Super25 17U PG Super25 National Championship
Jul 10 - 16, 2017 JetBlue Park - Fort Myers, FL  

Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks

 Real-Time Game Data

FB Velocities

The Clubhouse Elite 2018s John Macdonald R90
Texas Fire Hayden Thomas R90
Youse's Orioles Jamison Covey R89
X Team Benjamin Rushing R89
Placentia Mustangs Alec Arnone R88
17u Hardknox Orioles Jonathan Edwards R88
Rawlings Xtreme 17u Cody Hacker L88
The Clubhouse Elite 2018s Nick Lorusso R88
The Clubhouse Elite 2018s Joey Mancini R88
X Team Dillon Abell R87
Placentia Mustangs Blake Faddoul R87
Youse's Orioles Colton Knoble R87
Youse's Orioles Alex Lilja R87
The Clubhouse Elite 2018s Alexey Linsenmeyer R87
Texas Fire Rorik Maltrud R87
Scorpions South 2018 Purple James Meyers R87
Texas Fire Justin Moore R87
X Team Anthony Tomczak R87
Youse's Orioles Jeffrey Calderon R86
Texas Fire Tyler Driskill R86
Sharks Elite Nick Durgin R86
Youse's Orioles Trent Gast Woodard R86
17u Georgia Jackets Mason List R86
Youse's Orioles Paul Nixon R86
Lugnuts Grant Rylee R86
X Team Michael Schuler R86
Scorpions South 2018 Purple Nick Argento R85
Elite Squad 17u South Corey Clement R85
The Clubhouse Elite 2018s Ben Delaubell R85
Rawlings Xtreme 17u Matthew Dunham L85
Placentia Mustangs Mike Elliott R85
The Clubhouse Elite 2018s Will Lucas R85
X Team Adrian Parker R85
Scorpions South 2018 Purple Darien Rorabeck R85
Lugnuts Omar Daniels R84
Texas Fire Zach Davis R84
X Team Mark Diaz R84
South Troy Dodgers Christopher Godlewski R84
17u Georgia Jackets Tanner Green L84
Youse's Orioles Cameron Kalandros R84
17u Georgia Jackets Zach McClure R84
Placentia Mustangs Andrew Miller R84
X Team Christian Nehls R84
Lugnuts Trevor Rider R84
Rawlings Xtreme 17u Carlos Santangelo R84
Sharks Elite Carter Slentz R84
17u Hardknox Orioles Matt Snider R84
Lugnuts Davis Swenson R84
Placentia Mustangs Cory Vale R84
X Team Liam Cogswell R83
Placentia Mustangs Nick Collier L83
Elite Squad 17u South David Coteron R83
17u Georgia Jackets Russell Dorvee R83
17u Hardknox Orioles Kyle Heuchert R83
Sharks Elite Connor Justin R83
Placentia Mustangs Briley Knight R83
The Clubhouse Elite 2018s Zachary Mckay R83
Black Sox Elite Austin Odell R83
17u Hardknox Orioles Owen Simonds R83
17u Georgia Jackets Danny Westbury R83
Texas Fire Jacob Wilson L83
Youse's Orioles Corey Burton R82
X Team Parker Foss L82
Texas Fire Justin Gomez R82
17u Georgia Jackets AJ Gonzalez R82
Black Sox Elite Sean Guilbe R82
Black Sox Elite Matt Henderson R82
Lugnuts Luke Holtzclaw R82
Rawlings Xtreme 17u Braedon Mathys L82
17u Hardknox Orioles Haydon Moss L82
Lugnuts Cj Thomas R82
Scorpions South 2018 Purple Zach Botelle L81
17u Hardknox Orioles Brody Couch L81
Elite Squad 17u South Christopher Crespo L81
Sharks Elite Chance Fogel L81
Sharks Elite Peter Holden L81
Sharks Elite Braden Ostrander R81
Elite Squad 17u South Christian Petrisko R81
17u Hardknox Orioles Jacob Phelps R81
Rawlings Xtreme 17u Zachary Robinson R81
The Clubhouse Elite 2018s Kyle Schaefer R81
Sharks Elite Isaiah Schier R81
X Team Jared Sigal R81
X Team Matt Stephenson R81
South Troy Dodgers Matthew Tobin R81
17u Georgia Jackets Drew Becker R80
Black Sox Elite Jake Dicesare R80
Texas Fire Alex Fletcher R80
17u Georgia Jackets Christian Hupp R80
Black Sox Elite Patrick Jucker R80
17u Hardknox Orioles Noah Norman R80
Elite Squad 17u South Carlos Olavarria L80
Youse's Orioles Cory Poulsen R80
17u Georgia Jackets Palmer Sapp R80
Sharks Elite Jackson Taylor R80
Black Sox Elite Joe Brosius R79
Lugnuts Will Cantrell R79
Black Sox Elite Connor Cleaver R79
Scorpions South 2018 Purple Nelson Graveran R79
South Troy Dodgers Javon Henderson R79
Scorpions South 2018 Purple Luis Inoa R79
D-BAT Elite - Aiken Cameron Karicher R79
Scorpions South 2018 Purple Chris Magierowski R79
Sharks Elite Steven Marini R79
Rawlings Xtreme 17u Evan Martin L79
Texas Fire Garrett McClain R79
South Troy Dodgers Colby Nash R79
Youse's Orioles Steve Spencer R79
17u Georgia Jackets Brad Stephenson L79
Rawlings Xtreme 17u Cullen Trout R79
South Troy Dodgers Pryce Wasula R79
Black Sox Elite Tyler Wright L79
Placentia Mustangs Luis Santino Arenado R78
Elite Squad 17u South Jordan Arroyo L78
Elite Squad 17u South Brady Blocker L78
D-BAT Elite - Aiken Brad Brown R78
South Troy Dodgers Drew Carroll R78
Elite Squad 17u South Jake Chaykin L78
Black Sox Elite Corey Criblear R78
D-BAT Elite - Aiken Henry Freck R78
D-BAT Elite - Aiken Henry Freck R78
Rawlings Xtreme 17u Nich Leadford L78
17u Hardknox Orioles Jared Lyon L78
D-BAT Elite - Aiken Mario Suarez R78
South Troy Dodgers Carter Zink R78
Scorpions South 2018 Purple Anthony Angel R77
Sharks Elite Will Carter L77
Scorpions South 2018 Purple Andrew Dutil R77
X Team Dylan Kahn R77
Lugnuts Dalton Kyle R77
Texas Fire Kyle Lemke L77
Elite Squad 17u South Hunter Rego R77
Black Sox Elite Cameron Weigand R77
D-BAT Elite - Aiken Yanni Farmakides R76
D-BAT Elite - Aiken Michael DiRoberto R75
Scorpions South 2018 Purple Jared Francis R75
D-BAT Elite - Aiken Andrew Gerhart R75
Texas Fire Garret Moore L75
South Troy Dodgers Devin Smith R75
D-BAT Elite - Aiken Reese Hall R74
Scorpions South 2018 Purple Noah Hogue R74
Placentia Mustangs JD Pinion R74
South Troy Dodgers Cam Rhodes L74
D-BAT Elite - Aiken Noah Sedmak L74
Elite Squad 17u South Brandon Cumana R73
17u Georgia Jackets John Fears R72
South Troy Dodgers Justin Pangburn R72
D-BAT Elite - Aiken William Philpott R72
Lugnuts Mathew Lacey R71
Scorpions South 2018 Purple Eric Diaz R67
Elite Squad 17u South Garrett Tunis L67
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