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8U PG FastPitch Softball Rules

8U Rules for PG Softball
Last updated: 2019

  • No new inning after 60 minutes or 5 innings.  Current inning will be played out if the team is mathematically able to come back. If a team is mathematically unable to come back will continue to play until time.
  • 5 runs per inning or 3 outs
  • Balls and strikes will not be call, 5 pitches, if the 5 th pitch is foul the batter will get a 6 th pitch, if that pitch is foul the batter will be out. No walks, no hit by pitch, no infield fly, no drop 3 rd strike.
  • No stealing
  • Leadoffs after the pitch releases from the hand, please work on this now. As we advance in weeks you will start to be called out for leaving early.
  • Can play with 10 players but not required to have a rover. If you are playing with the rover, they must play in the outfield, they cannot be added to the infield positions. Outfielders must be 10 feet behind the bases. Generally, halfway between the base and the start of the grass. Infield positions must play in their position, you cannot play with a “shift” on and play 2 nd base directly in front of the base or towards the shortstop. They need to play in the natural position towards the left side of the pitcher, between 1 st and 2 nd base.
  • Runners can continue to advance until the ball is controlled in the circle. If the ball enters dead ball territory (out of the fence line) the ball will be declared dead and the runners will be awarded 1 base. Example, if the ball enters dead ball territory prior to the runner reaching 1 st , they will be award 2nd base.
  • If the ball is controlled in the circle and the runner is not more than halfway to the next base, the runner will return to the previous base.
  • Coach-Pitcher: close to the front of the circle but the goal is strikes, at the umpire’s discretion they may allow the coach-pitcher to move forward.
  • If the coach-pitcher is struck by a batted ball, the ball will be declared dead, base runners will return to their previous base occupied before the pitch and that pitch will be replayed. Please try and remain in the same spot you pitched the ball from, some players play to the left of the coach-pitcher.
  • In the judgement of the umpire, if the coach-pitcher intentionally interferes with a batted ball, a warning will be provided and additional interferences occur the umpire may remove the coach- pitcher.
  • Run rule: 11 after 3 innings, 6 after 4 innings.

*** Please use a courtesy runner for your catcher if there are 2 outs, either last out or last scored run depending where you are in the lineup, helps keep the game going***

Age Restriction 2020 Season (August 15, 2019 - August 14, 2020):

  • All players must be born on December 31, 2010 or later to play 8u in the Fall of 2019 and in the Spring of 2020.
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