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Tournaments | Story | 9/24/2021

Sophomore World Scout Notes: Day 1

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Photo: Fabio Peralta (Perfect Game)
Kayson Cunningham (2025, San Antonio, Texas) did exactly what we have become accustomed to seeing out of him thus far in his young career in finding the barrel multiple times to open the tournament. Although only one went for a hit, it was the ability to manipulate the barrel and drive the ball from multiple parts of the zone that stood out once again. He does an especially good job of hitting from the bottom of the zone as he drops the bat head well and on time to get to it all while maintaining the good bat speed and extension through impact that he generates. While the bat always seems to stand out, he had the chance to impress from shortstop today when he made a hard-charging play where he transferred low and on time on a slow roller behind the mound and made a strong throw across from a low slot. The combination of barrel skills and athleticism up the middle should be a strong draw to college recruiters now.

Will St.Onge (2024, Sarasota, Fla.) has had a solid year to date in what he has shown in extended innings on the mound and his outing here to open the sophomore level event was more of the same as he missed some bats, competed well and showed solid upside for what is to come down the round. He worked into the mid-80s with the fastball, which he has done often and peaked even higher, with his typical sinking life to it at times. It’s a quick and athletic delivery with lots of arm speed as he gets downhill working hard over his front side and when he’s commanding in the bottom part of the zone it’s difficult to hit. The changeup is his more go-to secondary as he gets great late tumble on it in the low-70s while he’s got the feel to spin a bigger curveball, but it will have to come along a bit to be a true go-to breaking ball offering.

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