Revised Schedule for Wednesday 7-7-04

Make up games are Highlighted Green

Blue Highlights indicate new field

Gm # Date Time Visitor Home Field Pool
35 7-Jul-04 9:00 AM Ontario Blue Jays Richmond Braves East Cobb 1 E
36 7-Jul-04 9:00 AM Savannah Chain 17s Indiana Bandits East Cobb 2 J
37 7-Jul-04 9:00 AM Knoxville Thunder 17s East Cobb Cobras So. Polytech* F
38 7-Jul-04 9:00 AM Lone Star BB Academy East Cobb Titans Kell K
39 7-Jul-04 9:00 AM Columbia Angels South Florida Stars Walton K
40 7-Jul-04 9:00 AM National Capital BB Austin Baseball Club Red Pope G
41 7-Jul-04 9:00 AM Southeast Texas Sun Devils Perfect Game USA Sprayberry A
22 7-Jul-04 10:00 AM Baseball Utah East Cobb Cardinals Chattahoochee* H
42 7-Jul-04 11:30 AM Orlando Scorpions Knoxville Yard Dogs 17s East Cobb 1 K
43 7-Jul-04 11:30 AM Austin BB Club Blue Ohio FAB Panthers East Cobb 2 J
44 7-Jul-04 11:30 AM Georgia Knights Team Ontario So. Polytech F
45 7-Jul-04 11:30 AM Charlotte Megastars Red Indiana Yankees Kell B
46 7-Jul-04 11:30 AM Top Tier/Full Package BB Dallas Panthers 17s Walton I
47 7-Jul-04 11:30 AM KC White Sox TASBA Grays Pope B
48 7-Jul-04 11:30 AM Hitmaster STaF Athletics Sprayberry A
29 7-Jul-04 12:30 PM Dallas Tigers Atlanta Blue Jays Chattahoochee* H
49 7-Jul-04 2:00 PM Charlotte Megastars Black NorCal 17s East Cobb 1 K
50 7-Jul-04 2:00 PM All Star Baseball Academy East Cobb Hurricanes East Cobb 2 J
51 7-Jul-04 2:00 PM Pittsburgh Blazers Houston Kyle Chapman So. Polytech* F
52 7-Jul-04 2:00 PM ABD Bulldogs 05 Druid Hills Red Wings Kell B
53 7-Jul-04 2:00 PM Bama Bombers Jr Team South Jersey Dukes Walton A
54 7-Jul-04 2:00 PM Texas Arlington A's Long Island Titans Pope E
55 7-Jul-04 2:00 PM SW Florida Eagles South Texas Sliders Navy Sprayberry D
33 7-Jul-04 3:00 PM Top Tier/Full Package BB East Cobb Panthers Chattahoochee* I
32 7-Jul-04 4:30 PM South Jersey Dukes STaF Athletics Walton* A
56 7-Jul-04 4:30 PM Florida Hitmen East Cobb Braves East Cobb 1 G
57 7-Jul-04 4:30 PM On Deck O's Dulins Dodgers East Cobb 2 D
58 7-Jul-04 4:30 PM Dallas Tigers Baseball Utah So. Polytech* H
59 7-Jul-04 4:30 PM Atlanta Blue Jays Team Texas Kell H
61 7-Jul-04 4:30 PM Ballpark  Bombers ABD Bulldogs 06 Pope G
62 7-Jul-04 4:30 PM East Cobb Cardinals Knoxville Yard Dogs 16s Sprayberry H
27 7-Jul-04 5:30 PM Southeast Texas Sun Devils Hitmaster Chattahoochee* A
23 7-Jul-04 7:00 PM All Star Baseball Academy Savannah Chain 17s Pope* J
63 7-Jul-04 7:00 PM Bellaire Cards East Cobb Astros East Cobb 1 C
64 7-Jul-04 7:00 PM Central FL Scout Club Knoxville Thunder 16s East Cobb 2 C
65 7-Jul-04 7:00 PM NorCal 16s Crusader Baseball Walton* C
66 7-Jul-04 7:00 PM East Cobb Aztecs South Texas Sliders White Kell E
68 7-Jul-04 7:00 PM East Cobb Patriots Georgia Stars Sprayberry D
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