 - Madera, CA - USA
Catcher with a good arm, solid body and showed some good hitting traits. 04 to watch very closely!

Josh Bradbury  - RHP - 2004 - Newport Beach, CA - USA
Young player with future potential showing good defensive actions and a good arm. Also showed that he can put the bat on the ball. Good strong body, he's an 04 to watch.

Kris Kasarjian  - OF - 2004 - West Lake, CA - USA
Showed excellent defensive ability in the outfield, good arm strength and showed a good line drive swing. Projects nicely! Keep a close eye on this kid. Very interesting 04!

James Scholzen  - 2B - 2004 - Hurricane, UT - USA
Scholzen showed nice infield actions and a playable arm from SS. His swing was level and showed some future potential as he gains weight and strength. Projects nicely and needs to be followed. He can play!

2005 Top Prospects

Henry Sanchez  - 1B - 2005 - San Diego, CA - USA
Sanchez is a 2005 grad with 2003 prospect power! He has a fast bat, good recognition and hit the ball where it was pitched, and hard! He has good 1B instincts and a strong arm but his bat has plus power now.

Brian Wilson  - IF - 2005 - San Diego, CA - USA
Young player with good infield skills, playable SS arm and a good looking swing that we think might end up with plus bat-speed as he gets a little stronger. Also pitched in the low 80's on the mound showing a cutting action on his curveball. Watch out for this player, he has a big upside. Only an 05!

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