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2002 Top Prospects

Alfredo Fernandez  RHP - 2002 - Maracaibo Zulia, VE VEN   Uncommitted

Fernandez is rated one of the top prospects in baseball rich Venezuela. He has been in the mid 90s this summer. At Baylor he was 90 to 93 and showed a late breaking slider and drop down changeup.

Jhonathan Figueroa  LHP - 2002 - Tampa, FL   Uncommitted

We have seen Figueroa a few times earlier. Once again he was impressive. His velocity was down a little, but he still managed upper 80s to 90. The life on his fastball was as good as we've seen from anyone this year. His breaking ball is devastating at times and average at other times. His changeup is improving also.

Marvin Urdaneta  OF - 2002 - Tampa, FL   Uncommitted

Urdaneta is another player we have seen several times. He is raw, but extremely talented. His bat improves each time we see him and his running ability is always amazing. He ran a 6.53 on a slow wet track at Baylor. He was 88 mph from the outfield, another area he is improving quickly. He just needs to play!

Garrett White  LHP - 2002 - Round Rock, TX   Texas

White impressed us greatly. A big lefty in the high 80s with a plus breaking ball and plus command. This kid is for real and needs to be followed closely. He will throw in the low 90s for sure, maybe even better.

Gilbert Sanchez  RHP - 2002 - Corpus Christi, TX   Uncommitted

Sanchez was a giant surprise to us. He throws a lot of pitches in the 90 to 92 range and with some sinking life at times. Makings of good breaking ball. Big strong right-hander.

Nicholas Tisone  3B - 2002 - Covington, LA   Pearl River CC

Tisone is a definite 2-way prospect. He swings the bat well with a short stroke and quick hands. He flashes wood bat power potential. As a pitcher he threw 87 to 90 with life. He has a good sharp mid 70s breaking ball and good command.

Randy Gattis  3B - 2002 - Dallas, TX   Uncommitted

Gattis is an interesting prospect. He runs close to average, has a good baseball body and can hit with power. As a pitcher he threw 87-89 with some life and showed a nice mid 70s slurve.

William Kliment  OF - 2002 - Englewood, CO   Uncommitted

Kliment will go as far as his bat will take him. This kid can mash, the ball really jumps off his bat. He's a smart player with other decent skills, but it's his bat that will create the most interest.

Stephen Cole  RHP - 2002 - Keller, TX   Uncommitted

Cole has a great pitchers frame and a live arm. He was 87-89 at Baylor with some life. His slider 76-78 is a promising pitch.

Baron Frost  C - 2002 - La Jolla, CA   Southern California

Frost is a top flight catcher/hitter. Others may have a more prototype pro body, but few can play at this kids present level. He has a strong, quick arm and moves his feet and body well behind the dish. He hits with pull power and dominates the inner half of the plate.

Tyler Bullock  C - 2002 - Fort Worth, TX   Baylor

Bullock brings a lot to the table. A very strong arm and serious power potential are his ticket. He has definite catching and hitting skills and an outstanding catchers body.

Andrew Pape  RHP - 2002 - San Antonio, TX   Uncommitted

Pape is a big, country strong right-hander who can really pitch. At Baylor he was 87-89 touching 90 and showed what looked like a cutter. His breaking ball was 74 with good spin. His changeup was a bit slow at 75 mph. He showed good command and pitchability.

Daniel Mangiapani  LHP - 2002 - Henderson, NV   Uncommitted

Mangiapani doesn't look the part, but believe us when we say he is one outstanding lefty. He has an exceptionally fast arm that produces lively fastballs anywhere from 83 to 88. He has a tight spinning curveball and good changeup. Throws a bit across his body, but good stuff and good command.

Jason Meyer  LHP - 2002 - Abilene, TX   Uncommitted

Meyer is another not so big lefty with an outstanding arm. He was 86-89 with a decent 69 mph curve ball. The changeup was good, but maybe a hair slow at 72. He can hit, also.

Christopher Smith  RHP - 2002 - Rockwall, TX   Uncommitted

Smith was yet another good looking right-hander at Baylor. His 87-89 fastball came out of a high knee, balanced delivery. His curve ball was low 70s but showed good bite. His change was irratic in velocity, but looked like a good pitch.

Wesley Lewis  RHP - 2002 - Deer Park, TX   Uncommitted

Lewis is very interesting and projects well. He was 85 to 88 and kept the ball down. He showed a very nice 12-6 curve ball around 70 mph and a decent 77 mph changeup.

Kyle Gruver  RHP - 2002 - Austin, TX   Uncommitted

Gruver is yet another big projectable right-hander. He was 85-87 at Baylor with a 74-76 breaking ball. He has a good compact clean delivery. He can hit, too!

Calvin Medlock  RHP - 2002 - Houston, TX   Uncommitted

Medlock is extremely interesting. He was 86-89 in Baylor, but we think he has thrown much better than that. He has three pitches with good command. He can pitch!

Michael Gardner  RHP - 2002 - Arlington, TX   Uncommitted

Gardner is a not so big right-hander and outfielder. He threw mostly fastballs, but they were good ones with excellent life in the 87-89 range. He did flash a couple of decent sliders? He also flashed some good hitting ability.

Cole Henry  OF - 2002 - Carrollton, TX   Uncommitted

Henry has some pitching ability, but we like him better as a hitting outfielder. He has big time power potential and a very smooth quick stroke.

Christopher Cochell  LHP - 2002 - Nicoma Park, OK   Uncommitted

Cochell traveled from the American Legion World Series to Baylor. He is an outstanding lefty who shows a very good breaking ball and pitchability. He was mid 80s at Baylor, but his knee buckling slurve and good body didn’t go unnoticed.

William Boening  RHP - 2002 - Yoakum, TX   Uncommitted

Boening is another RHP who projects well. He was mid 80s, but there is much more in there. He can really hit and could easily be considered a position prospect.

Colby Overstreet  1B - 2002 - Midland, TX   Uncommitted

Overstreet can not be ignored. He has a major league body and has a big bat. With his build and arm he has to be considered a possible pitcher.

William Rodgers  RHP - 2002 - Midlothian, TX   Uncommitted

Rodgers is very interesting both as a pitcher and as a position player. He swings the bat, runs MLB average. As a pitcher he threw 86-88 with a good 77-78 slider and 74-75 change.

Cameron McGuire  C - 2002 - Grand Praire, TX   McLennan CC

Big catcher probably ranked too low here. Big power potential, very strong arm. Can hit and has a great catchers body. McGuire is extremely projectable.

Jayson Kleinman  C - 2002 - Austin, TX   Uncommitted

We like Kleinman a lot. He plays for keeps and has good feet behind the dish. He has a nice short stroke and displayed some pull power. The ball jumps and he uses the whole field.

Wayne McGrew  RHP - 2002 - Pasadena, TX   Uncommitted

McGrew is yet another promising prospect with raw potential. He has average speed, a good arm, can play the game and shows big time hitting ability with power potential.

Ben Maitland  SS - 2002 - Colleyville, TX   Uncommitted

Maitland is a good solid player with a serious tool in his bat. He has a professional hitting approach and can really smoke some line drives.

Joshua Plumaj  C - 2002 - Missouri City, TX   Uncommitted

Plumaj didn't show his true ability or power potential at the plate at Baylor. He did show his MLB body and catching skills enough for us to rank him.

Joshua Unumb  C - 2002 - Mansfield, TX   Uncommitted

Unumb has a chance to make some big waves. He showed good wood bat hitting ability and with power. He also displayed some excellent defensive ability behind the plate.

Lance Broadway  RHP - 2002 - Waxahachie, TX   Uncommitted

Nicholas Buck  3B - 2002 - Denton, TX   Uncommitted

Alexander Chalfant  RHP - 2002 - Addison, TX   Uncommitted

Could be rated much higher 85-86 fastball and strong body. Plays for keeps and can hit.

Cameron Chandler  OF - 2002 - Tyler, TX   Uncommitted

Keith Conlon  OF - 2002 - Dallas, TX   Uncommitted

Kyle Dison  RHP - 2002 - Abilene, TX   Uncommitted

Another mid 80s pitcher with good changeup, who can play the infield very well. Quick hands

Cade Dubois  RHP - 2002 - Ethel, LA   Uncommitted

We have seen Dubois throw much better in the past. He can hit with power also.

Isaias Garcia  2B - 2002 - Houston, TX   Houston

Good all-round player with serious hitting ability.

Ronnie Glensor  LHP - 2002 - Reno, NV   Uncommitted

Glensor is a kid to keep a close eye on. He shows possible plus running ability, a good left-hand bat and some excellent pitching ability.

William Henderson  3B - 2002 - Beaumont, TX   Uncommitted

Big guy who is an average runner with serious big time power potential.

Travis Mangum  C - 2002 - San Antonio, TX   Uncommitted

Strong catcher with power potential and nice arm.

Forrest Neal  OF - 2002 - Phoenix, AZ   Uncommitted

Pretty good across the board. Real player with hitting ability and a good arm.

Scott Scharlach  RHP - 2002 - San Marino, CA   Uncommitted

Excellent pitcher, mid 80s at Baylor with low 70s good curve ball and his best pitch was a 72 mph changeup.

Charles Sindlinger  SS - 2002 - Reno, NV   Uncommitted

Sindlinger has pretty good infield actions and flashed some serious hitting ability.

Erik Stiller  RHP - 2002 - Bryan, TX   Uncommitted

Stiller could be ranked right up in the top 10 easily. He has been in the upper 80s before and has very good pitching ability. He projects off the charts!

Jonathan Stroot  3B - 2002 - Mansfield, TX   Uncommitted

Good player with inf. Actions, arm and bat. Good looking pitcher as well.

Brian Temko  C - 2002 - Richmond, TX   Uncommitted

Kevin Wimpy  OF - 2002 - Arlington, TX   Uncommitted

Big, strong athlete worth following closely. Ball jumps off his bat, he can run and throw.

2003 Top Prospects

Xavier Paul  OF - 2003 - Slidell, LA   Tulane

On the mound he topped out 94 mph, throwing lots of 90s. He ran a 6.7 in the 60 and showed plus arm from the outfield. Paul has a quick swing that creates a lot of bat speed from the left side. Add everything together and you have one of the finest 03 prospects in America.

James Harris  OF - 2003 - San Antonio, TX   Uncommitted

Harris has run much better times before Baylor. He has MLB average to plus arm strength from the outfield. He can cover a lot of ground and plays the game for keeps. His best tool is his bat. He has some power and the ball really jumps off his bat. In fact Harris is one of the more impressive 03 hitters we have seen this year.

Mark Krampitz  RHP - 2003 - Sealy, TX   Rice

Krampitz is a talented player/pitcher who showed good hitting ability. Most importantly he is a pitcher with a strong live arm. He threw 86-88 at Baylor with a 75-76 slurve and a 76 changeup.

Cory Zimmerman  SS - 2003 - Odessa, TX   Uncommitted

We like Zimmerman a lot. He has good running ability and a beautiful left-hand swing. He also showed good actions in the infield. He is a very tough kid and plays for keeps!

Zach Myatt  OF - 2003 - College Station, TX   Uncommitted

Myatt has a good arm, he can hit and play the game. On the mound he showed well, throwing in the mid 80s wqith a 73-76 breaking ball.

Joseph Rendon  RHP - 2003 - San Antonio, TX   Uncommitted

Good hitter, but a better pitching prospect, mid 80s with a good feel for pitching.

Michael Hutson  3B - 2003 - League City, TX   Uncommitted

Interesting player with good actions and professional hitting approach.

Jacob Brumble  SS - 2003 - Tulsa, OK   Uncommitted

Good player, nice actions and arm. Showed excellent hitting ability.

Don Carter  C - 2003 - San Antonio, TX   Uncommitted

Carter's forte is hitting. He has a nice swing and the ball jumps off his bat.

Tristan Blalock  C - 2003 - Mesa, AZ   Uncommitted

Blalock has some good catching skills and shows a good bat.

Xerxes Martin  LHP - 2003 - Dallas, TX   Uncommitted

Martin can really pitch and needs to be followed closely by college programs.

Jay Russell  2B - 2003 - Austin, TX   Uncommitted

He can play and swings a very good bat.

Eric Daws  2B - 2003 - Bozeman, MT   Uncommitted

Excellent defensive skills and he has good hitting ability.

Michael Newland  C - 2003 - McKinney, TX   Uncommitted

Interesting young catcher with nice arm. Shows hitting ability.

Timothy Lecholop  LHP - 2003 - San Antonio, TX   Uncommitted

Showed some good ability with the bat. Has some pitching ability.

2004 Top Prospects

Andrew Gause III  OF - 2004 - Spring, TX   Uncommitted

Jerry Hollander  SS - 2004 - Mandeville, LA   Uncommitted

D'Korian Williams  OF - 2004 - Sugar Land, TX   Houston

Wallace Williams  SS - 2004 - Tomball, TX   Uncommitted

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