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2007 Top Prospects

Jonathon Baker  OF - 2007 - Carthage, TX   Panola College

Jonathon Baker is a 2007 OF/P with a 5'10'', 165 lb. frame from Carthage TX, who attends Carthage. Lean athletic build, strong accurate arm with carry, easy actions, good bat speed, line drive hitter

Casey Cooper  OF - 2007 - Conway, AR   Northeast Texas CC

Casey Cooper is a 2007 OF with a 6'2'', 185 lb. frame from Conway AR, who attends Conway. Good athletic body, very strong arm, runs very well, good balanced swing, makes good contact, uses the whole field

Jeff Davis  C - 2007 - Edmond, OK   Uncommitted

Jeff Davis is a 2007 C/3B/OF/P with a 6'0'', 188 lb. frame from Edmond OK, who attends Edmond Santa Fe. Strong build, good defensive actions, strong arm, quick to ball, good bat speed, good power potential

Nikko Echevarria  MIF - 2007 - Bradenton, FL   Nova Southeastern

Nikko Echevarria is a 2007 MIF/OF with a 5'9'', 155 lb. frame from Bradenton FL, who attends IMG Academy. Athletic body, strong arm, good accuracy, quick hands to ball, line drive hitter, solid contact

Kyle Henry  3B - 2007 - Broken Arrow, OK   Northern Oklahoma College-ENID

Kyle Henry is a 2007 3B/SS/OF with a 5'10'', 160 lb. frame from Broken Arrow OK, who attends Broken Arrow. Lean athletic build, good actions, good body control, line drive hitter, solid contact, good power potential

Sean Lamont  OF - 2007 - Houston, TX   Georgetown

Sean Lamont is a 2007 3B/OF with a 6'2'', 200 lb. frame from Houston TX, who attends Bellaire. Good strong body, quick hands, short to the ball, good power to all fields, strong accurate arm, good glove

Cole Leonida  C - 2007 - Aurora, CO   Georgia Tech

Cole Leonida is a 2007 C/1B with a 6'2'', 205 lb. frame from Aurora CO, who attends Grandview. Good body with strength, receives and blocks well, strong accurate arm, good bat speed, lofted swing plane, good hitter

Relly Mercurio  1B - 2007 - Houston, TX   TCU

Relly Mercurio is a 2007 1B/OF/P with a 6'4'', 210 lb. frame from Houston TX, who attends Bellaire. Strong athletic build, solid glove accurate arm, good bat speed, centers on the ball well, makes solid hard contact, projectable power

Zach Osman  RHP - 2007 - Arlington, TX   Hill College

Zach Osman is a 2007 RHP/C/OF with a 5'10'', 175 lb. frame from Arlington TX, who attends Arlington. Athletic build, drop and drive pitcher, sound mechanics, quick arm, FB runs, excellent arm strength, good bat speed, solid all around

Ronald Brooks Pinckard  SS - 2007 - Buda, TX   Baylor

Ronald Brooks Pinckard is a 2007 SS/P with a 6'1'', 175 lb. frame from Buda TX, who attends Hays. Tall athletic, runs well, very strong arm, line drive hitter, good power, very solid all around player

Matthew Ramirez  RHP - 2007 - Amarillo, TX   North Central Texas College

Matthew Ramirez is a 2007 RHP/3B with a 6'0'', 180 lb. frame from Amarillo TX, who attends Amarillo. Good build, quick arm, FB runs, hits spots, knows how to pitch, line drive swing, strong accurate arm from OF

Aaron Redman  RHP - 2007 - Leander, TX   McMurry University

Aaron Redman is a 2007 RHP/OF with a 6'1'', 185 lb. frame from Leander TX, who attends Leander. Athletic build, good arm speed, sound mechanics, FB runs, sink on change, hits spots

Jake Rowell  C - 2007 - Orange, TX   Arkansas-Little Rock

Jake Rowell is a 2007 C/1B with a 6'0'', 190 lb. frame from Orange TX, who attends Little Cypress. Strong build, receives well, good blocking skills, makes solid contact, good bat speed, hit a huge HR to power alley during the games

Michael Schulle  RHP - 2007 - Lockhart, TX   Midland College

Michael Schulle is a 2007 RHP/3B with a 6'4'', 195 lb. frame from Lockhart TX, who attends Lockhart. Good pitchers build, quick arm, FB runs, changes shows good life, projectable, good upside

Travis Smith  RHP - 2007 - Austin, TX   Michigan

Travis Smith is a 2007 RHP/1B with a 6'5'', 190 lb. frame from Austin TX, who attends Austin. Projectable pitchers build, high 3/4, quick loose arm, good arm strength, hits with hard contact, good power

Michael "Ross" Speed  RHP - 2007 - Austin, TX   Baylor

Michael "Ross" Speed is a 2007 RHP with a 6'2'', 180 lb. frame from Austin TX, who attends Round Rock Westwood. Good pitchers build, long loose arm, smooth delivery, good life on 91mph FB, very good pitcher

Preston Springer  3B - 2007 - Denton, TX   Odessa College

Preston Springer is a 2007 3B/P with a 6'2'', 210 lb. frame from Denton TX, who attends Denton. Thick strong build, good accurate arm, good bat speed, keeps weight back, big time power, 2 HR's in BP

Brennan Stewart  SS - 2007 - Round Rock, TX   Texas Tech

Brennan Stewart is a 2007 SS/2B/P with a 6'1'', 175 lb. frame from Round Rock TX, who attends McNeil. Lean athletic build, good defensive actions, aggressive smart base runner, line drive hitter, solid contact

Reggie York  OF - 2007 - Ft Worth, TX   Kansas Wesleyan University/Seminole State College

Reggie York is a 2007 OF with a 6'0'', 170 lb. frame from Ft Worth TX, who attends North Crowley. Athletic build, good defensive player, solid glove, makes good hard contact, uses the whole field, good power potential, smart player

2008 Top Prospects

Antonio Horn  OF - 2008 - Muskogee, OK   North Central Texas College

Antonio Horn is a 2008 OF/P with a 6'2'', 187 lb. frame from Muskogee OK, who attends Muskogee. Good athletic build, gets a good jump on the ball, good accurate arm, good bat speed, line drive hitter, good baseball instincts, definite follow for 2008

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