Showcase Ohio Valley Showcase
Aug 2 - 4, 2013 Whitaker Bank Park - Lexington, KY  

2014 Top Prospects

Riley Jackson  - OF - 2014 - Lexington, KY - USA
Showing a wide array of tools, Jackson was perhaps the event's most intriguing position player. He threw 88 mph from the outfield, ran a 6.52 60 yard dash, flashed a 1.89 pop time and showed power potential at the plate.

Jared Proctor  - LHP - 2014 - Bardstown, KY - USA
Proctor showed perhaps the most polished arsenal among pitchers at the event. He worked mostly at 82-84 mph with his fastball, but also showed an outstanding late breaking curveball with 11-5 shape around 68 mph. He also showed feel for a 75 mph changeup.

Nathan Blake  - RHP - 2014 - Chagrin Falls, OH - USA
Blakes fastball topped out at 88 mph during his outing. He has a shorter arm action and a very quick arm. His curveball showed late break and touched 74 mph.

Quenton Brownlee  - OF - 2014 - Frankfort, KY - USA
Showing a well rounded skill set, Brownlee ran a 6.70 60 yard dash and followed that by throwing 80-84 mph off the mound. He also flashed a sharp, late breaking curveball.

Cory Coggins  - C - 2014 - Gallatin, TN - USA
Showed well behind the plate in drills, popping a 1.87 and throwing 79 mph down to second. Also showed some pop in his bat during in game at bats.

Kyle Fisher  - RHP - 2014 - Frankfort, KY - USA
Pumped his fastball up to 84 mph and showed a nice feel for a three pitch mix (FB, CB, CH). Pounded the strike zone and induced weak contact when put in play.

Marshall Gei  - C - 2014 - Mount Juliet, TN - USA
Looked good both in the infield and catching, his primary position. Quick, athletic catcher with good catch and throw skills. Switch hitter with quick hands, knocked out three singles in one game.

Dale Gumm  - C - 2014 - Radcliff, KY - USA
Showed good arm strength everywhere, throwing 87 from OF, 85 from INF, and had a nice performance at his primary position, catcher, popping 1.90 and 83 mph down to second. Also has some lift and pop in his swing.

Tanner Hart  - SS - 2014 - Nicholasville, KY - USA
Hart displayed smooth actions and soft hands in the infield and good arm strength across the infield, as well as from the outfield, where he threw 87 mph.

Stephen Holland  - LHP - 2014 - Huntington, WV - USA
Holland worked at 81-85 mph with his fastball, and also showed a good for his secondary pitches, including a sharp 67-69 mph curveball.

Jarrod (Jarred) Jones  - RHP - 2014 - Nicholasville, KY - USA
Jones worked at 82-86 mph with his fastball, attacked the zone consistently and showed a clean, fast arm. His curveball also flashed 11-5 depth.

Andrew (AJ) Kloehn  - C - 2014 - Canton, OH - USA
Along with popping a 1.85 from behind the plate during the skills portion of the showcase, Kloehn swung the bat well, picking up multiple hits during in game action.

Nolan May  - RHP - 2014 - Louisville, KY - USA
The 5-foot-11 right-hander showed an 80-82 mph fastball, kept his delivery consistently on-line and also was able to consistently spot his 12-6 curveball at 69 mph.

Griffin Neuer  - OF - 2014 - Lexington, KY - USA
Neuer pitched from a over the top arm slot with the ability to throw from different angles. Worked fast and attacked the hitters with his fastball that was 81-84 mph.

Jackson Paisley  - OF - 2014 - Cookeville, TN - USA
Paisley showed a strong arm from the outfield, topping at 87 mph and moved well in OF. At the plate, he has a line drive swing plane and a quick bat.

James Paisley  - RHP - 2014 - Cookeville, TN - USA
A large slender frame, Paisley ran his fastball up to 83 mph from a 3/4 arm slot and showed a very good feel for a nice change up. Also played the field well with easy, athletic actions.

Luke Rouse  - OF - 2014 - Lexington, KY - USA
After throwing 88 mph from the outfield and running a 6.54 60 yard dash, Rouse also proved to be one of the showcase's most advanced hitters.

Brent Stoneking  - SS - 2014 - Winchester, KY - USA
After showing a powerful line drive swing, Stoneking also worked at 83-87 mph with his fastball and an outstanding swing and miss changeup.

William Blake Swanger  - RHP - 2014 - Loveland, OH - USA
The right-hander showed a clean arm action with good extension and the ability to pitch downhill. His fastball sat 81-85 mph with a 11-5 breaking curveball at 73 mph.

Stephen Treadway  - C - 2014 - Nicholasville, KY - USA
Showed a nice bat during BP and in game, where he collected a few hits, showing a line drive swing and a quick bat. Behind the plate, he popped an impressive 1.88, with proper foot work and a quick transfer.

Kory Young  - SS - 2014 - Rockford, MI - USA
A Michigan State commit, Young was very smooth at shortstop and moved well laterally. He also showed easy, fluid actions and enough arm to finished all plays.

2015 Top Prospects

Daniel Neal  - SS - 2015 - London, KY - USA
Top prospect of the event, Neal showed a very nice, powerful swing in batting practice, launching two home runs and threw 86 mph from shortstop over to 1st base.

Andy Almquist  - OF - 2015 - Liberty Township, OH - USA
Good athlete with clean actions in the outfield. On the mound was up to 84 mph on fastball with quick arm and an 11/5 CB. In the box, he flashed some gap power and a nice swing from right side.

Blake Carpenter  - LHP - 2015 - Bowling Green, KY - USA
Carpenter worked at 79-81 mph with his fastball, showing late running action. He also mixed in a slow curveball, but his most intriguing pitch may have been his changeup. He threw it at 70-71 mph and it showed late fading action away from right-handed batters.

Ethan Cleary  - RHP - 2015 - Prospect, KY - USA
Despite his frame, Cleary was able to run his fastball up to 84 mph with good downhill plane thanks to his quick arm. Also threw 85 from the OF and ran a 6.70 60-yard.

Matthew Dudas  - C - 2015 - Brentwood, TN - USA
Moved well behind the plate with a quick transfer, which resulted in a 1.90 pop time. At the plate, Dudas showed a fluid swing with power to come when strength is added.

Marquis Harper  - OF - 2015 - Harper Woods, MI - USA
After running a 6.91 60 yard dash, Harper showed intriguing overall tools, particularly at the plate where he showed a compact line drive swing from both sides.

Marques Inman  - 1B - 2015 - Elyria, OH - USA
A strong 6'1" athletic frame, Inman swung a live, powerful bat both in batting practice and in game and displayed fluid actions at 1st base.

Tyler Krabbe  - C - 2015 - Mason, OH - USA
Krabbe has a powerful, mature frame and it shows at the plate. He has good power potential and showed impressive catch and throw tools behind the plate.

Evan Kratt  - C - 2015 - Richmond, MI - USA
Kratt's 1.78 pop time was the best of the weekend, and his overall catching actions look outstanding. He's a high upside, projectable young player that needs to be watched closely.

Logan Mallory  - RHP - 2015 - London, KY - USA
Large frame with long limbs, Mallory pounded the strike zone and missed bats, working his fastball up to 84 mph. Showed well at 1st base, with quick feet and fluid actions.

John Malott  - OF - 2015 - Milford, OH - USA
Ran a 6.89 60 yard dash, showed good athleticism, threw 83 mph fron the outfield and showed good bat speed from the right side.

Dillon McInerney  - RHP - 2015 - Richmond, MI - USA
McInerney pitched from a high 3/4 arm slot showing a quick-clean arm action. He showed the ability to pitch downhill and had good command on his pitches. Fastball sat at 81-85 mph and his curveball topped out at 73.

Jordan Menfee  - RHP - 2015 - Lancaster, KY - USA
Menfee has a strong, projectable frame and saw his fastball top at 86 mph with more to come. Complemented it with a low 70's curveball which featured 11/5 break to miss bats.

Roman Millem  - SS - 2015 - Prospect, KY - USA
Millem had one of the more all around impressive workouts, showing the top OF velocity at 89 and running a 6.54 60 yard dash.

Connor Smith  - SS - 2015 - Midland, MI - USA
Smith was the event's fastest player, running a blistering 6.51 60 yard dash. He also showed some upside at the plate.

Bryan Soth  - 1B - 2015 - Loveland, OH - USA
Soth is a strong, athletic righty hitter who showed good bat speed and significant power potential.

Jason Sullivan  - SS - 2015 - Bartlett, IL - USA
Sullivan ran a 6.90 60 yard and also threw 84 across the infield. Also showed fast hands, impressive bat and pop to all fields.

2016 Top Prospects

Jacob Abbott  - SS - 2016 - Lexington, KY - USA
One of the top 2016's at the event, Abbott showed that he could a little bit of everything, throwing 85 across the diamond and up to 84 on the mound.

Easton McGee  - RHP - 2016 - Hopkinsville, KY - USA
At 6'5" and a lean 180 pounds, the highly projectable McGee ran his fastball up to 86 mph with more to come in the following years.

Justin Ammons  - OF - 2016 - Cordova, TN - USA
Despite his smaller frame, Ammons hit the ball with authority with some loud fly balls and with added strength, those balls will be going over fence real soon.

Vincent Boils  - C - 2016 - Somerset, KY - USA
Posted 1.90 pop time from behind the plate, showed solid receiving skills. Displayed a solid approach at the plate in game action.

Aidan Elias  - OF - 2016 - Lexington, KY - USA
Ran a 6.83 60 yard dash and showed lift and projectable hitting tools from the right side of the plate.

Eddie Flores  - 3B - 2016 - Charleston, WV - USA
A 2-way prospect, Flores showed a nice swing from the right side with some pop, as well as a fastball up to 82 mph and a feel for both a slider and change up.

Dylan Messer  - RHP - 2016 - London, KY - USA
Touched 82 mph and should have more fastball on the way. Flashed a solid curveball and has the projectable frame to continue to improve.

Parker Redmon  - RHP - 2016 - Georgetown, KY - USA
With plenty of room to fill on his 6'5" frame, Redmond bumped his fastball to 81 and projects for more and also showed a nice feel for his curveball.

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