Showcase Academic Showcase
Jun 11 - 12, 2007 Terry Park - Fort Myers, FL  

Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
Academic-Green3Matthew Abramson Premium Content
Academic-Green12Sam Amedia Premium Content
Academic-Black19Dan Angle Premium Content
Academic-Black4Stephan Arcieri Premium Content
Academic-Black11Nicholas Ardito Premium Content
Academic-Black22Willie Arroyo Premium Content
Academic-Royal6Adrian Aurrecoechea Premium Content
Academic-Royal18Chaz Bagwell Premium Content
Academic-Royal5Isaac Ballou Premium Content
Academic-Teal11Steven Betcherman Premium Content
Academic-Black5Daniel Blaustein Premium Content
Academic-Purple9Charlie Briggs Premium Content
Academic-Royal19Zachary Bunting Premium Content
Academic-Purple11Nick Burke Premium Content
Academic-Teal8Lucas Calderon Premium Content
Academic-Crimson11Greg Carlsen Premium Content
Academic-Green22Scott Chalene Premium Content
Academic-Green20Vinny D'Assaro Premium Content
Academic-Teal12Ryan Edge Premium Content
Academic-Black9Lucas Egan Premium Content
Academic-Crimson10Jon Jon Eisen Premium Content
Academic-Black10Cuyler Esposito Premium Content
Academic-Green2Robert Evers Premium Content
Academic-Black21Manny Fernandez Premium Content
Academic-Purple22Joro Forman Premium Content
Academic-Teal5Robert Foster Premium Content
Academic-Purple7Lewis Fraser Premium Content
Academic-Royal12Michael Garcia Premium Content
Academic-Teal20Mark Grimm Premium Content
Academic-Royal7Jake Guengerich Premium Content
Academic-Green23Robbie Haben Premium Content
Academic-Crimson21Will Haga Premium Content
Academic-Teal9Adam Hardy Premium Content
Academic-Purple16Chris Hardy Premium Content
Academic-Royal11James Haughney Premium Content
Academic-Green11William Head Premium Content
Academic-Teal19David Holmberg Premium Content
Academic-Crimson22Greg Holsen Premium Content
Academic-Purple23Preston Hood Premium Content
Academic-Crimson23Justin James Premium Content
Academic-Black17Ryan Jarvis Premium Content
Academic-Crimson4Taylor Jones Premium Content
Academic-Crimson19Scott Kalush Premium Content
Academic-Purple5Mills Kelly Premium Content
Academic-Green8TJ Kerins Premium Content
Academic-Purple6Ricky Knapp Premium Content
Academic-Teal7Erik Lee Premium Content
Academic-Purple10Thomas Lefevre Premium Content
Academic-Royal10Chris Lindgren Premium Content
Academic-Royal21Carlos Lopez Premium Content
Academic-Purple3Craig Lumpa Premium Content
Academic-Crimson6Chris Marquette Premium Content
Academic-Crimson17Tito Marrero Premium Content
Academic-Teal4Nicholas Martinez Premium Content
Academic-Royal9Sean McGrath Premium Content
Academic-Teal2Adam Medoff Premium Content
Academic-Purple19Devin Miranda Premium Content
Academic-Purple21Harrison Muecke Premium Content
Academic-Royal24Eddie Murray Premium Content
Academic-Teal10Richard Nicholas Premium Content
Academic-Black12Hector Ortiz Premium Content
Academic-Green7Emilio Pastor Premium Content
Academic-Teal23Dustin Phelps Premium Content
Academic-Black8Blake Pindyck Premium Content
Academic-Royal20Grant Porter Premium Content
Academic-Crimson12Robbie Powell Premium Content
Academic-Green10Kevin Rea Premium Content
Academic-Green1Alfred (A.J.) Reyes Premium Content
Academic-Crimson5Tyler Rocklein Premium Content
Academic-Green5Shanell Santiago Premium Content
Academic-Crimson7Adrian Schenk Premium Content
Academic-Green4Joe Sclafani Premium Content
Academic-Crimson20Jared Simmons Premium Content
Academic-Black20Sam Simons Premium Content
Academic-Purple4Jordan Skidmore Premium Content
Academic-Green6Bradley Sprague Premium Content
Academic-Black6Leonardo Suarez Premium Content
Academic-Crimson8Casey Thompson Premium Content
Academic-Purple8Tony Tschosik Premium Content
Academic-Black18Mike Tullio Premium Content
Academic-Black23Andre Vazquez Premium Content
Academic-Crimson18Matisse VerDuyn Premium Content
Academic-Royal22Clifford Webb Premium Content
Academic-Crimson9Hamilton Wise Premium Content
Academic-Teal3Mason Zemel Premium Content
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