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The Super25 Tournament Series

The PG Super25 is a nationwide tournament series covering the 9u-17u age divisions. All amateur baseball teams have the opportunity to become the No. 1 team in their region and represent that region in the PG Super25 National Championship.

1. Earn a Berth

The champions of all Regional or Super Qualifier tournaments earn a berth to their age group’s Super25 National Championship. The 25th and final berth in each age division is given as an at-large berth to the defending National Champions from the previous season.

What is the difference between Regionals and Super Qualifiers?
• Regionals may only include teams from that region or a bordering region, while all teams are eligible to play in any of the Super Qualifiers
• To give your team the best chance of earning a berth to the Super25, we recommend playing in both the Regionals and Super Qualifiers

2. Rep Your Region

Earning the right to represent your region of the country in the Super25 National Championship is a great accomplishment. After earning the berth, your team has a one-week deadline to officially accept the berth and confirm your spot in the National Championship.

If a team does not accept the berth, it will be awarded to the runners-up of that specific Regional or Super Qualifier. This team will also have one week to confirm their spot before the opportunity is give to the next highest finisher from that event.

With the Super25 roster rules, teams must only consist of players from their region or a bordering region, bring back a sense of regional pride and playing as a team.

3. Take on the Super25

The 25 teams that make up the “Super25” in each age group represent the nation’s finest, with representatives from California to New York and everywhere in between. All teams had to earn their spot in the Super25, and have stuck together with the same roster to compete for a truly National Championship.

While only one team will earn the title of PG Super25 National Champions, all 25 will enjoy the opportunity to play against teams from all over the country at some of the best youth and professional baseball complexes in the United States.
The 2015 PG Super25 National Championships