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Published: Saturday, June 15, 2002

2002 PG Players Drafted in First Two Rounds

Several other former PG players were drafted in the top two rounds out of college.

Some Numbers
32... Perfect Game High School players selected in the 1st 2 rounds.
4... Other players selected in the first 2 rounds.
86.5%... Of players selected in the 1st 2 rounds were PG players.
11... Of the first 12 players selected were PG players.
354... Total PG players selected in the draft.

Close to 600 high school players were drafted. Of those drafted in the first 30 rounds 95% were listed by Perfect Game in the player rankings. Of those drafted in the first 10 rounds, all but 3 players were ranked by PG.

Here is a list of Perfect Game participants who were drafted in the first two rounds.


Pick No. Name Pos MLB Club PG Rank Signed/College
2 BJ Upton SS Devil Rays 2 1st rd
3 Chris Gruler RHP Reds 4 1st rd
5 Clint Everts RHP Expos 18 1st rd
6 Zach Greinke RHP Royals 6 1st rd
7 Prince Fielder 1B Brewers 28 1st rd
8 Scott Moore SS Tigers 7 1st rd
11 Jeremy Hermida OF Marlins 10 1st rd
15 Scott Kazmir LHP Mets 1 1st rd
17 Cole Hamels LHP Phillies 8 1st rd
19 James Loney 1B Dodgers 14 1st rd
20 Denard Span OF Twins 5 1st rd
25 Matthew Cain RHP Giants 35 1st rd
27 Sergio Santos SS D'Backs 12 1st rd
28 John Mayberry OF Mariners 9 1st rd
31 Greg Miller LHP Dodgers 20 1st rd
33 Matt Whitney 3B Indians 22 1st rd
41 Micah Schilling 2B Indians 21 1st rd
44 Joey Votto C Reds 198 2nd rd
45 Corey Shafer OF Orioles 61 2nd rd
47 Adam Donachie C Royals 38 2nd rd
48 Josh Murray SS Brewers 114 2nd rd
50 Micah Owings RHP Rockies 27 2nd rd
51 Zach Hammes RHP Dodgers 29 2nd rd
52 Robert Andino SS Marlins 66 2nd rd
53 Kevin Jepsen RHP Angels 17 2nd rd
56 Brian Dopirak 1B Cubs 62 2nd rd
58 Zach Segovia RHP Phillies 33 2nd rd
60 Jonathan Broxton RHP Dodgers 54 2nd rd
62 Justin Jones LHP Cubs 90 2nd rd
64 Brian McCann C Braves 23 2nd rd
65 Tyler Greene SS Braves 78 2nd rd
71 Brandon Weeden RHP Yankees 49 2nd rd
FA Jonathan Figueroa LHP Dodgers VZ Signed
FA Alfredo Fernandez RHP Padres VZ Signed

High School players drafted in the top 100 not rated by Perfect Game.


High School players drafted first two rounds, who did not participate in PG events.

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