WWBA Tournament

2014 WWBA World Championship

Oct 23, 2014 - Oct 27, 2014

Roger Dean Complex - 4751 Main Street Jupiter, FL 33458 Map

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Perfect Game is an organization that defined an industry and remains baseball’s most respected scouting report service.

Perfect Game provides showcases, tournaments, online video, national rankings, player profiles, scouting reports and college and professional opportunities to the nation’s top prospects and their families.

Where talent goes, professional scouts and top college recruiters are sure to follow, and Perfect Game can offer the best in baseball increased exposure, insight and professionalism to propel them through their baseball careers.
Roy Clark: "Jerry (Ford) and his staff do an outstanding job. We feel that they put on, and it’s not even close, the best showcases and tournaments of anybody. They’re so well organized. Jerry has tremendous knowledge of scouting. They have a lot of former professional and college baseball people in their organization.

"Since they put on the best showcases and tournaments, naturally they’re going to get the best players. We are pretty much a high-school oriented organization, so where the best players go, we will be there. We have sometimes up to 10 or 11 scouts covering Perfect Game events. It gives athletes the chance to compete at the highest level of their age group, in a team or showcase format, in some of the best facilities in front of both colleges and scouts.

"They’re (Perfect Game) the best, and the top colleges and the highest level scouts know it."
Perfect Game set a new record for the tenth consecutive year following the 2011 MLB draft. Of the 1,530 players selected, 1,323 had attended a Perfect Game event, and 294 of the first 331 picks were Perfect Game alumni. Many of these alumni had participated in multiple Perfect Game tournaments, showcases and/or leagues.

In the past ten years, 9,073 Perfect Game participants have been chosen in the MLB First-Year Player Draft. However, these figures do not account for the many Latin American free agents who participate in Perfect Game showcases and tournaments and then sign with Major League clubs. One can only imagine how many Perfect Game alumni will ultimately reach their dream of playing Major League Baseball down the road.

Perfect Game does not take any credit for the numerous outstanding players selected in the draft or the many more who go on to play college baseball. Perfect Game simply provides talented players a means to be identified and evaluated closely while competing with and against the best worldwide. Perfect Game identifies players, provides an opinion, and then lets Major League scouts and college coaches form their own.

MLB scouts and college coaches make the most important decisions, and luckily, they follow what we do very closely - not only in person, but online as well.

Draft fast facts

Perfect Game has more talented players in attendance than any other organization. The proof is in the results.
  • 37 of the 42 first and supplemental first-round picks of the 2015 MLB Draft had previously attended a Perfect Game event.
  • 64 of the 75 players selected on the first day (top two rounds) of the 2015 MLB Draft had previously attended a Perfect Game event, including No. 1 overall pick Dansby Swanson.
  • 35 of the 75 players selected on the first day of the 2015 MLB Draft had previously attended a Perfect Game National Showcase (24 of which did so in 2014).
  • 23 Perfect Game All-Americans were selected on the first day of the 2015 MLB Draft, 19 of which played in the 2014 Classic.
  • Since the game’s inception in 2003, seven Perfect Game All-Americans have been selected with the first overall pick, including Brady Aiken (2014), Carlos Correa (2012), Gerrit Cole (2011), Bryce Harper (2010) and Justin Upton (2005).
  • Run the largest and most scouted tournaments in amateur baseball
  • Compile scouting notes on thousands of players annually
  • Very highly competitive games on the nicest fields in the country
  • Exposure to college coaches and MLB scouts that attend these tournaments
  • Top performances will be mentioned in daily stat leaders

This is the 16th annual WWBA World Championship, which will take place in Jupiter, FL using the spring training fields of the St. Louis Cardinals and Miami Marlins. 

BAT TYPE: Wood bat. Only composite bats allow must be solely wood composite.
ENTRY FEE: $2500/team (No refunds 30 days prior)
AGE LIMIT: 2015 Graduates or younger. There is no birth date age requirement. Players must be currently in high school to participate.
COOLERS: Coolers/drinks will NOT be allowed.  
GAMES: 4 guaranteed, weather permitting.  We are asking teams to be able to play starting Thursday October 23 starting at 2PM if possible. This is a HUGE day for exposure. Teams unable to make that day, need to be prepared to play at 8AM on Friday October 24th. Monday will consist of the semifinals, and championship games, concluding around 2PM.

ALL TOURNAMENT PASS(good for all games/all days) - $35
DAILY PASS(good for all games on one day) - $10

Games: 4 games guaranteed, weather permitting.

Age Eligibility: 2015 Graduate or younger.

Bat Type: Wood Bat Only Bat Restrictions

Hotels: All teams are required to book housing through following link Host Hotels

Coolers: Not Allowed

Entry Fee: 2500 USD  ((No refunds 30 days prior))


Gate Prices:

  • Tournament Pass: 35.00 USD (Per Person) - Entry to all games for this tournament
  • Daily Pass: 10.00 USD (Per Person) - Entry to all games for a specific day
  • Age 14 and younger are free to get in*
  • * Gate prices, set in accordance with sanctioning procedures, are in effect until Memorial Day Tournaments for all events in Georgia. Prior to Memorial Day, gate prices will be $5/adult and $3/child.
  • Tournament Program: 5.00 USD



MV-Player Brad Debo

MV-Pitcher Tyler Holton

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Event History Since 1998

Event Records  

Category Time/Velo Name St Event year Draft Commitment
FB 98  mph Rick Porcello NJ 2006 Tigers 1 North Carolina
FB 98  mph Jordan Sheffield TN 2012  1 Comp Vanderbilt

“Perfect Game is a leading resource for anyone interested in amateur baseball, running top-notch events throughout the year which are followed closely by our scouts. Organized and efficient, Perfect Game is on top of their game. Perfect Game player information and rankings are a valuable resource for us.”

Brian M. Cashman   Sr. Vice President and General Manager New York Yankees

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