Showcase Ohio Valley Showcase
Aug 1 - 3, 2014 Whitaker Bank Park - Lexington, KY  

2015 Top Prospects

Daniel Neal  - SS - 2015 - London, KY - USA
An above average athlete that shows off plus raw power, Neal continues to impress with his multi-faceted and exciting style of play on both sides of the ball.

J.T. Rogoszewski  - RHP - 2015 - Scott Depot, WV - USA
A lean, projectable right-hander, Rogoszewski has a polished, repeatable delivery and a very live arm. He topped at 90 mph with his fastball and showed tight rotation on his breaking ball.

Alex Alders  - OF - 2015 - Sagamore Hills, OH - USA
An outstanding game action performer, Alders flashes big gap power and first to third acceleration speed. He ran a 6.64 60 yard dash and makes an impression in the outfield as well.

Dylan Givens  - RHP - 2015 - Paducah, KY - USA
Givens is a powerfully built right-hander that showed good feel and command for his fastball. He reached 88 mph and showed an ability to locate his off-speed pitches.

Jordan Menfee  - RHP - 2015 - Lancaster, KY - USA
Menfee has a lean, prototypical righty frame and he has the raw stuff to match. He attacks hitters with a live fastball that topped at 88 mph with good, late action.

Christian Steele  - 1B - 2015 - Mason, OH - USA
A big, physically imposing left-handed hitter, Steele has the sound off his bat to match. He has a compact, fast swing path and flashes impressive pull power that will play at the next level.

Trey Martin  - SS - 2015 - Corbin, KY - USA
A lively, athletic shortstop, Martin showed sound defensive actions, ran a 6.65 60 yard dash time and threw 87 mph across the diamond. He also showed a quick, line drive stroke at the plate.

Jarrett Perns  - SS - 2015 - Henderson, NV - USA
Perns did it all at the event, touching 85 mph on the mound, running a highly impressive 6.62 60 yard dash time, throwing 83 mph across the infield, and flashing excellent bat speed at the plate.

Graham Ruopp  - RHP - 2015 - Cape Girardeau, MO - USA
A highly athletic right-handed pitcher, Ruopp also ran a 6.79 60 yard dash time aside from what he did on the mound. His fastball topped at 87 mph and he showed off good command.

Zach Abfall  - OF - 2015 - Suamico, WI - USA
Abfall showed good overall athleticism, with his plus speed standing out in particular. He ran a 6.69 60 yard dash time, flashed good bat speed, and threw 84 mph from the outfield.

Evan Acosta  - LHP - 2015 - Batavia, IL - USA
Acosta is a tall, athletic left-hander and he showed off a lively fastball with good command. He worked at 80-83 mph, topping out at 84.

Blake Carpenter  - LHP - 2015 - Bowling Green, KY - USA
Carpenter has a strong left-handed arm that he uses on the mound and in the outfield. He topped at 82 mph on the mound, threw 87 mph from the outfield and flashed solid tools at the plate as well.

Michael Failoni  - RHP - 2015 - Chesterfield, MO - USA
A two-way talent who showed excellent game actions tools at the plate, Failoni also touched 83 mph on the mound and ran a 6.80 60 yard dash time.

Justice Griebel  - OF - 2015 - Powell, OH - USA
An outstanding overall athlete, Griebel ran the event's best 60 yard dash time at 6.58 seconds. He also flashed good bat speed and threw 83 mph from the outfield. He also touched 82 on the mound.

Jake Hall  - OF - 2015 - Knoxville, TN - USA
A strong, athletic outfielder, Hall showed off a powerful arm that played impressively in game action. He threw 86 mph in the workout and also showed good bat speed at the plate.

Zach Heming  - C - 2015 - Cincinnati, OH - USA
A catcher with above average athleticism, Heming not only impressed with his 1.90 pop time and strong throwing arm, but also with his 6.97 60 yard dash time and strength at the plate.

Wesley Jorette  - OF - 2015 - Lawrenceburg, KY - USA
Jorette showed off good, game usable speed, running a 6.67 60 yard dash time. In game action, he also flashed good bat speed and loud line drive contact.

Maxx Mahon  - RHP - 2015 - Nicholasville, KY - USA
A true power threat from the right side, Mahon also does a good job of staying balanced and short to the baseball. He has above average power that plays at the next level.

Jack McCreery  - C - 2015 - Louisville, KY - USA
Hall showed a sound game action approach at the plate, using the middle of the field well and showing good life off his barrel. He posted a 2.10 pop time as well.

Ben Morin  - OF - 2015 - Richmond, KY - USA
Morin looks comfortable in game action and handles off-speed pitches well. He shows a compact swing path and power potential to his pull side.

Zachery Peters  - C - 2015 - Jonesborough, TN - USA
A strongly built catcher with above average arm strength, Peters posted an impressive 1.94 pop time and threw 79 mph from behind the dish.

Matthew Upton  - OF - 2015 - Antioch, TN - USA
A strong game action hitter, Upton stays short to the baseball and also has plus foot speed. He ran one of the event's fastest 60 yard dash times at 6.62.

2016 Top Prospects

Jacob Abbott  - SS - 2016 - Lexington, KY - USA
Abbott is a talented two-talent athlete. He topped at 84 mph, showing good curveball depth on the hill, and flashes good bat speed and a line drive approach at the plate. He also ran a 6.82 60 yard dash time and threw 85 mph across the infield.

David Ellis  - RHP - 2016 - Hazleton, IN - USA
One of the showcase's best pure arms, Ellis topped at 89 mph with his fastball. But, more impressive was his ability to mix a sharp, above average curveball and repeat his delivery.

Blake Frost  - RHP - 2016 - Louisville, KY - USA
Displaying one of the most intriguing overall skillsets on the mound of the event, Frost has an above average changeup and sharp breaking ball to go along with his projectable build and 87 mph fastball.

William Wacaser  - RHP - 2016 - Hendersonville, TN - USA
One of the event's strong arms on the mound, Wacaser topped at 87 mph with his fastball and also showed a solid feel for his secondary pitches, including a changeup and curveball.

Wyatt Schwing  - C - 2016 - Aurora, IN - USA
Schwing put together an impressive catching workout, posting a 1.96 pop time and throwing 79 mph from behind the plate. But, he also stood out at the plate, showing off good righty bat speed.

Aidan Elias  - OF - 2016 - Lexington, KY - USA
Elias shows that he can do a little of everything on a baseball field. He ran an impressive 6.75 60 yard dash time, threw 86 mph from the outfield, and also reached 85 mph on the mound. He also flashes good bat speed in the box.

Langston Watkins  - OF - 2016 - Louisville, KY - USA
Watkins is an outstanding athlete who ran a 6.78 60 yard dash time. He also moves well in the outfield and flashes good bat speed from the left side of the plate.

Malave Bettinger  - 1B - 2016 - Coldwater, OH - USA
A strong, physically mature hitter, Bettinger has game ready power and knows how to lift the baseball to all fields. He stays balanced and uses his lower half well.

Dalton Dedas  - C - 2016 - Louisville, KY - USA
Dedas posted a 2.00 pop time and showed sound actions from behind the plate. Most impressive, however, was his bat speed from the right side of the plate.

Matt Eiswerth  - 3B - 2016 - Mentor, OH - USA
An impressive two-way talent, Eiswerth touched 85 mph on the mound and showed a solid feel for his secondaries. He also showed good pop from the right side of the plate.

Jack Kenley  - SS - 2016 - Germantown, TN - USA
Kenley shows plus athleticism and ran a 6.77 60 yard dash time. He also shows sound defensive actions on the infield, a strong arm and a quick right-handed stroke.

Ryan Layne  - SS - 2016 - Nicholasville, KY - USA
Layne posted an impressive 6.78 60 yard dash time and threw 85 mph from across the diamond. He also showed off a solid line drive swing path and bat speed.

Noah Mehrle  - OF - 2016 - Liberty Township, OH - USA
A right-handed hitter with good bat speed and overall athleticism, Mehrle ran a 7 flat 60 yard dash time and also posted an 85 mph velocity from the outfield.

Sam Stewart  - SS - 2016 - Granville, OH - USA
A solidly built athlete with good bat speed and lift, Stewart flashes intriguing raw power potential and strength from the right side of the plate.

Ben Wendholt  - 3B - 2016 - Ferdinand, IN - USA
A strong, lean, projectable left-handed hitter, Wendholt has a clean, quick swing path and repeats his swing mechanics well. He flashes good present power.

2017 Top Prospects

Ben Jordan  - RHP - 2017 - Olive Hill, KY - USA
A picture of pure projection, Jordan has the look of an exciting high level prospect. He reached 90 mph with his fastball, consistently pitching in the upper 80s, and showed off a sharp curveball with good depth.

Jacob Kates  - 3B - 2017 - Liberty Township, OH - USA
Kates is a highly impressive young bat that already shows polish in game action. His polished left-handed stroke produces hard line drives and he's already flashing good pull power potential.

Josh Glynn  - C - 2017 - Cincinnati, OH - USA
Glynn has a rounded skillset and an intriguing profile behind the plate. He posted a 2.02 pop time and also showed good bat speed and strength in his swing path.

Weston Griebel  - LHP - 2017 - London, KY - USA
A young, solidly built southpaw, Griebel has a high upside on the mound. His clean arm action and fastball topping at 82 mph are just a glimpse of some of that potential.

Brody Heil  - LHP - 2017 - LaGrange, KY - USA
Heil is a strongly built young left-handed that already shows feel for pitching. He topped at 82 mph with a solid breaking ball and should continue to improve.

Andrew Jaeger  - OF - 2017 - Hamilton, OH - USA
An event standout on the strength of his bat, Jaeger shows off a compact right-handed stroke and shows above average bat speed with good lift for his age.

Dalton Shoemake  - LHP - 2017 - Glasgow, KY - USA
A young left-hander with an easy arm action, Shoemake topped at 82 mph with his fastball, showing good potential for command and feel for his off-speed pitches.

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