League Wisconsin Fall Wood Bat League
Aug 22 - Oct 11, 2009 Various Ballparks- WI - -, WI  

- Various Ballparks- WI  
  - -, WI 00000 Map   

- Waukesha County Technical College  
  800 Main Street Pewaukee, WI 53072 Map   

- Village Park  
  325 Capitol Drive Pewaukee, WI 53072 Map   

- Trenary Field  
  W152N8645 Margaret Rd Menomonee, WI 53051 Map   

- Roosevelt Field  
  W Jefferson St and S Main St Oconomowoc, WI 53066 Map   

- Joeck's Field  
  7468 n. lannon road Lannon, WI 53046 Map   

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
White14Brennan Abrahamson Premium Content
Kelly14RJ Adams Premium Content
Green6Sean Anderson Premium Content
Maroon3Casey Augloog Premium Content
Royal32Cody Augloog Premium Content
Kelly13Logan August Premium Content
Teal14Joey Backus Premium Content
Maroon23Anthony Batcher Premium Content
Black23Aaron Benz Premium Content
Steel1Taylor Betters Premium Content
White13Cole Borek Premium Content
Teal13Jesse Borek Premium Content
Royal21Will Brady Premium Content
Kelly12AJ Bricco Premium Content
Columbia11Jacob Brown Premium Content
Green13Luke Burris Premium Content
Purple14Taylor Burzynski Premium Content
Texas Orange14Nick Butchart Premium Content
Cedar14Anthony Cahoon Premium Content
Red82Tyler Callese Premium Content
Green23Santos Campos Premium Content
Cedar Greg Cannon Premium Content
Navy Jesus Cazares Premium Content
Teal75Myles Childs Premium Content
Texas Orange13Jonathan Colas Premium Content
Navy23Jordan Daane Premium Content
Steel2Riley Dahms Premium Content
Navy14Colin DeBoer Premium Content
Royal14Jordan DeBoer Premium Content
Navy John DeBruin Premium Content
Kelly11Jacob DeGrave Premium Content
Green2Eric Didier Premium Content
Red81John Dobson Premium Content
Green22Drew Doring Premium Content
Green12Robbie Doring Premium Content
Green11Sean Drea Premium Content
Green10Dylan Dreger Premium Content
Columbia10Andrew Dunn-Bauman Premium Content
Navy13Mike Eberle Premium Content
Purple13Daniel Erickson Premium Content
Cedar12Joshua Ernisse Premium Content
Navy Michael Ernstmeyer Premium Content
Steel3Fernando Espinosa Premium Content
Green9Tony Farrand Premium Content
White12Dillon Fasse Premium Content
Black14Austin Finn Premium Content
Columbia9Joseph Fiorita Premium Content
Cedar11Nathanial Fischer Premium Content
Maroon14Alex Fish Premium Content
Red80Jordan Fligor Premium Content
White11Tyler Frohwirth Premium Content
Green21Josh Fueston Premium Content
Red14Ryan Furrer Premium Content
Texas Orange12Ryan Furtney Premium Content
Kelly10Tyler Gainer Premium Content
Green8Eric Gardner Premium Content
White23Ryan Garland Premium Content
Columbia8Austin Gavic Premium Content
Royal12Atley Gay Premium Content
Columbia23Sam Gillingham Premium Content
Texas Orange11Joe Glynn Premium Content
Royal11Taylor Grall Premium Content
Texas Orange10Tony Grannis Premium Content
Teal12Dominic Gutierrez Premium Content
White10Samuel Hammer Premium Content
Columbia12Patrick Harrington Premium Content
Cedar9Shane Hayes Premium Content
Purple12Kurt Hegeman Premium Content
Purple11Kyle Hegeman Premium Content
Kelly9Miles Heidecker Premium Content
Columbia7David Henke Premium Content
Black13Casey Herr Premium Content
Purple10Alex Herrmann Premium Content
Texas Orange9Michael Heyman Premium Content
Cedar23Dylan Hinckley Premium Content
Black12Dan Hively Premium Content
Red13Adam Holzwart Premium Content
Navy12Blake Jalovec Premium Content
Green1Nicholas Janssen Premium Content
White9Aaron Jushka Premium Content
Navy11Nick Kanavas Premium Content
Maroon13Jordan Kane Premium Content
Purple23Kyle Kautz Premium Content
Royal10Jared Kavinsky Premium Content
Green7Liam Kellogg Premium Content
Columbia5Jeff Kerr Premium Content
Teal11Mitchell Klaver Premium Content
Black11Kurtis Koehn Premium Content
Columbia6Nathan Koslakiewicz Premium Content
Texas Orange8Maxwell Kramsky Premium Content
Purple9Matt Krause Premium Content
Steel4Tyler Krause Premium Content
Steel5Randy Krebs Premium Content
Steel6Joseph Krivichi Premium Content
Navy Kolin Kubitz Premium Content
Red12Dustin Langsdorf Premium Content
Black10Matthew Lankiewicz Premium Content
White8Isaac LaRonge Premium Content
Cedar8Billy Lawton Premium Content
Black9Matthew Leslie Premium Content
Black8Gavin Liesener Premium Content
Steel7Casey Lochner Premium Content
Texas Orange7Corey Mahnke Premium Content
Steel15Donnie Manke Premium Content
Steel8Fred Manke Premium Content
Maroon12Austin Martinez Premium Content
Purple22Kyle Matyas Premium Content
Purple8Kevin McInerny Premium Content
Texas Orange23Alex McRae Premium Content
Teal51Jacob Meleski Premium Content
Cedar7Jack Meurer Premium Content
Columbia22Jordan Milkie Premium Content
White7Toby Mings Premium Content
Texas Orange6Zachary Mittag Premium Content
White6Alex Mlachnik Premium Content
White5Danny Mlachnik Premium Content
White4David Mlachnik Premium Content
Teal10Jack Mlachnik Premium Content
Teal Alex Moll Premium Content
Teal24Jaret Moroder Premium Content
Steel9Brady Moses Premium Content
Steel10Tanner Moses Premium Content
Purple7Joey Neu Premium Content
Purple6Ty Neuschaefer Premium Content
Cedar22Jonathan Nick Premium Content
Black7Cory Ott Premium Content
Navy Austin Paisar Premium Content
Kelly8Willis (Rick) Perley Premium Content
Teal50Jack Perry Premium Content
Texas Orange5Matthew Persick Premium Content
Kelly23Taylor Piel Premium Content
Black6Ben Pohlman Premium Content
Maroon Henry Posnanski Premium Content
Red11Tom Potratz Premium Content
White3Alex Pronschinske Premium Content
Green5Johnathan Quigley Premium Content
Red10Brennan Quinn Premium Content
Texas Orange4Jake Quinter Premium Content
Kelly7Mitchell Raasch Premium Content
Royal9Samuel Raff Premium Content
Maroon11Austin Ralph Premium Content
Black5Ben Rejniak Premium Content
Maroon10Chris Reynolds Premium Content
Columbia13Nate Ricci Premium Content
Green4Brad Richardson Premium Content
Kelly6Max Richter Premium Content
Royal8Matt Roberts Premium Content
White2Michael Robinson Premium Content
Columbia4Greg Roble Premium Content
Green3Aaron Roeseler Premium Content
Teal9Nathan Roethle Premium Content
Navy Alec Rolain Premium Content
Navy Connor Rolain Premium Content
Maroon9Cory Roth Premium Content
Red9Kyle Russell Premium Content
Kelly22Daniel Sabin Premium Content
Maroon8Tyler Sagat Premium Content
Royal7Daniel Salzbrenner Premium Content
Red34Daniel Sayles Premium Content
Black4Scott Sayles Premium Content
Red8Mathew Scasny Premium Content
Black3Graham Scheel Premium Content
Navy Ryan Schmitting Premium Content
Royal20Casey Schreiner Premium Content
Kelly5Justin Schwartz Premium Content
Steel11Brendan Seaver Premium Content
Red22Cj Selner Premium Content
Royal6Shaefer Shepard Premium Content
Maroon7Christian Simmert Premium Content
Teal8Jake Slavin Premium Content
Royal5Trevor Souik Premium Content
Cedar6Brandon Spaeth Premium Content
Kelly4John Sprtel Premium Content
Texas Orange3Bradley Stefanski Premium Content
Texas John Stevens Premium Content
Black1Jacob Stewart Premium Content
Red7Justin Stiever Premium Content
Columbia3Will Stock Premium Content
White1Nick Stoltz Premium Content
Cedar5Joseph Stubbe Premium Content
Kelly3Nolan Sweeney Premium Content
Royal4Ethan VanLaarhoven Premium Content
Texas Orange2Adam Vlaj Premium Content
Columbia2Andrew Von Bank Premium Content
Purple5David Wadzinski Premium Content
Maroon6Colin Wagner Premium Content
Purple4Sean Waite Premium Content
Purple3Matt West Premium Content
Purple2Thomas West Premium Content
Maroon5Andrew Westley Premium Content
Kelly21William Westley Premium Content
Royal3Nolyn White Premium Content
Red6Adam Widder Premium Content
Royal2Colin Willis Premium Content
Red5Michael Winter Premium Content
Cedar4Matthew Wolf Premium Content
Maroon4Scott Wolter Premium Content
Cedar3Davis Yach Premium Content
Texas Orange22Dan York Premium Content
Navy Grant Yost Premium Content
Columbia1Beau Zeihen Premium Content
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