2005 Academic Showcase

Jun 13, 2005 - Jun 14, 2005

5-Plex - Player Development Complex - 4301 Edison Ave Fort Myers, FL 33916 Map

Event Rosters

2-Navy (Academic)1Andrew Acker
2-Navy (Academic)19Raiko Alfonso
3-Red (Academic)16Cody Allen
7-Orange (Academic)17Mark Appel
7-Orange (Academic)8Shawn Atchley
2-Navy (Academic)15John Avanzino
1-White (Academic)16Clay Bartlett
5-Dk. Green (Academic)9Michael Beal
7-Orange (Academic)1Michael Blanke
6-Gold (Academic)9Elliott Blau
3-Red (Academic)9David Blount
8-Silver (Academic)2Michael Boyland
8-Silver (Academic)4Tyler Bruns
2-Navy (Academic)13Matthew Campbell
6-Gold (Academic)1Stephen Cardullo
4-Royal (Academic)16Cory Carnes
8-Silver (Academic)24Matt Caruso
7-Orange (Academic)13Evan Chambers
5-Dk. Green (Academic)16Collin Chrisman
7-Orange (Academic)7Alex Cobb
8-Silver (Academic)6Matt Collins
7-Orange (Academic)6Anthony Colombo
3-Red (Academic)8Justin Cooperman
5-Dk. Green (Academic)2Andy Cotton
8-Silver (Academic)8Nick Cox
3-Red (Academic)13Kevin Craig
2-Navy (Academic)14Spencer Craig
5-Dk. Green (Academic)14Ian Dike
6-Gold (Academic)7Tyler Dilbeck
6-Gold (Academic)13Mark Dlugokienski
3-Red (Academic)3Tommy Dugan
4-Royal (Academic)20John Michael Durnovich
5-Dk. Green (Academic)15Trey Dyer
3-Red (Academic)4Scott Edwards
8-Silver (Academic)15David Fallis
6-Gold (Academic)15Craig Federer
2-Navy (Academic)8Kyle Felix
1-White (Academic)15Matt Ferritto
1-White (Academic)8Abraham Fine
5-Dk. Green (Academic)18Matthew Hall
7-Orange (Academic)4Casey Hanrahan
6-Gold (Academic)2Jacob Harcrow
5-Dk. Green (Academic)7Eric Harpring
6-Gold (Academic)3Brian Harrison
2-Navy (Academic)16Zebulon Heidt
8-Silver (Academic)9William Hirsch
8-Silver (Academic)17Danny Hoilman
4-Royal (Academic)3Gregory Hollander
3-Red (Academic)7Kevin Homsy
7-Orange (Academic)16Sam Houston
5-Dk. Green (Academic)17Dustin Huguley
8-Silver (Academic)13Michael Hunter
4-Royal (Academic)5Remington Johnson
2-Navy (Academic)7Christopher Jones
7-Orange (Academic)14Matt Kallaoun
2-Navy (Academic)4Steve Kalush
3-Red (Academic)18Jason Kamin
3-Red (Academic)6Matthew Katten
2-Navy (Academic)17Brice Kelly
4-Royal (Academic)4Monte Ketchum
2-Navy (Academic)5Michael Knight
6-Gold (Academic)17Christopher Kott
6-Gold (Academic)5Greg Lamp
8-Silver (Academic)14Tyler Landers
3-Red (Academic)20Michael Lessig
4-Royal (Academic)18Devon Lewis
3-Red (Academic)17John Little
7-Orange (Academic)5Hunter Lord
5-Dk. Green (Academic)3Adrian Lorenzo
2-Navy (Academic)3Ralph MacDonald
1-White (Academic)17Ian MacGeorge
5-Dk. Green (Academic)1Frankie Mambuca
1-White (Academic)6Jonathan Marcus
6-Gold (Academic)16Alex Marney
3-Red (Academic)2Joshua Matas
4-Royal (Academic)13Paul McClintock
1-White (Academic)13Nick McCoy
4-Royal (Academic)2Ford McCurry
8-Silver (Academic)7Albert Medina
6-Gold (Academic)6Jared Miklos
1-White (Academic)5James Millard
5-Dk. Green (Academic)5Ben Mirsky
5-Dk. Green (Academic)13Brett Moore
3-Red (Academic)15John Moreland
2-Navy (Academic)6Bradley Morse
2-Navy (Academic)2Jacob Palm
2-Navy (Academic)9Adam Pennacchio
1-White (Academic)3Anthony Perez-Cubas
8-Silver (Academic)16Justin Peterson
3-Red (Academic)1Brett Petigrow
2-Navy (Academic)10David Platter
1-White (Academic)14Dylan Pratt
1-White (Academic)9Rafael Reyes
4-Royal (Academic)15Brett Richardson
4-Royal (Academic)9Joseph (J J) Rizzo
7-Orange (Academic)2Alex Rodriguez
8-Silver (Academic)1Jordan Rosenberg
3-Red (Academic)14Brian Scanlon
4-Royal (Academic)7George "Hunter" Serenbetz
7-Orange (Academic)3Tant Shepherd
8-Silver (Academic)5Michael Silva
6-Gold (Academic)8Christopher Simpkins
5-Dk. Green (Academic)4Stuart Slavin
7-Orange (Academic)15Chris Sweeney
3-Red (Academic)5Stuart Tapley
7-Orange (Academic)10Jack Taylor
4-Royal (Academic)6John Temple
6-Gold (Academic)14Reid Terry
1-White (Academic)2Jarrod Toner
1-White (Academic)7Eric Valdes
1-White (Academic)1Tom Vitale
1-White (Academic)4Clayton Walker
5-Dk. Green (Academic)8Will Weidig
4-Royal (Academic)1David Wenger
4-Royal (Academic)19James Williams
8-Silver (Academic)18Josh Wittcoff

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