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Draft  | Story  | 7/17/2022

Final MLB Mock Draft

Brian Sakowski      Vincent Cervino     
Photo: Perfect Game
MLB Draft Board: Top 616

1. Baltimore Orioles | Andruw Jones, OF, Wesleyan HS (Ga.)
The pick here seems to be between Jones and Jackson Holliday with Brooks Lee also being mentioned. It’s literally coming down to the wire with Termarr Johnson also being mentioned a lot.

2. Arizona Diamondbacks | Jackson Holliday, SS, Stillwater HS (Okla.)
The Diamondbacks seem to have Jones and Holliday as 1-2 on their board and in this case they’ll take whoever is leftover between the two. If neither go at No. 1 overall to Baltimore then this pick gets a bit hairier.

3. Texas Rangers | Kevin Parada, C, Georgia Tech
Parada is the name we’ve been hearing a lot here as is prep outfielder Elijah Green. Their preference would be Jackson Holliday.

4. Pittsburgh Pirates | Termarr Johnson, SS, Mays HS (Ga.)
We’ve been told a couple of different landing spots for Termarr, Cam Collier is also in play here as well as a potential college money saver.

5. Washington Nationals | Elijah Green, OF, IMG Academy (Fla.)
Parada could be in play here if he falls this far but Elijah remains a player near the top of their board.

6. Miami Marlins | Brooks Lee, SS, Cal Poly
We’re told the Marlins want to go college here and Lee is the preference though Jacob Berry could be in play.

7. Chicago Cubs | Cam Collier, 3B, Chipola JC
This is probably Termarr Johnson’s floor but they also like Jacob Berry as well as some other college options.

8. Minnesota Twins | Zach Neto, SS, Campbell
College bats dominate the conversation here with Neto being linked heavily to the Twins as we come down to the wire.

9.  Kansas City Royals | Jacob Berry, 3B, LSU
Royals scoop up Berry here but have had a myriad of names attached, Cade Horton, Justin Crawford, and Brock Porter’s ceilings probably start here.

10. Colorado Rockies | Cade Horton, RHP, Oklahoma
We’ve heard Horton’s name as high as 7 to the Cubs, the Rockies also like Jacob Berry and Jace Jung.

11. New York Mets | Justin Crawford, OF, Bishop Gorman HS (Nev.)
The Mets will get creative here but they’re known to like Crawford who is in play all over the board. They also like Brock Porter and Jett Williams.

12. Detroit Tigers | Gavin Cross, OF, Virginia Tech
The Tigers have been linked to a ton of college names including Jacob Berry, Jace Jung, and Connor Prielipp.

13. Los Angeles Angels | Connor Prielipp, LHP, Alabama
We’re told the Angels are targeting arms here with college being the preference. Other preps such as Dylan Lesko and Brandon Barriera are in play.

14. New York Mets | Jett Williams, SS, Rockwall-Heath HS (Texas)
Williams is coveted by the Mets who will have their choice of how they want to get creative with two picks. Williams is also in play immediately following this pick in the teens.

15. San Diego Padres | Dylan Lesko, RHP, Buford HS (Ga.)
The Padres love their upside preps and they like to get weird with their picks, we don’t think AJ Preller is scared of Lesko’s injury but other preps are in play here.

16. Cleveland Guardians | Cooper Hjerpe, LHP, Oregon State
The Guardians are known to like Jett Williams. Other names in play here include Chase DeLauter and Gabriel Hughes.

17. Philadelphia Phillies | Brock Porter, RHP, Orchard Lake St. Mary's (Mich.)
The Phillies have a preference for arms and would make it three straight drafts with Porter. Other names attached here include Brandon Barriera and Kumar Rocker.

18. Cincinnati Reds | Brandon Barriera, LHP, American Heritage HS (Fla.)
The Reds have a flexible bonus pool to spend and would hop on the prep train here with Barriera. They also would think hard about Jace Jung and other falling college bats.

19. Oakland Athletics | Jace Jung, 2B, Texas Tech
The Athletics are known to covet college bats and they’d get the falling Jung here. Jung has homes all over the teens and later, where exactly he lands seems to be still up in the air. Watch for Dylan Beavers here as there’s been heavy smoke for over a month.

20. Atlanta Braves | Gabriel Hughes, RHP, Gonzaga
The Braves love college pitching with this pick and take Hughes. This could be Cade Horton’s floor and look for other names like Justin Campbell.

21. Seattle Mariners | Drew Gilbert, OF, Tennessee
This is potentially Cooper Hjerpe’s floor, they’ve also been linked to a handful of college bats including Gilbert.

22. St. Louis Cardinals | Chase DeLauter, OF, James Madison
The Cardinals would also be interested in Hjerpe or Jett Williams if he falls. Tucker Toman begins to be in play here but they also like Chase DeLauter.

23. Toronto Blue Jays | Jordan Beck, OF, Tennessee
Another team often mentioned with Hjerpe, SEC bats are in play such as Spencer Jones and Sterlin Thompson.

24. Boston Red Sox | Kumar Rocker, RHP, Tri-City Valley Cats
Kumar’s home seems to be all over the board but the link to Boston has been there. The usual suspect of college bats are in this range as well.

25. New York Yankees | Spencer Jones, OF, Vanderbilt
The Yankees have been linked to college bats and have been heavily linked to Spencer Jones as well as Florida outfielder Sterlin Thompson.

26. Chicago White Sox | Dalton Rushing, C, Louisville
The White Sox have tied to college bats, with Rushing being a popular name as of late. Tucker Toman also gets mentioned here as do falling college bats.

27. Milwaukee Brewers | Dylan Beavers, OF, Cal
This is probably Chase DeLauter’s floor but Milwaukee once again has been heavily linked to college with college bats being the preference.

28. Houston Astros | Peyton Graham, SS, Oklahoma
We’ve heard the Astros heavily linked to Graham especially towards the end of the season but they’ve also been known to covet Eric Brown from Coastal Carolina.

29. Tampa Bay Rays | Sterlin Thompson, OF/2B, Florida
We’ve heard Tampa with college bats such as Jacob Melton or Brock Jones potentially but we’ve also heard them with falling prep arms if the price is right.

30. San Francisco Giants | Daniel Susac, C, Arizona
Susac is a notable faller in this instance and likely a value pick for the Giants. We’ve also heard them with Eric Brown and other collegiate bats.