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Softball  | Softball Tournament  | 12/8/2022

PG Softball: PG Cares, Toys For Tots Notes

Dave Durbala     
Photo: Perfect Game
14U Division

The MV-Pitcher award went to Aubrey Hesler (2026, Burlington, Iowa), who helped pitch her Cik 08s team to the championship. Hesler, a RHP, topped out at 54 mph while utilizing a drop, drop curve, changeup and rise to keep hitters off balance. A pitch-to-contact type pitcher, Hesler relied on her defense to make plays in her 11 innings of work, although she did strike out six. Hesler showed good command of the strike zone in only giving up one base-on-balls. As this young lady matures and continues to gain strength, she will pick up velocity and increased spin rate to be even more effective in the circle.

The MVP award was presented to Hayden Kresser (2026, Jesup, Iowa) of Cik 08s. Kresser, with a strong, athletic set up in the box, feet set slightly wide, with no stride to get separation, drives the hips and lower half to get things moving. Displaying a solid and aggressive bat path, Kresser displays the strength to drive the ball out of the yard. Of her five hits, she collected a double and two home runs for a total of nine RBI. With a good understanding of the swing and what she is attempting to do at the plate, Kresser should continue to be successful as she rises up through age levels and from high school to college.

Other hitters having success at the plate included Cik 09s' Caycee Crawford (2027, New Hampton, Iowa), who showed the ability to hit for power and average. Utilizing a more erect stance in the box and a toe touch to get to launch, the RHH Crawford was able to stay connected through her swing and utilize her legs and hips to their fullest. Crawford finished the weekend with seven hits that included a double, triple and home run for 6 RBI, scoring five times and had a tournament-leading average of .875.

Brooklyn Peterson (2028, Port Byron, Ill.) is a RHH/C/3B playing for Monsters 14u - Chick. Peterson, starting tall in the box with a slightly open stance, showed the ability to hit the ball to all fields. She collected 3 doubles and a single for 4 RBI while scoring 4 runs. Peterson appears at her best when she stays in her legs and doesn't allow her hands to travel as she starts shifting her weight forward, losing separation.

There is a saying, “hitters hit” and Audrey Gooding (2026, Champaign, Ill.) is a hitter. Gooding, a LHH batting lead off for Tbsa Wahoos 08, had a tournament-leading eight hits that included a double, while reaching base on 10-of-13 chances. Gooding does a great job of keeping her front side closed and driving the outside pitch through the 5-6 hole with what at times seems like just a flick of her wrist. She displays a good understanding of the strike zone and appears to have a plan for what she is trying to accomplish with each at-bat.

Sullivan Hall (2027, West Liberty, Iowa) may appear small in stature, but she swings a big bat. Playing for Mudd Dawgs 09 - Holmes, the LHH Hall utilizes a fundamentally sound swing and good use of her lower half to generate bat speed and torque. This aided her in picking up two doubles and a home run in her five hits. Hall knocked in three and scored three runs to help her team to a runner-up finish.

In the circle, Zoe Goodreau (2026, Champaign, Ill.) was getting work done. Topping out at 60 mph, the Tbsa Wahoos 08 RHP utilized her full arsenal of pitches to record 16 punchouts in her nine innings of work. Showing the same determination and skill set that led to her earning both the 14u and 16u MV-Pitcher Awards two weekends ago, Goodreau challenged hitters early in the count. Once the count was in her favor, she would then work her drop and rise to collect strikeouts. This young lady has shown she has the juice to be a regular on the top performer list moving forward.

Alexis Trueg (2026, Cedar Falls, Iowa), who won an MVP award two weeks ago for her hitting, showed that she can also pitch by picking up the win in the championship game for Cik 08s. Trueg, a RHP, utilized a fastball topping out at 55 mph, a changeup, and a rise to record 11 strikeouts in her nine innings of work. Showed the ability to hit spots and to get batters to chase her rise out of the zone for swing-and-miss attempts. Trueg gave up one free pass and did not allow an earned run on the weekend.

Colbie Greiner (2027, Washington, Iowa) was the workhorse for her Mudd Dawgs 09 - Holmes team, recording 13 innings in the circle. Utilized a drop curve, drop, and changeup to go with a fastball that topped out at 57 mph, Greiner recorded nine punchouts, and relied on her teammates to make plays behind her. While watching Greiner pitch, she displays those intangables that make a difference. She stayed mentally focused, didn't allow an error or a perceived bad call from the umpire to affect her, she showed she wanted the ball, and she challenged hitters on the inner half of the plate. As this young lady matures and continues to develop her skill set, I expect to see big things from this one.

18U Division

The MV-Pitcher award went to RHP Meredith Gatto (2024, Dubuque, Iowa), playing for runner-up Texas Glory IAQC. Gatto, using every bit of her 5-foot frame to generate velocity and torque, comes at hitters with a curve, drop, high rise, and a fastball that sat consistently at 56 mph. In her 14 innings of work, Gatto recorded 19 strikeouts, primarily utilizing a plus rise ball that hitters had a tough time laying off of, and even a tougher time making contact with it. Gatto recently committed to Clarke University, and don’t bet against this young lady being successful at the next level if this past weekend is any indication of her skill set and competitiveness.

Lady Expos Houselog’s Lydia Ettema (2023, Peosta, Iowa) is your MVP award winner. The DePaul University commit, usually picking up the MV-Pitcher award, put on an offensive display for the ages. Ettema, starting with a solid set up in the box, and looking comfortable and confident at the plate, collected a tournament-leading 10 hits. Of those hits, she had three doubles and five bombs. She racked up 12 RBI, scored 10 times and finished with a .714 average. In the circle, Ettema recorded 14 innings of work, striking out 11 while walking none. Ettema utilized a drop, changeup, and rise to go with her fastball that was consistently 60-61 mph and topped out at 63 mph.

Jadyn Glab (2023, Dubuque, Iowa), playing for Lady Expos Houselog, has had some memorable times at The Turf, and this weekend was no different. The University of Washington commit, who was also slotted in at the No. 9 spot on the Perfect Game Softball Class of 2023 Top 50 List, picked up 7 hits with a double and a home run and had a .722 OBP. On the basepaths she swiped 9 bases and scored 9 runs. Glab, while working behind the plate, showed excellent receiving skills, helping pitchers get the borderline strike call with her glove work, and showed a plus arm with quick release. Glab was successful in throwing out runners attempting to steal and also threw behind runners at first and third to record outs.

Michaela Goad (2024, Springville, Iowa), playing for Thunder 18u Black, continues to impress at the plate. Hitting from the right side, Goad uses the levers associated with her 6-foot-1 frame, to generate bat speed and torque. She collected seven hits that included a double and three bombs. She picked up 7 RBI, scored 5 runs and finished the weekend with a .700 average. Goad has a swing that will play at the next level as she shows the ability to hit the ball to all fields, and hit the ball hard.

Texas Glory IAQC's Chevelle Kingsley (2025, Davenport, Iowa) can flat out hit. Hitting from the right side, standing tall with hands and back elbow up, Kingsley gets her weight to the back hip and gets separation via stride. Staying in her legs and utilizing a solid lower half, Kingsley was able to barrel up several balls this weekend. She picked up eight hits with a double and two home runs, knocking in seven and scoring 5 times and finishing with a .667 average.

Pitchers getting after it included RHP Chloe Mitchell (2023, Peru, Ill.), in the circle for Midwest Sluggers 05. Showing a repeatable motion and delivery, Mitchell worked 13 innings and collected a tournament-leading 25 strikeouts for her effort. Topping out at 55 mph, Mitchell relied on her rise, curve, drop, and changeup to keep batters off balance. Mitchell showed plus spin and movement, with the ability to throw all her pitches for strikes, only giving up one walk on the weekend. Currently uncommitted, this young lady has the game to play at the next level.

Tierani Teslow (2023, Dubuque, Iowa) was a key in the circle for the tournament-winning Lady Expos Houselog. The LHP Teslow, utilizing a low and high rise, changeup, drop, and fastball sat consistently at 56 mph in her eight innings of work. Showing some natural movement on her pitches and effectively changing levels with her rise and drop, Teslow was able to strike out 13 and stay away from any big innings.

Julia Roth's (2026, Dubuque, Iowa) age shouldn't fool you. This young lady, pitching for Expos Simon, is another fine pitcher coming out of Northeast Iowa. With a full complement of pitches, and a top velocity of 60 mph, Roth has the ability and mindset to play at this level. In her seven innings of work, Roth struck out 11, only allowing 2 earned runs.

Thunder 18u Black’s Isabella Salazar (2025, Washington, Iowa) isn’t very imposing standing in the circle, but let her go to work and things change instantly. Bringing a drop, rise, and changeup to the table, Salazar showed good movement on her spin pitches, to go with her fastball that sat consistently at 58 mph. In her five innings of work, Salazar struck out seven, but more importantly did not allow a walk or an earned run. Salazar’s go-to pitch was her rise that hitters struggled to lay off of.