Super25 17U PG Super25 National Championship
Jul 10 - 16, 2017 JetBlue Park - Fort Myers, FL  

Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks

 Real-Time Game Data

FB Velocities

The Clubhouse Elite 2018sJohn MacdonaldR90
Texas FireHayden ThomasR90
Youse's OriolesJamison CoveyR89
X TeamBenjamin RushingR89
Placentia MustangsAlec ArnoneR88
17u Hardknox OriolesJonathan EdwardsR88
Rawlings Xtreme 17uCody HackerL88
The Clubhouse Elite 2018sNick LorussoR88
The Clubhouse Elite 2018sJoey ManciniR88
X TeamDillon AbellR87
Placentia MustangsBlake FaddoulR87
Youse's OriolesColton KnobleR87
Youse's OriolesAlex LiljaR87
The Clubhouse Elite 2018sAlexey LinsenmeyerR87
Texas FireRorik MaltrudR87
Scorpions South 2018 PurpleJames MeyersR87
Texas FireJustin MooreR87
X TeamAnthony TomczakR87
Youse's OriolesJeffrey CalderonR86
Texas FireTyler DriskillR86
Sharks EliteNick DurginR86
Youse's OriolesTrent Gast WoodardR86
17u Georgia JacketsMason ListR86
Youse's OriolesPaul NixonR86
LugnutsGrant RyleeR86
X TeamMichael SchulerR86
Scorpions South 2018 PurpleNick ArgentoR85
Elite Squad 17u SouthCorey ClementR85
The Clubhouse Elite 2018sBen DelaubellR85
Rawlings Xtreme 17uMatthew DunhamL85
Placentia MustangsMike ElliottR85
The Clubhouse Elite 2018sWill LucasR85
X TeamAdrian ParkerR85
Scorpions South 2018 PurpleDarien RorabeckR85
LugnutsOmar DanielsR84
Texas FireZach DavisR84
X TeamMark DiazR84
South Troy DodgersChristopher GodlewskiR84
17u Georgia JacketsTanner GreenL84
Youse's OriolesCameron KalandrosR84
17u Georgia JacketsZach McClureR84
Placentia MustangsAndrew MillerR84
X TeamChristian NehlsR84
LugnutsTrevor RiderR84
Rawlings Xtreme 17uCarlos SantangeloR84
Sharks EliteCarter SlentzR84
17u Hardknox OriolesMatt SniderR84
LugnutsDavis SwensonR84
Placentia MustangsCory ValeR84
X TeamLiam CogswellR83
Placentia MustangsNick CollierL83
Elite Squad 17u SouthDavid CoteronR83
17u Georgia JacketsRussell DorveeR83
17u Hardknox OriolesKyle HeuchertR83
Sharks EliteConnor JustinR83
Placentia MustangsBriley KnightR83
The Clubhouse Elite 2018sZachary MckayR83
Black Sox EliteAustin OdellR83
17u Hardknox OriolesOwen SimondsR83
17u Georgia JacketsDanny WestburyR83
Texas FireJacob WilsonL83
Youse's OriolesCorey BurtonR82
X TeamParker FossL82
Texas FireJustin GomezR82
17u Georgia JacketsAJ GonzalezR82
Black Sox EliteSean GuilbeR82
Black Sox EliteMatt HendersonR82
LugnutsLuke HoltzclawR82
Rawlings Xtreme 17uBraedon MathysL82
17u Hardknox OriolesHaydon MossL82
LugnutsCj ThomasR82
Scorpions South 2018 PurpleZach BotelleL81
17u Hardknox OriolesBrody CouchL81
Elite Squad 17u SouthChristopher CrespoL81
Sharks EliteChance FogelL81
Sharks ElitePeter HoldenL81
Sharks EliteBraden OstranderR81
Elite Squad 17u SouthChristian PetriskoR81
17u Hardknox OriolesJacob PhelpsR81
Rawlings Xtreme 17uZachary RobinsonR81
The Clubhouse Elite 2018sKyle SchaeferR81
Sharks EliteIsaiah SchierR81
X TeamJared SigalR81
X TeamMatt StephensonR81
South Troy DodgersMatthew TobinR81
17u Georgia JacketsDrew BeckerR80
Black Sox EliteJake DicesareR80
Texas FireAlex FletcherR80
17u Georgia JacketsChristian HuppR80
Black Sox ElitePatrick JuckerR80
17u Hardknox OriolesNoah NormanR80
Elite Squad 17u SouthCarlos OlavarriaL80
Youse's OriolesCory PoulsenR80
17u Georgia JacketsPalmer SappR80
Sharks EliteJackson TaylorR80
Black Sox EliteJoe BrosiusR79
LugnutsWill CantrellR79
Black Sox EliteConnor CleaverR79
Scorpions South 2018 PurpleNelson GraveranR79
South Troy DodgersJavon HendersonR79
Scorpions South 2018 PurpleLuis InoaR79
D-BAT Elite - AikenCameron KaricherR79
Scorpions South 2018 PurpleChris MagierowskiR79
Sharks EliteSteven MariniR79
Rawlings Xtreme 17uEvan MartinL79
Texas FireGarrett McClainR79
South Troy DodgersColby NashR79
Youse's OriolesSteve SpencerR79
17u Georgia JacketsBrad StephensonL79
Rawlings Xtreme 17uCullen TroutR79
South Troy DodgersPryce WasulaR79
Black Sox EliteTyler WrightL79
Placentia MustangsLuis Santino ArenadoR78
Elite Squad 17u SouthJordan ArroyoL78
Elite Squad 17u SouthBrady BlockerL78
D-BAT Elite - AikenBrad BrownR78
South Troy DodgersDrew CarrollR78
Elite Squad 17u SouthJake ChaykinL78
Black Sox EliteCorey CriblearR78
D-BAT Elite - AikenHenry FreckR78
D-BAT Elite - AikenHenry FreckR78
Rawlings Xtreme 17uNich LeadfordL78
17u Hardknox OriolesJared LyonL78
D-BAT Elite - AikenMario SuarezR78
South Troy DodgersCarter ZinkR78
Scorpions South 2018 PurpleAnthony AngelR77
Sharks EliteWill CarterL77
Scorpions South 2018 PurpleAndrew DutilR77
X TeamDylan KahnR77
LugnutsDalton KyleR77
Texas FireKyle LemkeL77
Elite Squad 17u SouthHunter RegoR77
Black Sox EliteCameron WeigandR77
D-BAT Elite - AikenYanni FarmakidesR76
D-BAT Elite - AikenMichael DiRobertoR75
Scorpions South 2018 PurpleJared FrancisR75
D-BAT Elite - AikenAndrew GerhartR75
Texas FireGarret MooreL75
South Troy DodgersDevin SmithR75
D-BAT Elite - AikenReese HallR74
Scorpions South 2018 PurpleNoah HogueR74
Placentia MustangsJD PinionR74
South Troy DodgersCam RhodesL74
D-BAT Elite - AikenNoah SedmakL74
Elite Squad 17u SouthBrandon CumanaR73
17u Georgia JacketsJohn FearsR72
South Troy DodgersJustin PangburnR72
D-BAT Elite - AikenWilliam PhilpottR72
LugnutsMathew LaceyR71
Scorpions South 2018 PurpleEric DiazR67
Elite Squad 17u SouthGarrett TunisL67
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