Showcase SE Underclass Showcase
Sep 13 - 14, 2008 East Cobb Complex - Marietta, GA  

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
Texas Orange-Under20Brandon Able Premium Content
Texas Orange-Under21Drew Adams Premium Content
White-Under4Aaron Allen Premium Content
Orange-Under23Brandon Allen Premium Content
Teal-Under9Sammy Altman Premium Content
White-Under6Dustin Averett Premium Content
Texas Orange-Under2Chiefy Azar Premium Content
Steel-Under8Caden Bailey Premium Content
Royal-Under4Josh Bailey Premium Content
Teal-Under5Mark Bass Premium Content
Steel-Under9David Birch Premium Content
Orange-Under3Dylan Bosheers Premium Content
Purple-Under5Pierre Bowles Premium Content
Purple-Under21Morgan Brady Premium Content
Teal-Under2Jason Broussard Premium Content
Red-Under23Josh Bruijn Premium Content
Orange-Under10Brandon Bubel Premium Content
White-Under22Clive Bulger Premium Content
Teal-Under11Dale Carey Premium Content
Red-Under21Alex Castaneda Premium Content
Texas Orange-Under10Jordan Cessna Premium Content
Royal-Under12Christopher Ciocia Premium Content
Red-Under6Brett Collins Premium Content
Royal-Under23Blake Crank Premium Content
Purple-Under23P. Ryan Crowell Premium Content
Red-Under2Mitchell Davis Premium Content
White-Under26William Davis Premium Content
Teal-Under23Kris Desposito Premium Content
Royal-Under11Parker Dickson Premium Content
Steel-Under17Will Dietrichs Premium Content
Texas Orange-Under13Patrick Dodson Premium Content
White-Under1Quentin Ehrhart Premium Content
Purple-Under10Josh Ernest Premium Content
Purple-Under22Zach Etheridge Premium Content
Royal-Under7Adrian Farris Premium Content
Texas Orange-Under9Gavin Fayard Premium Content
Purple-Under4Nick Fernandez Premium Content
White-Under8Brandon Flippen Premium Content
Steel-Under18Max Foody Premium Content
Teal-Under4Laine Frazier Premium Content
Red-Under10John Gaston Premium Content
Teal-Under10Zachary Gawrych Premium Content
Royal-Under10Mark Giles Premium Content
Red-Under22Salvador Gomez Premium Content
Royal-Under9Sebastian Gomez Premium Content
White-Under25Niko Goodrum Premium Content
Steel-Under10Daniel Gossett Premium Content
Red-Under8Hayden Hall Premium Content
Orange-Under25Braxton Hamil Premium Content
White-Under7Lewis Hammond Premium Content
Orange-Under21Kyle Henderson Premium Content
Royal-Under8Cody Hoffner Premium Content
Texas Orange-Under12Taylor Hollifield Premium Content
White-Under10Cain Hollingsworth Premium Content
Purple-Under20Jacob Hoyle Premium Content
Royal-Under3Jeremy Hyde Premium Content
Orange-Under1Tyler Isbell Premium Content
Royal-Under1David Johannessen Premium Content
Orange-Under2Tyler Johnson Premium Content
Steel-Under19Joshua Josephson Premium Content
Red-Under5William "Buddy" Kittle Premium Content
Orange-Under4Evan Koch Premium Content
Orange-Under22Christopher Krenek Premium Content
Royal-Under25Nathan Kukowski Premium Content
Orange-Under11Brandon Lawing Premium Content
Purple-Under9Dustin Lawson Premium Content
Purple-Under11Wil Leathers Premium Content
White-Under11David Lee Premium Content
White-Under9Win Lee Premium Content
Teal-Under6Luke Leeth Premium Content
Orange-Under6Andrew Lennington Premium Content
Royal-Under22Ben Lively Premium Content
White-Under23Adam Martin Premium Content
Steel-Under5Billy Mayberry Premium Content
Teal-Under22Brady McCarter Premium Content
Royal-Under21Ross McLeod Premium Content
Steel-Under20James (Nathan) Millsap Premium Content
Purple-Under7Steven Minaudo Premium Content
Steel-Under21Colton Montgomery Premium Content
Texas Orange-Under3Tyler Moore Premium Content
White-Under12Trey Nelson Premium Content
Purple-Under6Grant Newsome Premium Content
Orange-Under7Mitchell Newsome Premium Content
White-Under5Michael Olavarria Premium Content
Red-Under11Jason Parker Premium Content
Purple-Under3Paul Patterson Premium Content
Texas Orange-Under5David Perkins Premium Content
Orange-Under8Ryan Perkins Premium Content
Texas Orange-Under22Christian Pfaff Premium Content
Red-Under3Matthew Pope Premium Content
Orange-Under5Alex Porter Premium Content
Steel-Under6Paxton Potter Premium Content
Teal-Under12Chase P'Pool Premium Content
Steel-Under23Cole Prater Premium Content
Teal-Under24Tyler Raggard Premium Content
Royal-Under2Edwin Reyes Premium Content
Purple-Under8Will Robertson Premium Content
Teal-Under7Shaun Rodecker Premium Content
Texas Orange-Under11Ricky Saborido Premium Content
Texas Orange-Under7Willy Saborido Premium Content
Red-Under7Jake Sandlin Premium Content
Royal-Under6Myles Scott Premium Content
Teal-Under20Jon-Tyler Shaw Premium Content
Red-Under1Will Sheppard Premium Content
Teal-Under8Aron Siegelson Premium Content
Red-Under12Nicholas Singleton Premium Content
Steel-Under22Rico Solomon Premium Content
Orange-Under12Taylor Sparks Premium Content
Orange-Under9Korey Speer Premium Content
White-Under3Kurt Stoffer Premium Content
Texas Orange-Under6Danny Stone Premium Content
Purple-Under2Skylar Strickland Premium Content
Red-Under4Logan Thomas Premium Content
Steel-Under11Micah Thompson Premium Content
Royal-Under5Samuel Turner Premium Content
Purple-Under19Andrew Valencia Premium Content
Red-Under25Dylan Vuncannon Premium Content
Texas Orange-Under23Zach Waters Premium Content
Steel-Under7Craig Wilson Premium Content
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