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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Baseball overuse and overtraining

Kevin Barr        
Photo: Perfect Game

Baseball Overuse & Overtraining

•  More is not better when it comes to baseball training.

•  Baseball players can only withstand so much & become chronically tired if body pushed past limits.

•  50% of Overtraining & Overuse injuries are preventable.

•  Playing, & practicing baseball damages body, which is repaired during recovery.

•  Recovery is key component of baseball-performance by allowing body to adapt to & recover from fatigue.

Overtraining & Overuse-Symptoms

•  Decreased Skill-Performance.

•  Decreased Power & Strength.

•  Decreased Coordination

•  Decreased Reaction-Time.

•  Decreased Appetite resulting in Weight-Loss.

•  Decreased Motivation.

•  Decreased Focus & Concentration.

•  Decreased Recovery from Injury.

•  Increased Muscle Soreness.

•  Increased Irritability.

•  Increased Frequency of Illness.

Overtraining & Overuse-Causes

•  Excessive Pressure from parents & coaches.

•  Prior Injuries.

•  Improper Strength & Conditioning Program.

•  Poor Mechanics.

•  Improper Shoes or Game Surface.

Overtraining & Overuse-Prevention

•  Baseball players must develop regular sleeping & eating patterns to maintain recovery systems.

•  Train like baseball player (not football player, track athlete, or body-builder).

•  Emphasize warm-up & incorporate recovery activities.

•  Reduce endless repetitions & emphasize quality over quantity.

•  Change practice activities to avoid excessive-repetitions of same activities.

•  Keep workouts age-appropriate.

•  Gradually increase intensity of workload.

•  Ensure at least 2 days of absolute rest per week.

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