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Showcase  | Story  | 7/20/2022

PG Tech App Speeds Up Exit Velo Gains

Blake Dowson     
Photo: Perfect Game
Parker Loew, a 2026 grad from Sarasota, Fla., attended the 14u Sunshine East Showcase in late May, where his baseline metrics were measured in the PG Tech Cage. That data was uploaded onto the PG Tech app, where a personalized training plan was developed for Loew based on the weak links in his swing, which happened to be his hands.

Loew got to work on the prescribed drills in the app, and within the four weeks he trained, he saw his max exit velocity jump from 89 mph at the Sunshine East to 93 mph during his workout sessions.

“In the past, it would take me a while to gain [exit velocity] while just staying steady with a certain velo for a while,” Loew said. “But I had some pretty good gains using the [PG Tech] app…It was awesome to be able to see what the weak points in your swing are.”

The gains Loew experienced are typical for athletes training with the PG Tech app. On average, athletes see a gain of +3 mph on their exit velocity over four weeks of using the app, a jump in exit velo that usually takes up to six months using more traditional training methods.

Getting your data measured in the PG Tech Cage and diving into a personalized training plan on the PG Tech app is the most efficient way to train and maximize your exit velocity quickly. The PG Tech Cage, available at every PG showcase, measures how fast you move each body segment in your swing using 3D motion capture. The data then spots the weak link in your swing by comparing your body speeds to players with a similar build and calculating percentiles for each body segment.

That’s the point in the process where Loew found out his hands needed work, and started in on one-handed bat drills, which his personalized plan suggested.

“The drills were made to make my weaknesses stronger,” Loew said. “Doing them over time, they got easier, and I got stronger because of doing them…It’s all laid out for you and easy to see the drills that are there for you to do.”

Now Loew is looking forward to getting back into the PG Tech Cage at the 14u National Showcase in West Palm Beach later this month to officially show off his exit velocity gains. With the newfound knowledge of his swing and the drills to speed up his hands in his back pocket, the data measured at 14u National will tell the tale of a quicker swing that produces consistently higher exit velos.

“To be able to see the improvement on [my PG profile] and to really see it on paper, is really nice,” Loew said.

For more information on PG Tech and the PG Tech app, please visit pgtech.com.