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Tournaments | Story | 7/16/2019

NE Championship Scout Notes

Andrew Snyder        
Photo: Christian Moore (Perfect Game)

James Vaughn
(2020, New York, N.Y.) of Team Beast 2020 Gibson showed off promising potential before exiting in the third inning due to an injury. The 6-foot-5, 200-pound righty threw 2 2/3 innings without allowing an earned run. The large righty throws a hard two-seam and four-seam fastball that flashed great life. His two-seam showed some late sink and his four-seam had some cutting action moving away from righthanded hitters. His fastball sat 85-87 and Vaughn showed an impressive three-pitch mix on the mound, throwing a hard slider at 77-79 and a 11-to-5 curve at 74 mph. Ranked in the top 500 for the 2020 class, Vaughn showed a lot of potential to perform at the next level.

Nicholas Papageorge (2020, Old Westbury N.Y.) had himself a strong first day for Team Beast 2020 Gibson. The 6-foot-3, 206-pound power-hitting third basemen collected four hits in his first two games. A big-bodied hitter with a strong upper half, Papageorge’s smooth, effortless swing showed great extension through the ball, making hard contact consistently. A two-run line drive homerun to left-center, followed by an RBI double to center along with two hard singles showcased a great approach at the plate for Papageorge. His body stays quiet and fluid through contact, and Papageorge stays to the middle of the field extremely well. A potential middle-of-the-order-hitter, Papageorge has exceptional hitting skills that should play at the next level.

Jose Almonte (2020, Brooklyn N.Y.) tossed five shutout innings on Friday for Team Beast 2020 Gibson, giving up only one hit while striking out five. The 5-foot-9, 160-pound righty has excellent tempo on the mound, sitting in the mid 80’s and topped out at 86 with the fastball. He throws a solid 11-to-5 curve sitting at 70mph with plenty of movement and break. His curveball is thrown out of the same arm angle as his fastball, giving the pitch advanced deception. Almonte has great life on his fastball and mixes the hold on his leg kick in his delivery to disrupt hitters’ timing. He mixed in his curve a lot during the outing, as it was by far his most effective pitch. Almonte has great command of both pitches and shows the ability to compete at the next level.

Michael Dimartino (2020, New Hyde Park, N.Y.) was first on the mound for MVP Beast on Friday morning. The 6-foot-2, 195-pound righthander had electric stuff on the hill, sitting 84-88 with his fastball. His FB had slight cutting action away from righties, making it difficult to square up. He was very effective in his brief stint, getting hitters to chase consistently. Dimartino was fastball heavy, not throwing any off-speed during the outing. He tossed 3 2/3 no-hit innings without giving up a hitting, showing great command during the outing. Dimartino threw 45 pitches and did not walk a batter, striking out seven of the 11 batters he faced. The hard-throwing righty showed off a lot of maturity as a pitcher and is someone to keep an eye on for the future.

Kyle Allen (2020, Middle Island N.Y.) had a terrific outing for Team Steel Diamonds. The 6-foot 185-pound righty threw six shutout innings, allowing only one hit while striking out 11. Allen stands tall on the mound, possessing a big lower half that allows him to throw downhill effectively. He throws his fastball at 82-85, mixing in a hard slider at 70 and a slow 11-to-5 curve at 66 mph. Allen was very efficient through his six innings of work, displaying great command. He walked only two and was impressive in his ability to create weak contact. His fastball produced a large amount of swings and misses, and Allen has projectability to offer as he gains mound experience and athleticism is added to his delivery.

Jack Scardino (2020, East Setauket N.Y.) was dominant on the mound Friday morning for Tri State Arsenal New York. The 5-foot-7, 120-pound righty hurled six strong innings, scattering two hits while striking out nine. His fastball in the mid- to upper-70s, his top velocity being 79 on the day. He also mixed in an occasional tight-spinning 11-to-5 curve at 62-64 mph. He collected all nine strikeouts on his fastball, with excellent two-strike location. He was able to get hitters to chase early in the count, allowing him to trust his stuff. Scardino has all the tools and instincts to make a jump up to the next level with a little bit of polish and experience.

Daniel Kelleher (2020, Rockville N.Y.) of Tri-State Arsenal New York went the distance on the hill Friday afternoon. The 6-foot-4, 215-pound righty tossed a shutout, allowing only three hits while striking out seven. Kelleher has a strong lower half and easy velocity, his fastball sitting 82-85 the whole game, touching 86 on his last pitch. He also mixed in a quality 11-to-5 curveball that sat 75-77 with tight spin. He had great command of both pitches during the outing, as he did not walk a batter. He repeated his delivery well and was consistent with his velocity throughout the day. Kelleher showed next level stuff and should develop into a quality pitcher at the next level.

Vincent Pagano (2020, Commack N.Y.) continued his big weekend at the plate for Team Beast 2020 Gibson. The 5-foot-10, 185-pound well-built first baseman drilled another two-run home run to left center to help his team to a 12-0 victory over the Northeast Monarchs. Pagano is a big body and has a strong upper half. He has a big leg kick that allows his lower half to get through the zone quickly. He’s got a big swing and is aggressive at the plate, trying to do damage with each swing. The ball jumps off the bat and leaves the ballpark very quickly. He was an extra-base hit machine going 5-for-6 early on the weekend with three home runs and a double. Pagano is a middle-of-the-order hitter who has exceptional power and has shown he can be an offensive threat at the next level.

James Myler (2020, Middle Island N.Y.) had himself a big day the plate on Saturday for Team Beast Gibson. Standing in at 6-foot-3 190-pounds, Myler is a tall, lanky kid who has long arms that create good extension through the ball. He flashed good speed on the bases as he had an inside-the-park home that landed over the right fielder’s head. His calm, smooth approach at the plate allows him to hit the ball where its pitched with ease. His swing is very fluid and direct to the ball as well. Myler went 4 for 7 this weekend and has shown that he can hit both off-speed and fastballs for extra bases. Myler has produced well in at the bottom of the order and has a lot of potential to improve.

Prime Time Aces have a great pitcher in Shane Tucker (2020, Alexandria Va.). The 5-foot-11, 176-pound righty pitched four innings, allowing only one hit while striking out five. His fastball is thrown very hard, sitting 84-86 and topping at 89 with limited movement. His off-speed pitches are very effective, as his slider sits in the low- to mid-70s with late break. He also mixes in a slow breaking 12-to-6 curve sitting at 63. Tucker does a good job hiding the ball, and the ball comes out of his hand quickly with short arm action. He uses his hard fastball to get ahead early in the count, mixing in the deceptive slider to put away hitters with two strikes. He throws his off-speed out of the same arm angle as his fastball with good command. Tucker shined in two outings this weekend, standing out as one of the most mature and developed pitchers for his age group.

Kalvin Reinoso (2020, Brooklyn N.Y.) was first on the mound for Team Beast 2020 on Saturday. The 5-foot-9 160-pound righty threw three dominant innings on the mound, allowing no runs while striking out six. Reinoso throws his fastball with a lot run at 83-85, mixing in an occasional tight spinning 11-to-5 CB resting in the mid-60s with a ton of break. He relies on his fastball heavily and puts away hitters with his off-speed offerings. He has short arm action that creates some deception, throwing from the high three-quarters arm slot. Reinoso produced a lot of swing and misses, allowing one hit in his short outing. He has natural talent with polished mechanics, making him very projectable for the future.

Ryan Albin (2021, Southampton Pa.) of Zoom Baseball Academy-Black showed impressive stuff on the mound before leaving due to an injury. The 5-foot-11, 160-pound southpaw showed a solid fastball/curveball mix. His fastball sat 80-83 with good sink, and he showed he could pitch to both sides of the plate with ease. Albin mixed in a hard slurve type at 70mph with excellent movement. Albin stands tall on the mound and is lanky with long arms, throwing across his body from a high three-quarters arm slot. He has fluid mechanics on the mound and uses his strong legs to pitch down the mound. Albin showed a lot of potential in his short stint on the mound and is someone to keep an eye on for the future.

Johnny Catuosco (2021, Commack N.Y.) fired five strong innings of one-run ball to lead Team Steel Diamond to a 6-2 victory on Saturday afternoon. The 5-foot-10, 140-pound lefty was around the zone the entire outing, throwing 68 percent of his pitches for strikes. He struck out five and was very pitch efficient as he only threw 76 pitches in his five nnings of work. Catuosco throws a two-seam fastball, sitting 76-80 with good sink and producing a lot of swing and misses. He also threw a slow 12-to-6 curveball with a ton of break that he used at any point in the count. He uses a lot of his upper body and relies on natural arm strength in his delivery. With more use of his lower half he should increase his velocity and should become an excellent arm in the future given added experience.

Devin Rivera (2020, Valley Cottage N.Y.) was first on the mound in the Championship game for MVP Beast. The 6-foot-1, 185-pound righthander fired four shutout innings, allowing only one hit while striking out six. Rivera’s fastball sat 85-87 with tons of sink along with a hard 11-to-5 curveball that had late movement, sitting at 75 mph. Rivera is a Villanova commit who is ranked in the top 500 for the class of 2020. Rivera tends to overthrow at times and as a result was behind in the count to most of his batters. However, he rebounded each time and only walked one batter. Rivera has a live arm and has excellent mound presence for his age. His high velocity and next level movement gives him the potential to be a star at the next level.

Christian Moore (2021, Brooklyn N.Y.) of MVP Beast had himself an impressive day at the plate to lead his team in the championship on Sunday. The 6-foot-1, 195-pound shortstop is well built, has a short stride, and is direct to the ball. He had a triple in the right-center gap along with double down the left field line that scored a run. Moore, ranked 17th overall for the class of 2021, is an athletic presence at shortstop and has exceptional bat speed and power. He also has a ton of speed on the bases, turning many singles into extra bases. Moore is a Tennessee commit and is the No. 1-ranked shortstop in New York. He is a middle-of-the-order threat who has multiple tools to be a solid player in the future.

Ziv Garr (2020, Plainview N.Y.) of MVP Beast shined on the mound in the semi-finals on Sunday. The 5-foot-11, 165-pound righty threw a complete game shutout while striking out 10 against Team Steel Diamonds. Gar has a commanding presence on the mound with a short fluid windup and outstanding control. He is a fastball/curveball pitcher with great command of both pitches, throwing 72 percent of his pitches for strikes. His fastball sits in the low-80s, topping out at 85. He also throws a sweeping curveball at 72 with tight spin and 11-to-5 break. His curve is thrown in any count, as he uses it to keep hitters off balance and create soft contact. He has all the skills to be a top of the rotation starter at the next level.

Jack Greco (2020, Greenlawn N.Y.) of Tri State Arsenal showed off some potential both at the plate and on the mound Sunday in the semifinal round. The 6-foot, 170-pound outfielder hit a long solo home run that was ultimately the deciding run, showing impressive strength at the dish. Greco also started the game on the mound, firing four innings of one-run ball. He sat 82-85 with his fastball and threw a slow-breaking 11-to-5 CB that rested in the low-60s. Greco, a middle-of-the-order hitter, had two home runs this weekend and was one of the standout players in his age group.

Anthony Foti (2020, Commack N.Y.) of the Hitters Club showed off his power early on Sunday as he launched a two-run home run to left. The 6-foot-1, 180-pound outfielder stands tall in the box and has a high leg kick that allows him to generate lift at the plate. Foti had a strong weekend, collecting six hits, including two doubles. He is a middle-of-the-order hitter that has patience at the plate and is very selective. Foti has raw power that should help him at the next level.

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