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Tournaments | Story | 6/5/2019

PG-EC Invite: Day 3 Scout Notes

Greg Gerard         Jacob Martin         Brian Treadway         Colton Olinger         Jacob Jordan         Drew Wesolowski        
Photo: Jackson Phipps (Perfect Game)

Miles Garrett (2020, Stone Mountain, Ga.) took the ball for the East Cobb Astros on Tuesday morning and was dominant from start to finish. The Vanderbilt commit worked his fastball up to 91 mph with an extremely quick arm action and a pair of sharp breaking balls. The curveball was the go-to as the slider was only shown once, but the mid-70s curveball showed plenty of sharpness and made for multiple uncomfortable at-bats. The fastball is mostly straight, but he showed ability to locate it to either side of the plate getting ahead in counts before breaking off a curveball for swings-and-misses. His Astros team won the game via run rule allowing him to pitch a complete game shutout. His delivery has present effort as he releases with intent out in front, but the arm stroke is plenty clean enough and works well through the back to produce consistent upper-80s bolts.

Zander Sechrist (2020, Buford, Ga.) carried a no-hitter with him into the fifth inning and had outstanding movement on all of his pitches. The lefthander, who is committed to Tennessee, featured a fastball that was not going to blow hitters away up to 86 mph early on in the contest but the movement of his ball is what made him special in Tuesday’s action. He worked off of his fastball that features above-average life while mixing in a changeup and a slider as well. The ball comes from a long arm stroke and a deceptive three-quarter arm angle out of Sechrist’s hand creating a tough angle on hitters. The three-pitch mix is highlighted by the life on his fastball as well as the feel for his changeup varying speeds extremely well to keep opposing batters off balance. His slider flashed sharpness but it was the fastball, changeup combination that made him so effective in this contest in particular. 

Georgia commit Max DeJong (2020, Powder Springs, Ga.) entered the game out of the bullpen in a tight contest between DRB and NBS. DeJong pitched really well, filling up the zone to both sides with a fastball and curveball combination. Coming from an over the top arm slot and creating a steep plane, the righthander from Georgia was able locate the fastball to either side of the plate well and get multiple swings and misses on the heater. The pitch sat 86-88 mph while bumping 89 mph once as well. His outing was really dominant as he kept the game within one run firing a pair of perfect innings and striking out three. 

Former 14U PG Select Festival participant  Hank Bearden (2020, Rocky Face, Ga.) was another relief pitcher in the morning time slot at East Cobb who shows plenty of promise on the bump. Bearden ran his fastball up to 89 mph while sitting in the upper-80s throughout. Bearden throws from a long arm action high three-quarters arm slot. His fastball is pretty straight and is thrown with plenty intent, but misses barrels as it did in this relief appearance. He has a feel to spin his slider that displays plenty of late biting action in the upper-70s. The breaking ball is a nice pitch for him as he is able to throw it with confidence at miss bats with it. 

Robert Moore (2020, Leawood, Kan.) showed again why he is one of the top defenders in the 2020 class at shortstop. Moore is just a high energy player with an elite glove and outstanding footwork. There is plenty of quick-twitch to his game both present in his swing and as well as his overall motor in all aspects of his game. The switch hitter did not get a hit in this one while showcasing swings from both sides of the plate, but he did present a quick and clean swing from both the left and right sides. 

From the same city in Kansas as his Royals Scout Team teammate Moore,  Stone Hewlett (2020, Leawood, Kan.) was the starting pitcher in a game that saw the Royals not allow a run. Hewlett was outstanding, especially early, running his fastball up to 87 mph from his left arm and being able to locate the heater to either side of the plate. He offered a three-pitch mix that was outstanding in keeping hitters off balance and producing swings and misses. The changeup appeared to be the slightly better offspeed pitch for him, but his curveball was certainly a weapon as well. The changeup shows tumbling action and the curveball has plenty of depth each working into the upper-70s. The operation of Hewlett’s delivery is really simple with a clean and working arm stroke from a stretch only delivery. 

Caden Wilson (2020, Kansas City, Mo.) is certainly a name to follow in the 2020 MLB Draft class from the state of Missouri. The Missouri State commit is an extra-large framed righthander with a compact arm action that really works and plenty of arm strength on the hill. He may have only pitched one inning while earning a save for the Royals Scout Team, but the righthander can produce big velocity on his fastball. The pitch sat 89-93 mph from the windup and did settle into an 87-89 mph velocity range from the stretch. The curveball is an average pitch but does work off of his fastball well while showing plenty of potential moving forward. It is a high effort delivery but with a strong lower half and clean hip turn allowing for the arm to come through into his release, Wilson is able to generate low-90s velocity and work around the strike zone as he did in this one to earn a save. 

-Gregory Gerard

Cameron Foster (2020, Douglasville, Ga.) is a projectable player with five-tool potential. The 6-foot-3, 195-pound shortstop has a tall and strong frame that easily projects to the next level. In the field, he immediately looks like a player who other players should not hit the ball to. Starting with an instinctual first-step, he transitions into clean footwork, and smooth hands. His range is certainly above-average as he made a sliding stop behind second base and a backhanded play in the six-hole. When he gets to the ball, he eats it up, his hands are smooth and soft. Foster displays a strong throwing arm, but it takes a little longer than ideal for him to release the ball. He could easily transition to third base if necessary. The righthanded hitter starts with a slightly open stance, then he takes a small stride during his hand-load and generates good power from his base. His swing path is level but he gets good carry on the ball from the upward extension in his backswing. His quick hands give him the ability to spray the ball to all fields. He hit a hard line drive that was snagged by the second baseman and a double that nearly cleared the left field wall. The uncommitted shortstop is a projectable talent in all aspects of the game. 

South Alabama commit  Harrison Ware (2020, Birmingham, Ala.) showed a unique skill set while donning the Excel Blue Wave uniform. The 5-foot-11, 190-pound catcher has a medium frame with an athletic build. The lefthanded hitter starts with a really wide stance and high hands. The timing mechanism with his lead leg is a gentle step up and then right back down to its original position. His swing is short and simple. He produces fairly well-hit line drives and ground balls, rarely ever elevating the ball with power. Upon viewing his first at-bat, he clearly sees the ball incredibly well. Taking lots of pitches and rarely ever chasing pitches outside of the zone, he saw 16 pitches throughout three plate appearances. He deservingly hits out of the leadoff position. Behind the dish, Ware received pitches really well. He framed the edges regularly with ease. He did not make any throws to bases during the game but he displayed quick feet and athleticism behind the plate and on the bases. 

Drew Hansel (2020, Ballwin, Mo.) showed a medium frame with a moderately strong build and room to fill out further. The righthanded hitting catcher starts with a slightly wide batting stance and takes a small stride-step forward as a timing mechanism. He employs an opposite-field approach as his barrel intentional lags through the zone behind his hands. He is a line drive hitter with room in his frame to develop power. Hansel communicates well with his pitcher and gives positive affirmation after effective pitches. He receives and frames pitches well and has impressive blocking abilities. He possesses natural arm strength. 

-Jake Martin

Parks Harber (2020 Atlanta, Ga.) took over the first base duties for 643 DP Cougars 17U and produced at the three-spot in the lineup for the win. The Georgia commit has a good frame standing at 6-foot-4 and weighing 205 pounds. He seems relaxed at the plate. The righthander rests the bat on his right shoulder and barely lifts it up as the pitcher is delivering the ball. As the pitch comes in, he takes a big stride with his left foot. He transfers his weight well and good hip rotation as he really drives the ball when he makes contact. He has good discipline, not swinging at anything out of the strike zone. He carries a good two strike approach, fouling off anything he can’t do much with until a pitch comes that he can really drive. On the bases, he carries average speed but has a good read of the pitcher and is able to get good jumps to steal a base. 

Daniel Crabtree (2020 Marietta, Ga.) was the starting pitcher for 643 DP Cougars 17U. Crabtree is a good athlete and can easily make plays around the mound with quick reflexes and a delivery that leaves him ready to field his position. His fastball isn’t too deceptive. There isn’t too much movement and the velocity is low- to mid-80s. The uncommitted pitcher does carry a breaking ball that looks more like a slurve when he throws it. He generated most of his swing and misses off of that pitch or a changeup that he dropped in. He looked very confident using his off-speed pitches in difficult situations. The Marietta native is 6-foot-1 and 170 pounds so he could add some more weight to his frame which will improve his velocity. 

Jackson Phipps (2020 Dallas, Ga.) came on in relief to close the game out for 643 DP Cougars 17U. Standing at 6-foot-5, he looked dominant on the mound and really knows how to use his body to generate velocity on his fastball. He throws a low-90s fastball and has a changeup that can really drop out and move away from righthanded batters. His breaking ball looks deadly to lefthanded batters as the pitch will start looking like it will hit the batter in the hip but break off into the inside of the plate at the last moment. From the stretch, Phipps loses some velocity and accuracy with his pitches. You can tell how the South Carolina commit is feeling on the mound from the body language he displays. 

-Brian Treadway

Jake Eddington (2020, Doniphan, Mo.) an Alabama commit and the No. 1 ranked player out of the state of Missouri in the 2020 class was able to go 5 1/3 innings while striking out six. With his lengthy 6-foot-3, 180-pound frame and three-quarters arm slot he creates good arm side run on his fastball that sat 87-89 and topped at 90 mph a handful of times. His secondary offering, a curveball, sat at 77-80 mph with quick sharp depth to it. His good feel for the curveball allowed him to use it in the zone as well as below the zone to create swings and misses. His arm action is smooth with a repeatable delivery, velocity will continue to come as he fills out and matures.

Calvert Clark (2022, Charlotte, N.C.) a primary outfielder displayed great athleticism in the outfield covering gap-to-gap while playing center field. At the plate he starts deep in his legs with a high hand set. His quiet hand load and toe tap create good separation while staying balanced. His hands and hips fire quick through the hitting zone with a high finish. He displayed good bat-to-ball skills extending at-bats and spoiling good pitches. His pull side power was also on full display when he crushed a three-run home run to deep left field. His power and speed will only increase with added strength to his long 6-foot-4, 175-pound frame. Projects well as an above average outfielder with gap-to-gap power at the plate.

Aeden Finateri (2021, Watertown, Conn.) a Boston College commit pounded the zone with his upper-80s fastball that topped out at 90 mph. The No. 1 ranked player in the 2021 class from Connecticut with a simple, repeatable delivery was able to utilize his strong lower half to create good drive down the mound. His quick high arm slot allows him to create good plane when working down in the zone. His ability to land his curveball for strikes allowed him to stay economical through his two innings while striking out four batters. The curveball has a hard 12-6 shape to it with the velocity sitting between 77 and 80 mph. He projects well moving forward with his smooth mechanics and feel for two good offerings as he continues to mature.

Termarr Johnson (2022, Atlanta, Ga.) a lefthanded hitting shortstop showed plenty of tools to like on day two of the Perfect Game-East Cobb 15U Invitational. At the plate his upright stance quickly translates into a smooth, quick, and powerful stroke that shows power to all fields. His quick hands and high finish to his swing allow him to create carry on the ball. The lower half is triggered by a high leg kick and explodes through the swing at contact. Defensively, Johnson displayed quiet hands working out front while receiving the ball. His feet work well through the fielding process and help get him on line through his throw. His arm is strong, but his quick transfer and release allow him to not have to rely on arm strength. He showed plenty of range throughout the game and made the last three out charging the ball and throwing on the run with ease.

-Colt Olinger

Nathan Smith (2021, Thomasville, Ga.) is a well-rounded catcher that showed savvy defensive skills and promise at the plate. The Tennessee commit sits low to the ground and is a good receiver. Soft hands and the ability to frame pitches sets Smith apart from other catchers his age. He flashed a quick pop and throw to second when attempting to pick off a runner at second, who had a big secondary lead, the throw was hard and accurate. At the plate, the righthanded batter showcased his quick hands and ability to get extended down through the zone, he went 1-for-2 on the day with a walk and run scored. With a 6-foot-1, 195-pound frame, Smith’s body is very projectable. As his strength increase so will the threat his already strong arm brings behind the plate.

Jared Jones (2022, Marietta, Ga.) made it all look easy Tuesday afternoon; going 2-for-3 with a double, home run, three RBIs, and two runs scored. The primary catcher generates extreme power and possesses huge potential. At a muscular 6-foot-4, 225 pounds, Jones’ body and skill level already look like that of a college athlete. The fact is, he’s 15 years old and has three more years to improve. In the box, the uncommitted prospect stands tall with his knees only slightly bent in a square stance. Jones starts his swing with his hands already back behind his head and begins a leg lift, he then plants his front leg while keep his weight back to maximize the torque he generates when fires his hips. The swing generates power and lift while being extremely clean.  

Dylan Lesko (2022, Buford, Ga.) is known nationally as a righthanded pitcher prospect out of Buford, Georgia. However, on Tuesday Lesko showed he can do way more than just pitch. The uncommitted prospect started at third base, going 3-for-3 with three RBIs. Offensively, Lesko utilizes a wide, slightly-open stance and starts with his bat on his shoulder; from there he brings the barrel down through the zone, getting full extension. Hitting three solid line drives, Lesko stayed within himself at the plate and was patient. The 6-foot-3, 170-pounder also flashed speed on the base paths and a more than capable glove at third. He plays strong, sound defense and it goes without saying the arm strength plays extremely well in the infield. 

Austin Tienda (2020, Canton, Ga.) had a strong performance Tuesday, going 1-for-3 with a double, RBI, and run scored. The Georgia Tech commit got hard contact all game, but one finally fell with a hard line drive double that scored a run. A leg kick, hand load, and strong lower half that Tienda uses well allows him to generate easy power. It doesn’t hurt that he gets his arms fully extended in his swing and keeps the barrel in the zone. Tienda flashed sound defense in left field with good speed and a strong arm. His body is projectable as well. At 6-foot-3, 180 pounds, there is plenty of potential in his lean athletic frame.

-Jacob Jordan

Keegan Rich (2020 Newnan, Ga.) flashed a bigger frame with a very strong build, mature for his age. The smooth swinging lefthanded hitter showed a big bat with some quick hands. He stayed compact and then got the barrel extended through the baseball. With high hands, he generated separation and then implemented a linear swing path. He crushed a double into the right-center gap that had an exit velo of 94 mph before crashing into the fence. With that extra-base hit, he helped lead his team to a win early in pool play. 

Jordan Bishop (2020 Pound, Va.) showcased a lanky frame with a lean build and room to fill out in the future. The big righthanded pitcher worked with a fluid motion and flashed confidence on the mound. With a longer arm action, he proved to be deceptive while mixing up pitches. His fastball sat in the low-80s topping out at 82 and a big 11-5 curveball in the upper-60s topping out at 68 and showing tight spin. He picked up the save for his team in the early stages of pool play while striking out one batter throwing 1 1/3 innings. 

Narada Monge (2019 Atlanta, Ga.) showed a lanky frame with a lean build and plenty of room to fill out. The lefthanded pitcher flashed a very fluid motion with easy velo. He had a longer arm action and worked downhill. He faced a tough line up in the Georgia Jackets and did a good job keeping them off balance. He filled up the lower half of the strike zone with three good pitches. His fastball got on hitters’ hands in a hurry, sitting at 84-86 and topping out at 87. His changeup was deceptive, as he did a good job keeping the same arm action, as it sat in the mid-70s with late life. His curveball consisted of a 11-5 to slurvy type movement in the mid-60s. Look for this Alabama State commit to continue to progress into his college years. 

Corey Collins (2020 Suwanee, Ga.) proved why he is continuing his reign as one of the top prospects in the state of Georgia for his class. He showed a large frame with a very mature build. With a free-and-easy swing at the plate, he drove the baseball to all fields with ease. He showed strong, quick hands while meeting the baseball out front. He creates some great separation and then lets it go with great bat speed. The Georgia commit knocked in two RBI as he helped his team pick up the win. 

-Drew Wesolowski

Chase Daniels (2020, Alpharetta, Ga.) is a 6-foot-4, 215-pound, right-handed pitcher from Alpharetta, Ga. The incoming senior at Milton High School in Milton, Ga, was impressive at KSU Marietta Campus this afternoon. Daniels took the ball for Georgia Bombers Baseball and was dominant racking up five strikeouts during his economically sound fifty pitch, four inning affair, on the way to collecting the win for his squad. Daniels is an extra-large framed, strong, athletic kid who appears to have reached his peak in the growth department but might still have some room to add muscle as he matures. Daniels pitches out of a full wind-up from the first base side of the rubber. He uses a quick, balanced, mechanically sound wind-up and delivery. He pitches all three of his pitches out of a ¾ arm slot and maintains the same window consistently which adds to his deception. Daniels’ repertoire consists of three pitches that produce a bunch of swing and miss results. He has a fastball (83-84, up to 86) with some run and dive in the zone, a curveball (67-68) which has good 12-6 movement with depth and bottom, and a changeup which he throws rather hard (79-80) with good fade and sell. He all shows good feel for the changeup which aided to his effectiveness. Daniels showed he can mix all three of his pitches well and fill up the strike zone keeping his opponents off balance and keeping the momentum on his side throughout his entire start. Currently ranked by Perfect Game as the 49th- best right-hander in the 2020 class and inside the top 200 in the state for his class Daniels will be an exciting prospect to watch as he heads into his senior season. Already someone who has been named to multiple All-Tournament team selections during his time at Perfect Game tournaments in the past, Daniels’ possesses the skill currently to make a difference at the next level. Only time will tell how far his righthander can go.

Andruw Jones (2022, Suwanee, Ga.)is a 6-foot-2, 175-pound, lanky and extremely athletic outfielder from Suwanee, Ga. An incoming sophomore at the Wesleyan School in Peachtree Corners, Ga., Jones has proven time and again that he can make a lot of positive contributions in all phases of the game. At the plate, Jones stands tall, with an open stance,and hishandsheld high at his helmet. He takes a small step inward, then another large step towards the pitcher which he uses for rhythm and timing. Lastly, he shows discipline, and the ability to keep his hands back a long time through hip fire generating a lot of torque with his upper and lower half. Jones went 3-for-4 at the plate this afternoon and demonstrated a good eye and very quick twitch actions in the box. He continually showed feel for the barrel and connected through the baseball with power resulting in a number of hard contact results. Speed is another tool that stands out when you watch Jones on the diamond. He moves well out of the box, down the line, as well as first to third which he showcased today legging out a triple in his third at-bat. He also has good awareness on the bases and was aggressive swiping two bags in the contest. Speed translates to the outfield where his actions are very easy and fluid. He showed the ability to get good jumps on the balls hit to him andhasa good glove with the ability to make all plays. Plenty of arm strength and accurateto bases as well. Overall, not a lot missing from his game even in the current state. Very high upside individual and Perfect Game has taken notice as he is currently ranked as the second-best outfielder in the state of Georgia for the 2022 class and fifth outfielder nationally in the class. Even more impressive is that he is ranked as the 12th overall prospect in the class, and if you saw him perform today you would have understood why. Exciting player to watch, will only get better.Has been named to a number of All-Tournament and Top Prospect Lists at PG events in the past as well.

Will Mahoney (2021, Marietta, Ga.)is a 5-foot-9, 160-pound, utility type ballplayer who really showed good actions and feel for the catcher position this afternoon for 643 DP Cougars 15u Montgomery. The incoming junior at Wheeler High School in his hometown, had a great day at the plate going 3-3 with a single, double, and triple, recording two-runs batted in, in the process. In the box, Mahoney uses a slightly open stance with hands near his ear. He uses a rather large step to square, and in the process really loads his weight to his backside. He showcased very quick hands and wrists that stay through the hitting zone, and inside the baseball with a lot of feel for the barrel which he made evident today. He showed the ability to make hard consistent, on-time contact to the gaps which really proved positive for his team, on their way to a victory. Behind the dish, Mahoney is a confident leader, who used constant communication with his battery-mate to stay on top of Excel Blue Sox hitters all game long. He remained a quiet receiver and looked very athletic behind the plate with good receiving skills. He showed the ability to block pitches in the dirt and make hard, strong throws to bases as well. A lot of upside here. A very good athlete and showed some speed which isn’t always present in a backstop as he was able to steal a base and move well down the line as well as first-to-third. High upside individual. Won’t be the last time you hear this kid’s name.

Avery Prichard (2022, Birmingham, Ala.)is a 5-foot-10, 160-pound, strong athletically built, corner-outfielder who showcased a lot of upside this afternoon while playing for Excel Blue Sox 15u. The 2022 grad fromBirmingham, Ala. (homeschooled), showed great feel for the barrel making hard contact during all three of his at-bats this afternoon on his way to a (2-for-3) afternoon. In the box, he shows some deep knee bend, uses an open stance and starts with his hands outside his pec. He uses both a consistent bat-waggle and a large leg kick for timing, and gets his front side down early giving himself plenty of time to load up and track pitches thrown his way. He demonstrated very positive barrel control, and feel, and used his quick hands and wrists to whip his bat through the zone making a number of hard contact on the day. A good athlete, Prichard moves well for his size and strength both out of the box and in the outfield. He covers a lot of ground and has a good glove which he showcased on a number of occasions this afternoon making a bunch of tough plays including one while crashing into the bullpen fence in foul territory down the right-field line. Played fearless and very hard.Dirtdogmentality and was fun to watch in all phases of the game. Tremendous up-side individual. Not a lot missing from his game currently. Has been named to an “All Tournament team” at a Perfect Game event in the past. It will not be his last.Fun to watch this kid play the game.

Ryan Todd (2020, Milton, Ga.) is a 6-foot-1, 185-pound, tremendously strong and athletically built center fielder from Cambridge High School in his hometown of Milton, Ga. Todd is already committed to play college baseball at the Naval Academy and is currently ranked by Perfect Game as the 32nd-best outfielder in the 2020 class inhis home state of Georgia and inside the top 200 overall.At the plate, Todd showcases a quick, short stroke with current power to the gaps and plenty of future power potential. He demonstrated good hand-eye coordination and feel for the barrel on his way to a 2-hit performance this afternoon. Todd moves really well for his size, and it translates to all facets of his game. He was able to cover ground all over centerfield and run down all plays hit his way with a good glove. Todd has a strong, accurate arm and a high baseball IQ which makes him a leader on the field for his team. Very high upside here. Plays the game hard and the right way. Has an exciting future ahead of him in the game.

-Matt Arietta

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