Iowa Spring Wood Bat League
Mar 20 - May 1, 2011 Washington HS - Cedar Rapids, IA
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May 8th: Iowa/Wisconsin Top Prospect Games Rosters - Waterloo, IA
AllIowa players need to email Steve if you ARE going to be there Sunday.  Ifyou don’t email him it’s assumed you will not be there and you forfeit yourroster spot.

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players GradSchoolCitySt.CountryPosCommitDraftedPG Rank
Orange2Ozzie Adams2012Clear Lake Clear LakeIAUSASS Kirkwood CC  Premium Content
Gold2Drew Arends2011Fort Dodge SeniorFort DodgeIAUSARHP Coe College  Premium Content
Maroon2Tommy Argo2011AssumptionDavenportIAUSAOF DMACC  Premium Content
Blue4Chaz Boots2011Prairie High SchoolCedar RapidsIAUSAOF Wartburg College  Premium Content
Gold3Colby Bragdon2012UrbandaleUrbandaleIAUSARHP Northwest Missouri State  Premium Content
Maroon22Logan Burke2013Davenport CentralBettendorfIAUSA3B  Premium Content
Blue13Tyler Butz2013PrairieWalfordIAUSA3B Kirkwood CC  Premium Content
Orange3Cale Cannoy2012MarionMarionIAUSALHP  Premium Content
Blue3Brayton Carlson2012PrairieElyIAUSAMIF Southeastern CC  Premium Content
Blue2Dustin Carlson2011PrairieElyIAUSAC LIU Brooklyn/Southeastern CC  Premium Content
  Brad Chelleen2011Dowling CatholicUrbandaleIAUSARHP Kansas State  Premium Content
Orange15Austin Christensen2011KennedyCedar RapidsIAUSALHP Nebraska  Premium Content
Gold17Kevin Coffey2011Dallas Center-GrimesAdelIAUSAC Northwest Missouri State  Premium Content
Orange16Josh Crosby2013Iowa CityIowa CityIAUSA1B Minnesota State  Premium Content
Orange23Alex Crowl2012Abraham LincolnCouncil BluffsIAUSA3B  Premium Content
Orange5Andrew Darby2011South HarrisonBethanyMOUSAMIF Central Christian College  Premium Content
Gold13Anthony Denkinger2013Dowling CatholicWindsor HeightsIAUSASS Air Force  Premium Content
Maroon15Jacob Dilks2013Mt PleasantMt PleasantIAUSARHP  Premium Content
Maroon14Andrew Dobek2011Davenport AssumptionDavenportIAUSAMIF Black Hawk College-Moline  Premium Content
Gold12Dynas Doud2012Dallas Center - GrimesVan MeterIAUSASS Carl Albert State College  Premium Content
Blue16Chris Eckstaine2012LeMars CommunityLeMarsIAUSASS  Premium Content
Maroon12Cameron Engberg2012Mt PleasantMt PleasantIAUSARHP Kirkwood CC  Premium Content
Orange12Benjamin Engler2011North ScottDonahueIAUSAOF College of Southern Nevada  Premium Content
White22Brennan Floss2011ValleyWest Des MoinesIAUSARHP College of San Mateo  Premium Content
Maroon11John Foley2012RooseveltDes MoinesIAUSAOF  Premium Content
Maroon1Tyler Foley2012RooseveltDes MoinesIAUSA3B  Premium Content
Maroon10Nick Franklin2012WaukeeUrbandaleIAUSA3B  Premium Content
Orange22Dakota Freese2011WashingtonCedar RapidsIAUSARHP Louisiana State University-Eunice Rd 12 by Athletics (2013)  Premium Content
Blue17Anthony Gagliardi2011PrairieCedar RapidsIAUSAOF Indian Hills CC  Premium Content
Gold1Jake Gallu2012Cedar FallsCedar FallsIAUSAOF  Premium Content
White12Joe Goodman2011GilbertAmesIAUSARHP High Point  Premium Content
Gold11Will Gormally2012Fort DodgeFort DodgeIAUSAOF Iowa Central CC  Premium Content
Blue6Nathan Greve2013Linn-MarCedar RapidsIAUSALHP Barry  Premium Content
Gold10Shawn Hagarty2012Cedar FallsWaterlooIAUSAOF Kirkwood CC  Premium Content
Blue7Brennan Hammer2013PrairieCedar RapidsIAUSAOF Heartland CC  Premium Content
Blue15Luke Hammerberg2013XavierCedar RapidsIAUSAC  Premium Content
Gold24Scott Harris2011Dallas Center-GrimesGrimesIAUSALHP Buena Vista Rd 27 by Phillies (2014)  Premium Content
White21Jory Heckenberg2011Van BurenStockportIAUSAC Coe College  Premium Content
White14Andrew Hedrick2011AnkenyPolk CityIAUSALHP Iowa  Premium Content
Gold18Cale Henke2012HudsonHudsonIAUSARHP Mount Mercy College/Kirkwood CC  Premium Content
Blue18Justin Hofland2011PrairieCedar RapidsIAUSARHP Iowa Western CC  Premium Content
Orange6Addison Johnson2012MarionMarionIAUSAC  Premium Content
Gold9Luke Johnson2012Dallas Center-GrimesGrimesIAUSASS  Premium Content
Maroon21Jacob Kaska2011CharitonCharitonIAUSAC St. Thomas  Premium Content
White13Nick Kaufman2014HarlanEarlingIAUSALHP  Premium Content
White16Taylor Kaufman2011GlenwoodGlenwoodIAUSALHP Iowa  Premium Content
White5David Kerian2011Bishop HeelanDakota DunesSDUSASS Illinois Rd 9 by Nationals (2015)  Premium Content
Gold8Craig Konrardy2012ColumbusWaterlooIAUSAOF Coe College  Premium Content
Gold7Jared Kramer2012Dallas Center-GrimesGrimesIAUSAOF  Premium Content
White19Ross Larson2012AnkenyHuxleyIAUSAOF  Premium Content
White11Nolan Lodden2012ValleyWest Des MoinesIAUSAMIF Valparaiso/Heartland CC  Premium Content
Gold14Brad Lombard2011Fort DodgeFort DodgeIAUSARHP Indiana State/Jefferson CC  Premium Content
Blue19Blake Louscher2011Newman CatholicMason CityIAUSALHP Central Michigan  Premium Content
Orange20Derrick Loveless2011SolonSolonIAUSAOF Iowa Rd 27 by Blue Jays (2011)  Premium Content
Maroon9David Lowe2011RooseveltDes MoinesIAUSARHP  Premium Content
Maroon8Spencer Mallonee2011AssumptionDavenportIAUSAMIF Iowa Central CC  Premium Content
White15Josh Martsching2012Davis CountyBloomfieldIAUSASS Iowa  Premium Content
White18Calvin Mathews2012Davis CountyBloomfieldIAUSARHP Iowa  Premium Content
Orange24Mack Mattke2012XavierMarionIAUSA1B Purdue  Premium Content
Maroon17Pete McCoy2013RooseveltDes MoinesIAUSARHP Quincy  Premium Content
White17Keaton McKinney2014Ankeny CentennialAnkenyIAUSARHP Arkansas Rd 28 by Mets (2014)  Premium Content
White1Jason McMurray2011Dowling CatholicWest Des MoinesIAUSASS Old Dominion  Premium Content
Blue8Dakota Miller2012KennedyCedar RapidsIAUSARHP Heartland CC  Premium Content
Maroon7Mitchell Moser2013Benton Community SeniorAtkinsIAUSAMIF Upper Iowa  Premium Content
Blue9Tyler Mougin2013PrairieWalfordIAUSAMIF  Premium Content
White9Cody Munsinger2011AnkenyAnkenyIAUSAOF Marshalltown CC  Premium Content
Maroon18Sam Norman2012RooseveltDes MoinesIAUSALHP Creighton  Premium Content
Orange21Taylor Ostrich2011CarrollCarrollIAUSASS Old Dominion/Indian Hills CC Rd 34 by Royals (2015)  Premium Content
White8Jacob Pauley2012ValleyDes MoinesIAUSA3B  Premium Content
Orange1Jacob Peter2011Mason CityMason CityIAUSAMIF Creighton  Premium Content
Gold4Levi Peters2011Fort DodgeFort DodgeIAUSAC Iowa State  Premium Content
Gold6Tyler Peyton2012Dallas Center-GrimesGrimesIAUSARHP Iowa/Iowa Central CC Rd 29 by Cubs (2016)  Premium Content
Orange18Brandon Platts2011Mason CityMason CityIAUSARHP Missouri Rd 13 by Pirates (2011)  Premium Content
Blue20Cody Prantner2012Hampton-DumontHamptonIAUSALHP  Premium Content
Orange17AJ Puk2013WashingtonCedar RapidsIAUSALHP Florida Rd 1 by Athletics (2016)  Premium Content
Blue10Alex Ries2011XavierRobinsIAUSAOF Southeastern CC  Premium Content
Orange8Ryan Rumpf2011Iowa City WestNorth LibertyIAUSARHP Iowa  Premium Content
Gold20Eric Schenck-Joblinske2011Dike-New HartfordCedar FallsIAUSAOF Texas A&M/Kirkwood CC  Premium Content
Maroon6Brian Schmiedt2012WaukeeWaukeeIAUSARHP Northwest Missouri State  Premium Content
Orange9Brandon Shulista2011SolonSolonIAUSARHP Iowa/Iowa Central CC  Premium Content
Orange19Braden Shull2011Mt. PleasantMt. PleasantIAUSALHP Kansas State Rd 27 by Phillies (2011)  Premium Content
Orange10Ryan Shull2013PellaPellaIAUSAOF Nebraska-Omaha  Premium Content
White7Kyle Simpson2011Des Moines LincolnDes MoinesIAUSAC Marshalltown CC  Premium Content
White10Zach Sims2011ValleyWest Des MoinesIAUSAOF Indian Hills CC  Premium Content
Maroon5Austin Smith2011AssumptionDavenportIAUSAC Ellsworth CC  Premium Content
Orange11Kolton Smith2014South Tama CountyToledoIAUSAOF Kirkwood CC  Premium Content
Gold5J.T. Sole2014Cedar FallsCedar FallsIAUSAC Iowa  Premium Content
White24David Stagg2011ValleyWest Des MoinesIAUSALHP Indiana State/Heartland CC  Premium Content
Maroon19Jacob Stenberg2012Benton CommunityAtkinsIAUSAC Upper Iowa  Premium Content
Blue11Mitch Stickney2013Linn-MarMarionIAUSAOF Southeastern CC  Premium Content
Blue22Jordan Stroschein2011Linn-MarMarionIAUSAOF Chicago State/Ellsworth CC  Premium Content
White2Nick Suckow2011WaukeeWaukeeIAUSA3B Hutchinson CC  Premium Content
Maroon4Luke Tasler2012Des Moines RooseveltDes MoinesIAUSALHP Ellsworth CC  Premium Content
Maroon3Jake Trerotola2011RooseveltDes MoinesIAUSAOF  Premium Content
White3Andrew Utterback2011SigourneySigourneyIAUSAOF Kirkwood CC  Premium Content
Blue1Jonathan Van Beek2013West LyonInwoodIAUSASS  Premium Content
Maroon20Jake Whaley2011MarshalltownMarshalltownIAUSA1B Kansas State  Premium Content
Gold21Jon Wisnieski2013DowlingCliveIAUSA1B  Premium Content
Blue14Corbin Woods2013XavierCedar RapidsIAUSAMIF Iowa/Heartland CC  Premium Content
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