League IA Spring League
Mar 21 - May 2, 2010 Washington HS - Cedar Rapids, IA  

- Washington HS  
  2205 Forest Dr SE Cedar Rapids, IA 52403 Map   

- Riverfront Stadium  
  850 Park Road Waterloo, IA 50703 Map   

- Solon HS  
  600 West Fifth Street Solon, IA 52333 Map   

- Carroll Ball Park  
  8th St and Vine St Carroll, IA 51401 Map   

- Atlantic HS  
  1300 Maple St. Atlantic, IA 50022 Map   

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
Red2Jake Allen Premium Content
Green18Drew Arends Premium Content
Blue15Tommy Argo Premium Content
Orange8Anthony Bakeris Premium Content
Red5Kyle Behnke Premium Content
Red16Brad Chelleen Premium Content
Black20Austin Christensen Premium Content
Orange11Alex Crowl Premium Content
Orange6Collin Crowl Premium Content
Orange10Austin Damm Premium Content
Black3Andrew Darby Premium Content
Black21Nick Day Premium Content
Blue1Andrew Dobek Premium Content
Green4Alex Draper Premium Content
Red6Cody Ege Premium Content
Black4Cameron Engberg Premium Content
White1Logan Felton Premium Content
Orange19Brennan Floss Premium Content
Green22Dakota Freese Premium Content
Green20Anthony Gagliardi Premium Content
Orange21Michael Goerdt Premium Content
Black5Matt Goiffon Premium Content
Blue2Joe Goodman Premium Content
Orange7Shawn Hagarty Premium Content
Blue16Kyle Hecht Premium Content
Blue3Andrew Hedrick Premium Content
Black10Cale Henke Premium Content
Green8Mark Himmelsbach Premium Content
Green10Justin Hofland Premium Content
Black22Bailey Hollingsworth Premium Content
Green17Brady Janssen Premium Content
Blue18Taylor Johnson Premium Content
Red11Taylor Kaufman Premium Content
Black19Jon Keller Premium Content
Green1Will Kenny Premium Content
Orange18Trevor Kenyon Premium Content
Blue4Tim Kilfoy Premium Content
Blue5Kole Klocko Premium Content
White24James Kohler Premium Content
Black23Henry Krieger-Coble Premium Content
Green2Brad Lombard Premium Content
Black18Derrick Loveless Premium Content
Blue19David Lowe Premium Content
Blue6Spencer Mallonee Premium Content
Orange14Nick Massina Premium Content
Black17Mack Mattke Premium Content
Orange4Connor McClain Premium Content
Red1Jason McMurray Premium Content
Black6Ean McNeal Premium Content
Orange5Blake Moe Premium Content
Orange20Trent Muilenburg Premium Content
Red24Jonathan Musser Premium Content
Red17Spencer Navin Premium Content
Blue20Sam Norman Premium Content
Blue7Quinnlan O'Meara Premium Content
Red12Taylor Ostrich Premium Content
Green19Brandon Owens Premium Content
Blue21Jordan Patton Premium Content
Orange15Jacob Peter Premium Content
Green6Levi Peters Premium Content
Red7Taylor Petersen Premium Content
Orange16Brandon Platts Premium Content
Green7AJ Puk Premium Content
Orange3Jake Raecker Premium Content
Blue8Greg Raney Premium Content
Red4Alec Rash Premium Content
Black16Jake Ratz Premium Content
Black2Keaton Redlinger Premium Content
Red18Andrew Redman Premium Content
Blue12Blane Reutter Premium Content
Green16Eric Schenck-Joblinske Premium Content
Green3Michael Schinstock Premium Content
Red3Matt Schulz Premium Content
Black7Jordan Shipers Premium Content
Black8Brandon Shulista Premium Content
Black15Braden Shull Premium Content
Black9Ryan Shull Premium Content
Blue9Austin Smith Premium Content
Red10Carson Smith Premium Content
Orange17David Stagg Premium Content
Green15Jacob Stenberg Premium Content
Red8Nick Suckow Premium Content
Black1Kellen Sweeney Premium Content
Orange9Collin Telsrow Premium Content
Red15Damek Tomscha Premium Content
Blue10Jake Trerotola Premium Content
Orange1Andrew Utterback Premium Content
Green21Drew Verstegen Premium Content
Orange2Jake Wall Premium Content
Green5Austin Westercamp Premium Content
Blue11Ethan Westphal Premium Content
Red9Raymond Zalabowski Premium Content
Red19Taylor Zeutenhorst Premium Content
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