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Softball  | Softball Tournament  | 3/6/2024

PG Softball Griffon Indoor

Kai Lane      Erica Beach     

ST JOSEPH, MO- The PG Winter Series is underway as athletes from the Midwest in the 18U and 14U divisions met in St. Joseph, Missouri to compete in three pool play games. Meeting at Missouri Western State University is an opportunity for players and coaches to kick-start their seasons and evaluate areas they would like to improve as they get back into the rhythm of competitive softball. Listed below are some of the top performers. 

18U Division

Aubrey Deshaw (2025 Orange City, IA) is a right-handed catcher and outfielder who stands at 5’7 for the Futures 18U Van Buren. Deshaw went .500 this weekend at the plate, in her 6 at-bats Aubrey had three hits, resulting in a double, a triple, a home run, and five RBI's. Deshaw has a slightly closed stance and is athletic in the box, her hands are off her shoulders near her ears to allow her to throw her hands at the ball. Aubrey fights in the box and has good eyes, hitting hard foul balls and forcing the pitcher to throw the ball close to the zone on two strikes. Being in her junior year of high school, Aubrey only has room to grow in her catching and hitting abilities and is one to watch.

Laurel Richards (2025 Clive, IA) plays third base, first base, and outfield for the Central Iowa Riptide. Laurel does a great job of loading her power in her legs, as the pitch is delivered her swing could be described as “load and go.” She swings hard and has a good pitch selection, especially on two strikes. Laurel thrives on the inside pitch and packs a lot of power on that part of the plate, and is her go-to when the count is in her favor. In St. Joe, Richards went .500 at the plate, in her six total appearances she hit a double, and a triple, hit a homerun, scored two runs and had five RBI. 

Katie Riesselman (2024 Kelley, IA) of the Cylones 18U, is 5’10 third and first basemen. Katie is a calm and collected player, she does not seem to be frazzled easily and can keep her composure in high-stress situations. Riesselman hit .500 this weekend, in her six at bat’s she had three hits, scored three times, two of the three of her hits were home runs, and had three RBI! Katie has got a smooth and simple, yet powerful swing. She has a wide base and her feet are even in the box, she keeps her hands close to her ears and has what I would call an “inside-out swing”.  She keeps her hands tight to her body and stays long through the zone and extension. Although Katie struck out twice she battles in the box and has an aggressive approach when entering an at-bat.  She swings the bat hard and when she connects, she shows incredible power.

Teya Speltz (2025 Van Meter, IA) a right-handed pitcher for the NE Echoes 18U Nat’l Madsen is such a dynamic, talented, and fun pitcher to watch. Speltz is in her element on the mound and it is clear by her presence, that she is excited, focused, and dominant. Spetlz does a great job of painting the corners and the rivers of the plate. Her curve is a go-to strikeout pitch for right-handed batters, her screw is effective as a strike-out pitch for lefties. Her rise has a tight spin and great upward movement and works great with one or two strikes. She has a beautiful change that stops batters in their tracks at 40 MPH and breaks just over the plate for a strike as well. In 10.0 innings Teya allowed only three hits, and four walks and had 22 strike-outs. She was working in the upper 50’s topping out at 61 MPH. Teya is an athlete I expected to have continued success based from the performance I’ve seen from her, she only has time to get faster, get stronger, and perfect her pitching mechanics. 

Marin Heller (2025 West Des Moines, IA) is a Florida State commit and shortstop for the WDM Tigers, Marin carries confidence with her that does not come off as arrogance but a trust in her abilities to perform at a high level. Heller has a narrow stance in the box, allowing her to stride towards the ball creating power using her momentum; Heller is a line-drive hitter with homerun power, and she has a simple and effective swing. In her five plate appearances, Heller boasted an impressive .600 batting average, scored two runs, had three total hits.  She showed off her power with one double, one homerun, and driving in two RBI.

Ava Husak (2024 Cambridge, IA) right-handed pitcher for the Alliance Select Blackford. Ava performed well in her 7.2 innings pitched, allowing only two hits, striking 16 batters out and allowing one walk. Ava is throwing low 60’s topping out at 62 MPH, she paints the corners of the plate and also utilizes the river on two strikes. Husak explodes off the mound and is consistent at hitting her spots.  She has a fast wrist snap and is in control of the count, often starting on top getting the first strike on her opponents.  

Taylor Nuss (2026 Waukee, IA) right-handed pitcher for the Iowa Outlaws Select, she pitched 7.1 innings in St. Joe. Nuss mixed her fast ball, change-up, curve, rise and drop to strike out 16.  She was excellent at getting ahead of hitters which aided in her success over her opponents this weekend. Nuss uses the mound to close the gap between herself and the batter with excellent leg drive. She showed good velocity, topping out at 64 MPH and really paired her speed with incredible movement. Her curve has late break and often is used as her strikeout pitch on right-handed batters. Her rise is dangerous when she is ahead, showing late break, which got a lot of swing and misses. Nuss is one to watch. 

Tatum Goerdt (2025 Cedar Rapids, IA) is a infielder and right-handed pitcher who continues to be on my radar because she is a talented athlete who does not let her foot off the pedal. In six innings Tatum allowed three hits, struck out 12, and allowed only two walks. Tatum's composure, explosion and strength catch my attention when she is in the circle, using her legs to gain power she has consistently been pitching 64-66 MPH as a junior. Goerdt takes over 20 miles off on her change and mixes in a rise and a curve that both have late breaking spin.  Batters have to earn hits off of this young lady.  She was impressive!

Aubrey Lensmeyer (2025 Ankeny, IA) right-handed pitcher for the  Iowa Outlaws Select and University of South Dakota commit, Lensmeyer keeps her opponents on their toes in the box, with a mix of five pitches, a fastball, change, rise, drop and curve; all of which she can throw at any point in the count for a strike. Aubrey will work batters low and on two strikes go outside and then catches them off guard with her rise ball or change. Her motion is smooth, consistent and her pitches have great movement and late breaks.  In her seven innings in the circle this weekend she struck out 14, walked one and allowed six hits. I project Lensmeyer will have great success as she remains a student of the game and continues to perfect her craft throughout the summer and her upcoming career at USD. 

14U Division

Madynn Dunham (2028 Crete, Nebraska) playing with Select Fastpitch 14u Reliford.  Excellent pitcher with long levers which leads to some next level whip and snap.  Dunham consistently hit 62 mph and had five strikeouts in 2.0 innings.  She boasted a 0.00 ERA and a 0.00 WHIP.  Madynn was dominant on the mound with her combination of her fastball and a devastating changeup that kept hitters off balance. 

Eden Ladehoff (2028 Conrad, Iowa) playing with Iowa Gold Fastpitch 14u.  She was consistently hitting 55mph and armed with great movement.  Ladehoff was able to stay away from the barrel and keep hitters from solid contact.  She had seven strikeouts in 3.0 innings.  She was impressive with a 0.00 ERA and a 1.00 WHIP.  She's one to watch in the future for sure. 

Natalia Trevino (2028 Independence, Missouri) playing with Select Fastpitch 14u Reliford.  Natalia showed power to all fields with a strong back side in her swing.  She collected four hits in six at bats with a OBP of .714.  Trevino led the tournaments with two homeruns and she also led the tournament with seven RBIs. She also made a strong showing in the circle for Select Fastpitch as well.  A true two-way player to watch!

Lucy Reliford (2029 Liberty, Missouri) playing with Select Fastpitch 14u Reliford.  She was showing off in the circle, displaying a smooth consistent motion, making it look effortless.  She was consistently hitting 59 mph on the radar.  Lucy mixed in a rise, curve, and change-up to keep the hitters from hitting barrel.  She was impressive with nine strikeouts in 4.0 innings.  Reliford ended up with a 0.00 ERA and a 0.50 WHIP in the tournament and is already making waves at the 14u level. 

Kinleigh Howren (2028 Platte City, Missouri) playing with Select Fastpitch 14u Reliford.  She was impressive in the box, collecting three hits in four at bats and leading the tournament with 3 walks.  She was excellent at making pitchers work deep into the count, attacking her pitches in the zone.  She showed great discipline and was a very difficult out.  Howren had an impressive .857 OBP and led the tournament scoring six runs.

Shania Noland (2029 Saint Joseph, Missouri) playing with Marek Fastpitch Academy 14u.  Noland was impressive on the mound, consistently hitting 59 mph. She primarily used the mix of a riseball, dropball, and change-up.  She showed good command with these pitches, throwing them in the zone to get ahead then working them up and down the ladder to keep the hitters guessing.  She had a solid day of work striking out six in 3.0 innings.  Noland finished with a 2.30 ERA and 1.37 WHIP.

Lynli Eagleburger (2028 Savannah, Missouri) playing with Select Fastpitch 14u Reliford.  Lynli was hot at the plate, notching four hits in six at bats.  Eagleburger showed great discipline at the plate, letting the ball get deep and consistently connecting the barrel. She showed her ability to truly drive the ball into BOTH power alleys on the field.  The fact that all of her hits were doubles, leading the tournament, was impressive and she is going to be a fun one to continue to watch. 

Harper Pitts (2029 Saint Joseph, Missouri) playing with Marek Fastpitch Academy 14u.  She was perfect at the plate, reaching base in all four plate appearances.  She has an incredible combination of pop and speed on offense and was fun to watch.  She makes things happen on the basepaths, stealing two bases, and every one of her hits was a double.  In her plate appearances Harper was 3 for 3 with one walk for an OBP of 1.000.  She also showed her poise under pressure with runners in scoring position notching six RBIs. Keep your eyes on this one.

Brynna Peterson (2028 Platte City, Missouri) playing with Marek Fastpitch Academy 14u.  With an impressive .800 OBP Brynna led the tournament with two triples.  She has a consistent swing and great barrel whip.  She has pop and showed off her speed legging out those triples.  Brynna was impressive in her at bats, making hard contact and barreling up the ball on a consistent basis.