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General  | General  | 6/17/2022

Dominican Republic Rankings: 2023 Eligible

Photo: Perfect Game
Perfect Game’s international department continues to grow in terms of both coverage of the game’s elite prospects as well as events expanding to other countries. PG has continued to make waves in the Dominican Republic after numerous successful events in the country which is a bastion of baseball talent. Just earlier this month Perfect Game announced their partnership with La Agencia alongside Joel Araujo to form a strategic alliance to help provide enhanced competition and scouting services to elite baseball players across Latin America. With the help of La Agencia and the PG International Scouting Committee, which includes Zach Graefser, Bill Bavasi and Bob Fontaine, Perfect Game has released the initial top prospects for the 2023 International class from the Dominican Republic.

The top player for the class is shortstop Fernando Cruz, an alumnus of the Florida Top Prospect Games at the University of Miami back in 2019. Players on this list and those who look to be included will be able to show off their talents to Perfect Game scouts very soon at the Summer Dominican Republic Showcase coming up at the end of the month in San Pedro De Macoris from June 27th-29th. Links to the event page to request an invite for the event will be below.

Questions about an event? Comments about the rankings? Want to recommend a prospect?
Contact Vice President of International Development Ben Ford via his email, benford@perfectgame.org. 

2022 Summer Dominican Republic Showcase | June 27-29 | San Pedro De Macoris, DR

Fernando Cruz, Shortstop
Cruz is came to a Perfect Game Top Prospect Showcase in the summer of 2019 and impressed with his advanced footwork and hands on defense, showing top end young actions during the event. He had a compact and accurate swing that helped barrel line drives all over the field. Now at 5-foot-11, 160 pounds, the strength is starting to show up for Cruz. The instincts defensively, along with the real actions, give him a chance to be a plus defender at shortstop. The right-handed swing is still compact and accurate but the added strength help project a high-end hit/power profile. 

2. Leodalis De Vries, Shortstop
De Vries a really exciting young shortstop with a great first step that lead to range to both sides. The glove and transfer skills really stand out and at 5-foot-11, 155 pounds, he has plenty of room to fill out and lead to any offensive profile he chooses. With the fluidity in his movements, you could see him as a switch-hitting, top of the order threat or he can bulk and be a real run producer in the middle. The sky is the limit! 

3. Bralyn Brazoban, Outfield
Brazoban has a smooth left-handed stroke with a ton of whip through contact which should lead to easy loft power as his 6-foot-1, 155-pound frame begins to fills out. The young outfield prospect is already showing hitterish qualities and the power is on the horizon. If everything clicks, which all signs point to it, this is a player that could be ab absolute monster on both sides of the ball. 

4. Joswa Lugo, Shortstop
Lugo is a high-waisted shortstop prospect with some of the better power upside observed. The 6-foot-2, 165-pound frame can hold a ton of strength and when the physical maturity really begins to happen he should be a true middle of the order threat with run saving ability on the left side for years to come. 

5. Adolfo Sanchez, Outfield
Sanchez is a twitchy outfielder and get the most out of his 6-foot, 165-pound frame in terms of pure bat speed. The hands are extremely quick and they explode to the point of contact. He has such a short stroke and very little room for error, giving him one of the best chances to hit early in his pro career. The hit/run profile should lead to true disrupting ability. 

6. Dawell Joseph, Shortstop
Joseph hasn’t begun to fill out his 6-foot 155-pound frame just yet but already seems to brake with the front side allowing his hands to really accelerate the barrel through contact extremely well. The heavy hands lead to a ton of jump off the bat that should lead to good power down the road. He is a slick fielder with great catch and release skills to go along with a very good arm. 

7. Victor Hurtado, Outfield
Hurtado is a long limbed and slender prospect at 6-foot-3, 170 pounds with monstrous physical projection remaining. For how lean body type is, the left-handed hitter can impressively torque the barrel and hold angles to create violent bat speed when he launches. How accurate he can be with the barrel with that bat speed will ultimately decide the potential as he develops. 

8. Andres "Junior" Arias, Outfield
Arias can flick the barrel through the zone like few others can do. There is so much whip when the wrists let the barrel go and it leads to extreme back spin and carry. Given the swing mechanics and the 6-foot-3, 170-pound frame, the power projection is immense. He is s fluid mover with good arm strength so there is no reason he couldn’t play any outfield position as he develops. 

9. Emil Morales, Shortstop
Morales has explosive hips and it leads to easy above-average bat speed which will only get better moving forward. The body at 6-foot-3, 180 pounds could hold massive strength and if it fills like it should, the power could develop into a top-of-the-scale type grade. He has all the tools to stay on the dirt and the body could determine the long-term position on the left side. 

10. Belfy Rivera, Outfield
Rivera gets the pump from his effortless left-handed stoke at the dish and though it's geared for gap-to-gap line drives right now, the 6-foot-1, 165-pound outfielder will fill out and the strength should portend a ton of future power. The game just seems really easy on both sides for the young slugger. 

Top 35 Ranking for 2023 Signing Class

Rank Name B/T Pos Height Weight City Trainer
1 Fernando Cruz R/R SS 5'11 160 Santo Domingo Jaime Ramos
2 Leodalis De Vries S/R SS 5'11 155 Azua Pimental
3 Bralyn Brazoban L/L OF 6'1 155 Santo Domingo Norte Ysbel Medina
4 Joswa Lugo R/R SS 6'2 165 Bani Jaime Ramos
5 Adolfo Sanchez L/L OF 6' 165 Santo Domingo Pimental
6 Dawell Joseph R/R SS 6'2 155 La Romana El Niche BB Academy
7 Victor Hurtado L/L OF 6'3 170 Santo Domingo Jaime Ramos
8 Andres "Junior" Arias R/R OF 6'3 170 San Cristobal Jaime Ramos
9 Emil Morales R/R SS 6'3 180 Santiago Jaime Ramos
10 Belfy Rivera L/L OF 6'1 165 Santo Domingo JC Academy
11 Jalvin Arias R/R OF 6'3 165 San Cristobal El Niche BB Academy
12 Adriel Rodney R/R OF 6'2 150 Santo Domingo JD Ozuna
13 Raymel Ortiz S/R SS 6'1 165 Barahona Nube
14 Jeremy Denaud  R/R OF 6'2 185 Santo Domingo Javier Rodriguez BB Academy
15 Jesus Made S/R SS 5'11 150 Palenque Cachaza 
16 Edgar Montero L/R SS 6' 155 Azua Javier Rodriguez BB Academy
17 Naibel Mariano R/R IF 6'2 166 Haina Charly Nova
18 Daibel De los Santos R/R IF 6'1 165 Nigua Academia Dionicio
19 Leonardo Pineda R/R OF 5'11 170 Barahona Serra's cubbies
20 Junior Thermil R/R OF 6'1 170 Santo Domingo Felix Francisco
21 Angel Feliz  L/R SS 6'1 170 Santo Domingo Banana
22 Vladimir Asencio R/R OF 5'10 160 Santo Domingo Mejia Top 10
23 Edwin Lantigua R/R OF 6'3 165 Moca El Niche BB Academy
24 Stiven Martinez R/R OF 6'2 172 Santo Domingo Adoni
25 Juan Espinal  R/R OF 6'1 190 Santo Domingo Papiro
26 Jonathan Moya  R/R OF 5'11 175 San Cristobal Cachaza
27 Oliver Tejada  R/R OF 6' 165 Santo Domingo ANIB BB Academy
28 Sebastian Perez R/R RHP 6'3 140 Santo Domingo Lucas
29 Emilio Sanchez L/R IF 6' 160 San Juan El Bauty
30 Guillermo Batista S/R SS 5'10 164 Santo Domingo Robinson Ramos
31 Eduardo Beltre R/R OF 6' 165 Santo Domingo DPT
32 Alexander Revit R/R 3B 6'2 200 Santiago Chupa
33 Romer Taveras L/L OF 5'11 160 Santo Domingo Sandy Nin
34 Branelli Franco R/R RHP 6'3 170 San Cristobal Cachaza
35 Ashly Andujar S/R SS 6' 150 Santo Domingo Chal BB Academy