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Draft | State Preview | 5/22/2019

State Snapshots: South Central

Patrick Ebert         Perfect Game Staff        
Photo: Nick Lodolo (TCU Athletics)

Perfect Game 2019 MLB Draft Preview Index

South Atlantic
– FL, GA, NC, SC
Southeast – AL, KY, MS, TN
South Central – AR, LA, OK, TX
Mountain – AZ, CO, ID, MT, NV, NM, UT, WY
Pacific – AK, CA, HI, OR, WA
Great Plains – IA, KS, MO, NE, ND, SD
Great Lakes – IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, WI
Mid-Atlantic – DE, DC, MD, NJ, NY, PA, VA, WV
New England – CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT
Canada and Puerto Rico


Best College Team:
Best Junior College Team: North Arkansas
Best High School Team: Sheridan

Prospect on the Rise: Isaiah Campbell, rhp, Arkansas
Wild Card: Matt Cronin, lhp, Arkansas

Best Out-of-State Prospect, Arkansas Connection: Luke Bandy, of, Dallas Baptist
Top 2020 Prospect: Casey Martin, ss, Arkansas
Top 2021 Prospect: Braylon Bishop, of, Arkansas HS

Highest Draft Picks

Draft History:
Jeff King, 3b, Arkansas (1986, Pirates/1st round, 1st pick)

2014 Draft: Brian Anderson, 2b, Arkansas (Marlins/4th round)
2015 Draft: Andrew Benintendi, of, Arkansas (Red Sox/1st round, 7th pick)
2016 Draft: Zach Jackson, rhp, Arkansas (Blue Jays/3rd round)
2017 Draft: Tyler Zuber, rhp, Arkansas State (Royals/6th round)
2018 Draft: Blaine Knight, rhp, Arkansas (Orioles/3rd round)

2018 Draft Overview

College Players Drafted/Signed:
Junior College Players Drafted/Signed: 0/0
High School Players Drafted/Signed: 5/2

Prospects in the Top 610:

• Isaiah Campbell, RHP, Arkansas
• Matt Cronin, LHP, Arkansas
• Dominic Fletcher, OF, Arkansas
• Blake Adams, RHP, Har-Ber HS
• Jacob Kostyshock, RHP, Arkansas
• Chandler Fidel, LHP, Arkansas Little-Rock
• Zack Morris, LHP, Cabot HS


Best College Team:
Louisiana State
Best Junior College Team: LSU-Eunice
Best High School Team: Barbe

Prospect on the Rise:
Kody Hoese, 3b, Tulane
Wild Card: Cade Doughty, ss, Denham Springs HS

Best Out-of-State Prospect, Louisiana Connection:
 Haden Erbe, rhp, Seminole State College (Fla.)
Top 2020 Prospect: Daniel Cabrera, of, Louisiana State
Top 2021 Prospect: Cole Henry, rhp, Louisiana State

Highest Draft Picks

Draft History:
Danny Goodwin, c, Southern U. (1975, Angels/1st round, 1st pick); Ben McDonald, rhp, Louisiana State (1989, Orioles/1st round, 1st pick)

2014 Draft: Aaron Nola, rhp, Louisiana State (Phillies/1st round, 7th pick)
2015 Draft: Alex Bregman, ss, Louisiana State (Astros/1st round, 2nd pick)
2016 Draft: Jake Fraley, of, Louisiana State (Rays/2nd round)
2017 Draft: Alex Lange, rhp, Louisiana State (Cubs/1st round, 30th pick)
2018 Draft: Hogan Harris, lhp, Louisiana (Athletics/3rd round)

2018 Draft Overview

College Players Drafted/Signed:
Junior College Players Drafted/Signed: 0/0
High School Players Drafted/Signed: 3/1

Prospects in the Top 610:

• Kody Hoese, 3B, Tulane
• Josh Smith, SS, Louisiana State
• Zach Watson, OF, Louisiana State
• Cade Doughty, 3B, Denham Springs HS
• Zack Hess, RHP, Louisiana State
• Antoine Harris, RHP, Chalmette HS
• Todd Peterson, RHP, Louisiana State
• Andrew McDaniel, RHP, St. Thomas More HS
• Antoine Duplantis, OF, Louisiana State
• Cameron Meeks, RHP, Sam Houston HS
• Hayden Travinski, C, Airline HS
• Thomas Wilhite, RHP, West Ouachita HS
• Todd Lott, OF, Louisiana Lafayette
• Alex Milazzo, C, Zachary HS


Best College Team:
 Oklahoma State
Best Junior College TeamConnors State
Best High School Team: Blanchard

Prospect on the Rise: Bryce Osmond, rhp, Jenks HS
Wild Card: Jensen Elliott, rhp, Oklahoma State

Best Out-of-State Prospect, Oklahoma Connection: Brannon Jordan, rhp, Cowley College (Kan.)
Top 2020 Prospect: Cade Cavalli, rhp, Oklahoma
Top 2021 Prospect: Daxton Fulton, lhp, Mustang HS

Highest Draft Picks

Draft History:
Mike Moore, rhp, Oral Roberts (1981, Mariners/1st round, 1st pick)

2014 Draft: Gavin LaValley, 3b, Carl Albert HS (Reds/4th round)
2015 Draft: Anthony Hermelyn, c, Oklahoma (Astros/4th round)
2016 Draft: Alec Hansen, rhp, Oklahoma (White Sox/2nd round)
2017 Draft: Conner Uselton, of, Southmoore HS (Pirates/2nd round)
2018 Draft: Kyler Murray, of, Oklahoma (Athletics/1st round, 9th pick)

2018 Draft Overview

College Players Drafted/Signed:
Junior College Players Drafted/Signed: 3/1
High School Players Drafted/Signed: 1/1

Prospects in the Top 610:

• Bryce Osmond, RHP, Jenks HS
• Kale Davis, RHP, Westmoore HS
• Nathan Wiles, RHP, Oklahoma
• Jensen Elliott, RHP, Oklahoma State
• Spencer Henson, INF, Oral Roberts
• Jake Bennett, LHP, Bixby HS
• Sam Thompson, OF, Owasso HS
• Spencer Van Scoyoc, LHP, Central Oklahoma


Best College Team:
 Texas Tech
Best Junior College Team: McLennan
Best High School Team: Argyle

Prospect on the Rise: Josh Wolf, rhp, Bellaire HS
Wild Card: William Rigney, rhp, Midway HS

Best Out-of-State Prospect, Texas Connection:
 Justin Slaten, rhp, New Mexico
Top 2020 Prospect: Asa Lacy, lhp, Texas A&M
Top 2021 Prospect: Ty Madden, rhp, Texas

Highest Draft Picks

Draft History:
David Clyde, lhp, Westchester HS, Houston (1973, Rangers/1st round, 1st pick); Matt Anderson, rhp, Rice (1997, Tigers/1st round, 1st pick)

2014 Draft: Tyler Kolek, rhp, Shepherd HS (Marlins/1st round, 2nd pick)
2015 Draft: Trent Clark, of, Richland HS (Brewers/1st round, 15th pick)
2016 Draft: Forrest Whitley, rhp, Alamo Heights HS (Astros/1st round, 17th pick)
2017 Draft: Shane Baz, rhp, Concordia Lutheran HS (Pirates/1st round, 12th pick)
2018 Draft: Grayson Rodriguez, rhp, Central Heights HS (Orioles/1st round, 11th pick)

2018 Draft Overview

College Players Drafted/Signed:
Junior College Players Drafted/Signed: 15/8
High School Players Drafted/Signed: 24/10

Prospects in the Top 610:

• Bobby Witt Jr, SS, Colleyville Heritage HS
• Nick Lodolo, LHP, TCU
• Shea Langeliers, C, Baylor
• Jackson Rutledge, RHP, San Jacinto JC
• Josh Jung, 3B, Texas Tech
• Brett Baty, 3B, Lake Travis HS
• Josh Wolf, RHP, St. Thomas HS
• JJ Goss, RHP, Cypress Ranch HS
• John Doxakis, LHP, Texas A&M (55)
• Braden Shewmake, SS/3B, Texas A&M
• Matthew Thompson, RHP, Cypress Ranch HS
• Matt Canterino, RHP, Rice
• Jimmy Lewis, RHP, Lake Travis HS
• Davis Wendzel, INF, Baylor
• William Rigney, RHP, Midway HS
• Darell Hernaiz, SS, Americas HS
• Jared Southard, RHP, Rouse HS
• Brandon Williamson, LHP, TCU
• Connor Phillips, RHP, Magnolia West
• Sanson Faltine III, SS/RHP, William B. Travis HS
• Hudson Head, OF, Churchill HS
• Bodi Rascon, LHP, Decatur HS
• Luke Little, LHP, San Jacinto JC
• Jared Triolo, OF, Houston
• Caleb Kilian, RHP, Texas Tech
• Gabe Holt, 2B/OF, Texas Tech
• Armani Sanchez, SS, Reagan HS
• Peyton Miller, RHP, Tyler JC
• Logan Kohler, 3B, Little Elm HS
• David Hamilton, SS, Texas
• Jacob Meador, RHP, Centennial HS
• Logan Britt, OF, Colleyville Heritage HS
• Jake Guenther, 1B/OF, TCU
• John McMillon, RHP, Texas Tech
• Kasey Kalich, RHP, Texas A&M
• Dane Acker, RHP, San Jacinto JC
• Blair Henley, RHP, Texas
• MD Johnson, RHP, Dallas Baptist
• Bryant Salgado, RHP, San Jacinto JC
• Andre Duplantier, RHP, Summer Creek HS
• Cody Bradford, LHP, Baylor
• Charles King, RHP, TCU
• Joe Davis, 1B/DH, Houston
• Austin Plante, 1B, Lake Travis HS
• Hayden Wesneski, RHP, Sam Houston State
• Alex Isola, C, TCU
• Blake Mayfield, RHP, Marcus HS
• Devon Roedhal, RHP, Houston
• Bryce Ball, 1B, Dallas Baptist
• Mitchell Parker, LHP, San Jacinto JC
• Jaxon Williams, 2B, Texas State
• Josh Watson, OF, TCU
• Kyte McDonald, OF, Antonian Prep
• John Tyler 'JT' Mounce, OF, Cypress Christian HS
• Jake Eissler, RHP, TCU
• William Swope, 3B/RHP, The Woodlands HS
• Kadon Morton, OF, Seguin HS
• Jaylen Hubbard, 3B, Texas State
• Christian Ruebeck, RHP, Denison HS
• Trei Cruz, 2B, Rice
• Trent Brown, SS, Angelina HS
• Nick Mikolajchak, RHP, Sam Houston State
• Luke Bandy, OF, Dallas Baptist
• Evan Vanek, RHP, Heritage HS
• Chandler Freeman, 3B/RHP, Colleyville Heritage HS
• Nicholas Fraze, RHP, Texas State
• Herbert Iser, C/1B, Dallas Baptist

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