2010 Sunshine East Showcase

Jun 05, 2010 - Jun 06, 2010

5-Plex - Player Development Complex - 4301 Edison Ave Fort Myers, FL 33916 Map

- 5-Plex - Player Development Complex
  4301 Edison Ave Fort Myers, FL 33916 Map   

- Terry Park
  3421 Palm Beach Blvd Fort Myers, FL 33916 Map   

Event Rosters

Teal-Sunshine East43Devon Adams-Martin
Texas Orange-Sunshine East19Joseph Adel
Steel-Sunshine East43Nelson G Alvarez Rodriguez
Orange-Sunshine East43Richard Amion
Navy-Sunshine East14Vincent Anthonia
Steel-Sunshine East42Jake Axley
Orange-Sunshine East52Mark Babrick
Teal-Sunshine East42Ryan Baker
Red-Sunshine East30Michael Barash
Teal-Sunshine East31Tyler Bender
Navy-Sunshine East15Allen Benzenhafer
Purple-Sunshine East23Tanner Blackman
Texas Orange-Sunshine East22Garrett Blaylock
Red-Sunshine East42Marcus Brakeman
Purple-Sunshine East22Jordan Brinson
Steel-Sunshine East41Danny Brown
Teal-Sunshine East41Josiah Candelaria
Royal-Sunshine East30Devon Carr
Orange-Sunshine East42Brett Casteel
Texas Orange-Sunshine East16Raymond Catena
Purple-Sunshine East14Fabian Chirino
Orange-Sunshine East44Walter Cleary
Steel-Sunshine East52JC Coban
Navy-Sunshine East13Louis Companioni
Red-Sunshine East52Andrew Culp
Steel-Sunshine East40Brandon DeAquino
Orange-Sunshine East40Jordan DeLorenzo
Navy-Sunshine East12Stephen Dezzi
Navy-Sunshine East11Luis O Diaz
Royal-Sunshine East52Trip Dunn
Purple-Sunshine East13Nicholas Faur
Teal-Sunshine East52Conner Fiasco
Steel-Sunshine East51Jerrod Flanagan
Navy-Sunshine East2Lucas Friss
Steel-Sunshine East50Roma Fulton
Texas Orange-Sunshine East15Austin Garcia
Orange-Sunshine East39Chris Garcia
Texas Orange-Sunshine East13Jordan Garrett
Texas Orange-Sunshine East1Zachary Giczewski
Texas Orange-Sunshine East12J T Gilliam
Red-Sunshine East40Reid Goss
Texas Orange-Sunshine East11Alex Greene
Purple-Sunshine East21Joseph Gregory
Navy-Sunshine East17Justin Gubelman
Navy-Sunshine East10Jason Gutierrez
Teal-Sunshine East30Conner Hale
Royal-Sunshine East51Keith Hanenian
Navy-Sunshine East23Mark Hernandez
Teal-Sunshine East32Patrick Heuler
Steel-Sunshine East49Collin Hunt
Teal-Sunshine East51Jonathan Hurst
Red-Sunshine East39Alexander Ivanov
Royal-Sunshine East43Elige Jacobs
Teal-Sunshine East44Timothy Jeffrey
Teal-Sunshine East50Tom Jervis
Steel-Sunshine East39Miller Jones
Purple-Sunshine East10Kenny Katzman
Royal-Sunshine East42Nathan Kendrick
Orange-Sunshine East38David Kimbrough
Orange-Sunshine East51Colton Kleban
Steel-Sunshine East38Thomas Klevanosky
Purple-Sunshine East19Skip Kovar
Teal-Sunshine East40Clay Kramm
Red-Sunshine East31Sergio Leon
Navy-Sunshine East22Phildrick Llewellyn
Red-Sunshine East37Ryan Lowrey
Red-Sunshine East36Jack Lucero
Teal-Sunshine East49Austin Lueck
Teal-Sunshine East39Bucky Maler
Teal-Sunshine East38John Malott
Purple-Sunshine East12Domenick Mancini
Texas Orange-Sunshine East10Grant Maris
Navy-Sunshine East9Nicholas Marsit
Texas Orange-Sunshine East9Mark Marzano
Purple-Sunshine East11Dillon Maya
Texas Orange-Sunshine East8AJ Mazzurco
Royal-Sunshine East50Sean McAdams
Navy-Sunshine East1Josh McCardell
Royal-Sunshine East41Dusty McClain
Orange-Sunshine East37Darren Miller
Orange-Sunshine East50Johnny Monsalvatge
Royal-Sunshine East49Mark Moore
Royal-Sunshine East39Jordan Morrell
Texas Orange-Sunshine East7Ty Neuhaus
Texas Orange-Sunshine East6Tyler O'Brien
Royal-Sunshine East31Tyler O'Ferrell
Orange-Sunshine East31Sarkis Ohanian
Red-Sunshine East35Isaac Pannell
Steel-Sunshine East30Luke Parker
Orange-Sunshine East30Fenway Parks
Purple-Sunshine East3Matthew Pearce
Orange-Sunshine East49Matthew Picucci
Navy-Sunshine East8David Quintero
Navy-Sunshine East20Bradley Ramon
Red-Sunshine East34Brent Rhode
Royal-Sunshine East32Nicholas Rivenburg
Steel-Sunshine East48Joeanthony Rivera
Teal-Sunshine East48Manny Rodriguez
Navy-Sunshine East7Kevin Roque
Orange-Sunshine East36Rafael Salgueiro
Orange-Sunshine East35Christopher Sanchez
Teal-Sunshine East37Chris Schaedel
Navy-Sunshine East16D.J. Schleicher
Texas Orange-Sunshine East21Ajay Snow
Texas Orange-Sunshine East20Christian Snow
Purple-Sunshine East18Jordan Strittmatter
Red-Sunshine East33Carl Sugihara
Royal-Sunshine East48Tyler Sutton
Purple-Sunshine East17Blake Sydeski
Purple-Sunshine East16Uwem Udofia
Purple-Sunshine East15Alex Viera
Steel-Sunshine East53Daniel Vogelbach
Steel-Sunshine East37Joseph Walker
Royal-Sunshine East47Christopher Warren
Texas Orange-Sunshine East23Connor Wentz
Purple-Sunshine East20Chad Westlake
Steel-Sunshine East47Richard Williams
Red-Sunshine East32Jason Wilpon
Teal-Sunshine East47Ryan Withstandley

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