Showcase Sunshine Northeast Showcase
Jun 6 - 7, 2009 Baseball Heaven - Yaphank, NY  

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
Teal13Max Addy Premium Content
Red16Michael Alas Premium Content
Texas Orange5Ralph Alloco Premium Content
White15Maximo Almonte Premium Content
Texas Orange15Anthony Aprile Premium Content
Navy8Hans Arias Premium Content
White13Nicholas Astore Premium Content
Black10Avery Attinson Premium Content
Royal17Zack Avalos Premium Content
Maroon2E-Jay Baldwin Premium Content
Black3James Barone Premium Content
Red12Michael Bates Premium Content
Black18Steven Bloodworth Premium Content
White17Kevin Bonanni Premium Content
Royal7Clifford Brantley Premium Content
Texas Orange17Tyler Brong Premium Content
Texas Orange3Billy Brusack Premium Content
Purple5Anthony Buonopane Premium Content
White1Lebro Burnette Premium Content
Gold11Ross Busch Premium Content
White10Rob Cafiero Premium Content
Navy10John Campbell Premium Content
Teal9Joe Carillo Premium Content
Dark Green3Anthony Caruso Premium Content
Dark Green2John Casten Premium Content
Maroon15Vincent Citro Premium Content
Navy14Jesus Colon Premium Content
Teal12Kyle Craig Premium Content
Teal10Ryan Craig Premium Content
Gold24Johnathan Crucey Premium Content
Purple6Tyler Curry Premium Content
Columbia Blue1Anthony D'Alessandro Premium Content
Dark Green17Jared DeBrizzi Premium Content
Columbia Blue15Robert DeCosmo Premium Content
Purple20Scott DeJong Premium Content
Teal4Billy Demersky Premium Content
Maroon10Matt Demitroff Premium Content
Black15Brian Dixon Premium Content
Red4Jordan Donmoyer Premium Content
Teal8Andrew Dundon Premium Content
Teal5Josh Emerson Premium Content
Black4Josy Espinal Premium Content
Teal3Mark Esposito Premium Content
Dark Green1Brian Estevez Premium Content
Royal15Patrick Fedorko Premium Content
Texas Orange21Justin Ferrer Premium Content
Navy17Harold Fich Premium Content
Navy4Greg Finger Premium Content
Teal6Vince Fiori Premium Content
Black8Logan Frati Premium Content
Teal15Jesse Frawley Premium Content
Navy3Stephen Frey Premium Content
Royal6Kevin Furey Premium Content
Dark Green18Joseph Gallub Premium Content
Navy1Angel Garced Premium Content
Texas Orange8Matthew Gavin Premium Content
White16Bobby Gazzola Premium Content
White9Christopher Gili Premium Content
Black13Richard Giner Premium Content
Maroon6Vincent Gneo Premium Content
Red7David Goetz Premium Content
Texas Orange20Billy Goncalves Premium Content
White8Alexander Gray Premium Content
Navy18Charles Griffiths Premium Content
Columbia Blue3Jonathan Guida Premium Content
Teal14Eric Hailer Premium Content
Texas Orange7Michael Healey Premium Content
Gold17Nicholas Henriquez Premium Content
Columbia Blue5David Hogan Premium Content
White6Vincent Iacono Premium Content
White3Anthony Imparato Premium Content
Texas Orange9George Iskenderian Premium Content
Dark Green15TJ Jann Premium Content
Teal18Gabriel Jasinski Premium Content
Maroon18Zach Johnson Premium Content
Columbia Blue12John Jonas Premium Content
Purple19Kevin Juarbe Premium Content
Gold4Patrick Kazley Premium Content
Royal10Nick Kennedy Premium Content
Royal11Ryan Kennedy Premium Content
Columbia Blue25Tim Kiene Premium Content
Maroon1Daniel Kochka Premium Content
Maroon16Matthew Korman Premium Content
White18Nicholas Kozlowski Premium Content
Gold6Matthew Kral Premium Content
Columbia Blue16Robert Kruse Premium Content
Dark Green22Frank LaGuarina Premium Content
Teal2Eric LaRoche Premium Content
Navy23Josean Lazaro Premium Content
Purple11Dimitri Lettas Premium Content
Columbia Blue9Doug Licitra Premium Content
Maroon24Maxx Lombardi Premium Content
Maroon5Steven Lombardi Premium Content
Royal5Stefan Longo Premium Content
Red24Alex Lorenc Premium Content
Teal11Garrett Luna Premium Content
Gold9Kevin Luna Premium Content
Dark Green23Vincent Luppino Premium Content
Royal8Patrick Makowski Premium Content
Maroon3Mark Malantonio Premium Content
Navy15Ben Maniscalco Premium Content
Dark Green16Christopher Marconcini Premium Content
Columbia Blue2Bradley Markey Premium Content
Royal19Stephen Markus Premium Content
Purple10Sonny Mastromatteo Premium Content
White2Ryan McKean Premium Content
Dark Green19Jordan McNair Premium Content
Purple8Brandon McNamara Premium Content
Gold3Andrew Mege Premium Content
Purple7Richard Mejia Premium Content
Columbia Blue7Bryan Menduke Premium Content
Maroon8Patrick Miller Premium Content
Gold16Colin Moran Premium Content
Navy11Matthew Morris Premium Content
Gold10Joseph Naber Premium Content
Texas Orange6Carlos Napoles Premium Content
Columbia Blue18Michael Napoli Premium Content
Black7Kyle Nelson Premium Content
Texas Orange2Christopher O'Connor Premium Content
Maroon19Michael Oczypok Premium Content
Royal21Sarkis Ohanian Premium Content
Royal3Yuta Okazaki Premium Content
Dark Green5Stephen Oxee Premium Content
Red11Fabian Padilla Premium Content
Columbia Blue24David Palladino Premium Content
Dark Green4Zachary Palmer Premium Content
Maroon4Joseph Palumbo Premium Content
Navy5Nick Pancerella Premium Content
Royal1Luis Paniagua Premium Content
Maroon17Mike Papi Premium Content
Dark Green20Paul Pappaceno Premium Content
Gold15Xavier Parkmond Premium Content
White4TJ Pecoraro Premium Content
Columbia Blue17Ryan Pennell Premium Content
Red15Lovell Perdum Premium Content
Purple17Anthony Pesanello Premium Content
Purple1Morgan Phillips Premium Content
Royal16Joseph Pierce Premium Content
Royal14John Pilla Premium Content
Columbia Blue4Eric Pizzico Premium Content
Teal16Mark Podlas Premium Content
White5Andrew Pohalski Premium Content
Navy7Alex Porter Premium Content
White11Joseph Pugliese Premium Content
Royal2Saul Ramirez Premium Content
Black12Dylan Reid Premium Content
Navy2Cole Renicker Premium Content
Red8Ryan Sammon Premium Content
Red17Lincoln Sanborn Premium Content
White12Thomas Scala Premium Content
Purple4Blaise Scerbo Premium Content
Purple2Malcolm Sigelbaum Premium Content
White24Andrew Smith Premium Content
Texas Orange1Nick Squier Premium Content
White7John Susino Premium Content
Navy6Giovann Texiera Premium Content
Red18Vincent Tranchina Premium Content
Maroon7Andrew Trozzo Premium Content
Purple16Tyler Vail Premium Content
Texas Orange19Dan Valladares Premium Content
Dark Green6Chris Van Eron Premium Content
Gold8Brandon Vega Premium Content
Teal1Sean Visconti Premium Content
Texas Orange4Erik Washburn Premium Content
Navy16James Wegge Premium Content
Purple18Daniel Wynne Premium Content
Red9Michael Yager Premium Content
Purple3Ty Yesensky Premium Content
Teal7Anthony Zawistowski Premium Content
Columbia Blue6Dylan Zebro Premium Content
Navy9Michael Zeman Premium Content
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