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Tournaments  | Story  | 6/16/2023

Prospect Factory National shut out LR Mustangs

Hannah Jo Groves     
Photo: Henry Clausell Giraud/Carlos Rodriguez (Perfect Game)
Prospect Factory National came out swinging on the first day of play, winning over the LR Mustangs 8-0 with consistent strength on both sides of the ball.

From the first inning, Prospect showed its hitting power with first baseman Henry Clausell Giraud driving his whole body through the ball and hitting a two-run homer that darted over the outfield fence. 

"I was looking for some pitch that I could drive on a line drive and he gave it to me," Clausell said. "I was feeling really good because I didn't expect to hit a homerun in the first inning. I was just feeling good on the swing - so I just waited for the ball and I got it." 

Clausell's teammates Yail Nater, John Anthony De Jesus and Allem Borrero joined him on the RBI stat line with their dominant hitting and speed. 

"Be aggressive," Prospect's head coach Javier Valentin said was his message to his hitters. "We came from West Palm Beach - we had a pretty good tournament over there. And then we mentioned, 'keep doing what we were doing over there... look for a good pitch and drive the ball.'"

On the defensive side, it was consistent pitching from the right-handed Carlos Rodriguez that helped shut out the Mustangs. 

Rodriguez threw 42 pitches in a little over three innings - registering four strikeouts with fastballs in the mid-80's range and a slider in the high-70's. 

"I was struggling last year with my mental," Rodriguez said. "In the spring, I worked a lot on that and I feel more confident since last year... [I'm] feeling better than ever." 

"He's my ace," Valentin said of Rodriguez. "The reason he pitched in the first game is because I want to see him pitch in the next couple days. I'm saving his arm."

The Prospects will try to continue their success against TBT Ballers X on Saturday at 8 a.m. on the Mack field at Terry Park Sports Complex.