Showcase National Academic Showcase
Jun 5 - 6, 2010 Terry Park - Fort Myers, FL  

Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks

- Terry Park  
  3421 Palm Beach Blvd Fort Myers, FL 33916 Map   

- 5-Plex - Player Development Complex  
  4301 Edison Ave Fort Myers, FL 33916 Map   

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
Columbia Blue-Academic5Stephen "Marks" Abernathy Premium Content
Kelly Green-Academic24Eddie Abramson Premium Content
Black-Academic14Adam Aldred Premium Content
Columbia Blue-Academic18Mario Amaral Premium Content
Columbia Blue-Academic6Connor Betbeze Premium Content
Kelly Green-Academic14Mike Boghos Premium Content
Black-Academic23Nick Bougopoulos Premium Content
Maroon-Academic14Paul Bretton Premium Content
Black-Academic22Blaine Broth Premium Content
Black-Academic13Kristopher Brown Premium Content
Black-Academic12Robert Browning Premium Content
Gold-Academic23Jeffrey Campbell Premium Content
Black-Academic11Colin Cantwell Premium Content
Black-Academic10Joey Carnaroli Premium Content
Columbia Blue-Academic19Cole Carrera Premium Content
Dark Green-Academic43Dustin Castella Premium Content
Maroon-Academic13Tommy Cook Premium Content
Dark Green-Academic42Jake Cosart Premium Content
Gold-Academic14Joe DiLeo Premium Content
Maroon-Academic12Thomas Dougherty Premium Content
Gold-Academic13Gabriel Estevez Premium Content
Columbia Blue-Academic7Matt Evans Premium Content
Black-Academic1Thomas Farjad Premium Content
Gold-Academic12Joshua Fellerman Premium Content
Black-Academic21Justin Finan Premium Content
Maroon-Academic11Chris Forsgren Premium Content
Kelly Green-Academic13Doug Futch Premium Content
Maroon-Academic23Nick Garzona Premium Content
Columbia Blue-Academic8Timothy Globus Premium Content
Gold-Academic11Steven Goldberg Premium Content
Maroon-Academic22Alec Gutierrez Premium Content
Maroon-Academic10Tyler Helphenstine Premium Content
Gold-Academic22Christopher Henze Premium Content
Maroon-Academic9Marshall Johnson Premium Content
Maroon-Academic8Bradley Kendall Premium Content
Kelly Green-Academic22John King Premium Content
Kelly Green-Academic21Lance Kirschenbaum Premium Content
Columbia Blue-Academic9Brett Kovach Premium Content
Gold-Academic21Zach Krider Premium Content
Kelly Green-Academic1Charlie Lamar Premium Content
Dark Green-Academic52Alex Lavandero Premium Content
Kelly Green-Academic20Tyler Leach Premium Content
Kelly Green-Academic19Alex Leighton Premium Content
Dark Green-Academic41Nicholas Locascio Premium Content
Kelly Green-Academic10Andy Lucak Premium Content
Columbia Blue-Academic20Taylor Maura Premium Content
Columbia Blue-Academic10Ryan Maxon Premium Content
Columbia Blue-Academic11Calin McCourt Premium Content
Black-Academic8Brendan McKendry Premium Content
Dark Green-Academic40Alec McKenna Premium Content
Dark Green-Academic39Travis Meadows Premium Content
Kelly Green-Academic18Zachary Meads Premium Content
Gold-Academic10Mac Metcalf Premium Content
Dark Green-Academic38Wesley Mleziva Premium Content
Black-Academic7Jordan Moody Premium Content
Dark Green-Academic37Matthew Moree Premium Content
Maroon-Academic7Ryan Morse Premium Content
Gold-Academic9Matt Moser Premium Content
Dark Green-Academic36Antonio Mujica Premium Content
Columbia Blue-Academic21Lorenzo Noble Premium Content
Gold-Academic20Alan Norman Premium Content
Maroon-Academic6Nicholas Ott Premium Content
Dark Green-Academic35Aaron Pigna Premium Content
Kelly Green-Academic12Jonathan Piriz Premium Content
Dark Green-Academic51Zach Powell Premium Content
Kelly Green-Academic15Brandon Raaf Premium Content
Dark Green-Academic48Sam Raphael Premium Content
Kelly Green-Academic9Jan Reguero Premium Content
Columbia Blue-Academic12Christopher Robertson Premium Content
Maroon-Academic21Duncan Robinson Premium Content
Kelly Green-Academic16Frankie Romano Premium Content
Gold-Academic19Billy Rose Premium Content
Gold-Academic8Will Ross Premium Content
Black-Academic6Aaron Ruzinsky Premium Content
Dark Green-Academic34Patrick Ryan Premium Content
Dark Green-Academic32Eduardo Santiago Premium Content
Black-Academic5Mickey Saxe Premium Content
Gold-Academic7Brian Schleier Premium Content
Gold-Academic6Trey Scott Premium Content
Columbia Blue-Academic13Tyler Selesky Premium Content
Maroon-Academic20Quinn Shanbour Premium Content
Gold-Academic5Michael Silberling Premium Content
Maroon-Academic5Michael Simmons Premium Content
Kelly Green-Academic8James Simpson Premium Content
Columbia Blue-Academic4Cory Slater Premium Content
Dark Green-Academic49Josh Steigelfest Premium Content
Columbia Blue-Academic22Daniel Stoops Premium Content
Columbia Blue-Academic23Tim Stoops Premium Content
Dark Green-Academic50Preston Tarkington Premium Content
Dark Green-Academic33Christopher Thompson Premium Content
Kelly Green-Academic11Daniel Thompson Premium Content
Black-Academic2Philip Tomljenovich Premium Content
Black-Academic4Vernon Trice Premium Content
Gold-Academic4Luis Gabriel Trinidad Premium Content
Black-Academic3Derek Vail Premium Content
Maroon-Academic4Jake Weiss Premium Content
Maroon-Academic3Jacob Wright Premium Content
Columbia Blue-Academic14Kyle Younger Premium Content
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