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Press Release  | Press Release  | 10/31/2023

Key Performance Habits of MLB Players

Achieving dominance on the playing field goes beyond raw talent; it hinges on cultivating the right preparation and competitive habits that serves the athlete throughout a full playing career.  

Prior to joining ArmCare.com, Executive Vice-President, Dr. Ryan Crotin reviewed countless questionnaires from MLB prospects for the Los Angeles Angels and honed in on key performance habits.  Many athletes failed this component of their scouting report and were left undrafted by the team.. 

So how do you ensure you are considered as a future MLB prospect? 

1. Relentless Attention to Your Throwing Arm - Whether you are pitcher or position player, throwing arm injuries and velocity loss will cost you.  What was found in many players is that they lacked a critical approach to ensure the throwing arm was activated and also lacked a structured arm care program that was individualized to their needs.   Comparatively, pitchers had better habits than position players, and position players without a throwing arm-centric approach were risky, as many do not come back after throwing arm injury (REF)

2. A Comprehensive Nutritional Process -  The ability to regenerate muscle tissue, avoid dehydration-related injuries, increase lean mass and manage body composition are keys to on field success.  However many athletes lacked antioxidant rich foods and did not understand how to eat to improve the circulation throughout the body and especially their throwing arms.  It’s important to note that elbow injuries are rampant and your ligaments and tendons in the region receive very little blood flow (REF) - Circulation is King and the diet has to account for it.  

3. Soft-Tissue Care - Many athletes utilized ice as their primary form of recovering the throwing.  Given the importance of circulation to the throwing arm, no athlete focused on driving blood to the throwing arm or what tools to use in pumping fluid out of the damaged muscle cells.  This means the arms ability to regenerate and also throw without compensation over time is lessened - again posing a big risk to MLB teams. 

Every athlete can benefit from refining their preparation approach. As a result, ArmCare.com built a specialized course - MLB Performance and Recovery Habits, as part of its Bulletproof Arm Educational Series.  The information will undoubtedly advance baseball opportunities for every player, coach and parent who takes it. 

Author: Dr. Ryan Crotin:
Dr. Ryan Crotin, PhD, CSCS, RSCC, is the driving force behind ArmCare.com's mission to revolutionize baseball health and performance through data-led training. With a deep understanding of fatigue-induced movement compensations and joint biomechanics, Dr. Crotin is a leading expert in the field.