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Tournaments  | Story  | 8/19/2022

Northeast Select Scout Notes

AJ Denny      Peter Harding     
Photo: Perfect Game

If we want to talk about tools to project on, look no further than uncommitted arm Connor Litts (2025, Stroudsburg, Pa.), who sat 84-86 (2100 rpm) for the majority of his outing Saturday while grabbing 88 mph when needed. You really can’t describe Litts as anything other than physical, as the 6-foot-4, 245-pound righty is an intimidating presence on the mound to say the least. Though still rough around the edges, Litts has plenty of young life in the arm with whip to the arm action that generates slight sink from a lower three-quarter slot. He’s controlled in the delivery and repeats well with the upper half. The arsenal for the righty is fastball dominant, however he does break off the occasional 11-5 curve with vertical depth to it. The next step for Litts is generating velocity with the lower half and truly unlocking the full potential of the frame, which could see 90 mph sooner rather than later.

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