Showcase Caribbean Underclass Showcase
Nov 15 - 17, 2014 El Parque de Doble A de Juncos - Juncos, PR  

Event Schedule

2014 Caribbean Underclass Showcase
El Parque de Doble A de Juncos, Puerto Rico
Saturday, November 15th
8:00 AM
Player Check-In Receive Shirt & Cap

Report to El Parque de Doble A de Juncos
8:30 AM
PG Staff informs players about showcase
9:00 AM
Workout Begins with 60 yd dash

Filming begins of all players by Skillshow

9:20 AM
Outfielders throw RF

Infielders throw from SS

Firstbasemen throw from 1B to 3B

Catchers Pop-Times

10:15 AM
Orange Batting Practice White Shag

10:40 AM
Steel Batting Practice Orange Shag

11:05 AM
White Batting Practice  Steel Shag

11:45 AM
Steel vs White

1:15 PM
White vs Orange

2:45 PM
Orange vs Steel

Sunday, November 16th
Hiram Bithorn Stadium

9:00 AM
Orange vs Steel

10:30 AM
Steel vs White

12:00 PM
White vs Orange

*To order Personal Recruiting Video, visit Skillshow booth at event
or call 206-652-1288

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