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14u Spring Kickoff Scout Notes

Marcus Wojtkowicz         Perfect Game Tournament Staff        
Photo: Dylan Cupp (Perfect Game)

Ashton Pass (2023, Smyrna, Ga.) is a switch hitter with a solid bat from the right side. He utilizes a quick bat at the plate and uses an all fields approach. His frame is young and still small with plenty of time to continue to fill out, but he already makes up for that size with in-game speed getting down the line and instincts on the basepaths. His actions are smooth at shortstop with quick and advanced footwork while his hands are always in low position to make the play.

Cason Engert (2023, Cumming, Ga.) showed huge potential on the mound as he topped out at 83 mph with his fastball over the weekend. Engert already has a strong and physically advanced frame with fluid arm action on the bump. Engert creates easy velocity with what appears to be more in the tank. The righthander’s arm is quick as the ball takes a steep downhill plane to the plate. His secondary pitch was a curveball in the low-70s that helped him account for three strikeouts in a pair of innings.

Lawson Jarrett (2023, Roswell, Ga.) has a deceptive delivery with three pitches that he uses well. The southpaw works down in the zone while producing lots of ground ball contact. Jarrett takes a long arm action through the back of his delivery with a long stride down the mound for his size. He utilizes his long arm action as well as his long limbs to hide the baseball as it works through the back side. Jarrett has a fluid motion with room to continue to grow. His fastball topped out at 72 mph with lots of running life. His curveball and his go-to secondary pitch in his changeup were each effective pitches with plenty of feel for the strike zone.

Anderson Beavor (2023, Atlanta, Ga.) had a nice weekend where he displayed potential as a two-way talent. His athletic build with strong hands and lower half involvement in his swing stand out. Beavor takes a big stride into contact picking the baseball up early out of the opposing pitcher’s hand. He stays on plane and has a nice feel for the barrel. His arm action on the mound is short as he already can run his fastball up to 75 mph. The righty has a fluid delivery and is able to pound the zone effectively.

Jake Tucker (2023, Kennesaw, Ga.) is another high pitchability arm from the 14U Spring Kickoff. Tucker has a quick motion with a long stride using lower half well driving off of the rubber. Tucker mixes his pitches well while doing a great job of hitting his spots and locating his pitches. He was not afraid to throw any pitch in any count. The fastball topped out at 74 and his curveball has plenty of depth.

Jeffrey Heuer (2023, Greensboro, Ga.) has a strong frame with a very strong lower half that he utilizes into his delivery. Heuer’s righthanded delivery starts with a long stride down the mound with a quick arm action. He likes to work downhill and attack hitters with his fastball that tops out at 82 mph. His low-80s velocity comes easy with a clean delivery and an advanced build. He repeatedly works around the strike zone with and can throw three pitches for strikes. Heuer is an interesting young arm with more plenty of more potential velocity with added strength to his frame.

Dylan Lonergan (2023, Duluth, Ga.) is a strong-framed player who projects well as a top prospect. Lonergan has a short and quick stroke at the plate with good bat speed and strong hands. He uses a big leg kick on the bump generating plenty of power. He already has a live arm that produced one of the top fastball velocities of the weekend at 85 mph. He works downhill with a quick and smooth arm action. He has lots of potential on the mound already working with a bulldog mentality to try and overpower hitters with his stuff. His offspeed was just as impressive with a mid-70s curveball and an advanced changeup.

Justice Haynes (2023, Alpharetta/Buford, Ga.) was one of the better overall outfielders from the weekend’s tournament. His instincts stand out as he consistently takes a good first step tracking the ball. His quickness plays well in game both in the outfield and on the base paths. Haynes sets up with a slightly open stance at the plate and uses an all fields approach when hitting. Hayes has a true leadoff hitter mentality fighting off good pitches and flashing potential pop.

Carson Taggart (2023, Suwanee, Ga.) has a long frame with potential to fill it out really well in the future. The lefthander has a quick arm action with the ability to whip the arm through the back side. Taggart is a competitive pitcher who knows when to challenge the hitter and when to back off. He works downhill and keeps the ball low in the zone limiting hard contact. His fastball topped out at 80 mph with plenty of running action. He mixed in a slider with sharp bite to get hitters of either handedness out.

Jake Lankie (2023, McDonough, Ga.) showed two-way potential during the event showcasing good baseball instincts on offense and a low-80s fastball on the mound. Lankie stays balanced at the plate with power to his pull side. He throws his hands at the baseball with intent to drive the baseball at contact. His presence on mound the mound is noticeable standing at 5-foot-11, 140-pounds. He works downhill with good command pitching to contact and getting hitters out effectively. Lankie mixes his pitches well and is not afraid to throw any pitch in any count.

Reid Tinstman (2023, Eaton, Ohio) is a lefthanded pitcher with a fluid delivery and a short arm action. He showed the ability to keep hitters off balance repeatedly mixing a fastball, curveball combination of pitches. Tinstman likes to work downhill with movement on both of his pitches. He works quickly working off of his mid-70s fastball and a curveball with good bite and enough feel to throw it in any count he pleases.

Logan Drook (2022, Centerville, Ind.) is a strong outfielder with a raw talent at the plate. Drook creates good bat speed and advanced quickness on the base paths. He uses a big load prior to his swing staying balanced while keeping his hands in a lower set position. Drook looks to elevate the baseball with a approach and intent to impact the ball.

Jared Cohen (2022, Armonk, N.Y.) is a shortstop with a lot of projectability moving forward. He already has a strong arm and quick footwork playing the ball and his quick-twitch athleticism stands out at his age. Cohen is a leadoff type bat with some potential on the mound as well. He uses his length to his advantage on the mound with a big leg kick and releasing with intent. His velocity still comes relatively easy sitting around 80 mph with the heater.

Allen Hernandez (2023, Lodi, N.J.) is a physically mature prospect beyond his years. He sets up at the plate with an open stance and a high hand set. His hands are very strong and his raw talent are certainly intriguing. Hernandez looks to drive the baseball from gap to gap with plenty of power potential. He also stood out on the mound with a low-80s fastball and a fluid delivery.

Tyler McGuire (2023, Acworth, Ga.) has a good presence about him at the plate with a crouched stance and power approach. His big load creates plenty of juice with free and easy hands that stay in a ready position to hit.

Nicholas Ford (2023, Suwanee, Ga.) was one of the catchers who stood out from the 14U Spring Kickoff. He showcased soft hands behind the plate with a clean ability to frame and steal strikes for his pitchers. He controls the running game as well. At the plate he looks to hit for power with a free and easy swing. His approach is patient with a contact-oriented ability at the plate and potential power.

Tyler Wilson (2023, Hoover, Ala.) has a projectable frame with plenty of room to continue to grow. His catching ability stood out as well with a good arm and a clean reception out in front. His mechanics at the plate are simple with quick hands. He works the count and is able to spray the ball to all parts of the yard.

Brewer Smith (2023, Hoover, Ala.) has a lengthy frame and a strong lower half. His body is mature for his age and projects well on the left side of the infield long term. Smith’s swing at the plate is long looking for power setting up with a high hands and a deep load. Average speed with ok instincts on the base paths.

Colin Rengering (2023, Hoover, Ala.) is a compact and athletically-framed infielder with a great baseball IQ. He sets up at the plate with a balanced stance keeping that same balance into his swing. He has strong hands with a contact-oriented approach and potential power as he continues to mature physically.

Dylan Cupp (2023, Cedartown, Ga.) is a really projectable young player with quick-twitch athleticism and an already strong frame. His tools standout and his arm is noticeable across the diamond. His swing is compact and simple with a balanced approach. There are lots of things to like and project on moving forward from Cupp.

Jackson McKenzie (2023, Fairhope, Ala.) has power at the plate and is already presently one of the top two-way talents given an early look at the 2023 class. His quick hands and  strong lower half give him power to all fields. His approach at the plate is to work the ball from gap to gap. His arm on the mound is intriguing as well as he lives in the low-80s from the left side and projects extremely well all-around.

Daegan Strickland 
(2023, Pooler, Ga.) has a balanced swing with power present. His approach is to work the ball primarily to his pull side working his quick hands to the ball. Behind the plate, his feet are quick and he receives the ball well and showcased a great arm as well. His two-way potential was flashed as well with fluidity on the bump and the velocity comes easily. His short arm action produces a fastball up to 83 mph.

Ethan Sweat (2023, Liberty, Twp, Ohio) uses his high leg kick on mound releasing with intent into every pitch. Sweat pounds the zone and knows how to work counts. He mixes his pitches well working quickly. He stays downhill to the plate with a mid- to upper-70s fastball and a mid-60s curveball with sharp bite. His bat stood out as well with a simple, compact stroke and a contact-oriented approach.

Nathan Ennis (2023, West Carrollton, Ohio) is a catcher with soft hands behind the plate and advanced arm strength. His righthanded swing is easy with strength present in hiss wrist and hands to produce pop off of the barrel.

Charles Powell (2022, Lincolnton, N.C.) sets up with a solid base and strong hands at the plate. His swing is compact and quick as he drives through the baseball with extension through contact. His speed on the base paths is noticeable as well as his good instincts.

Khamari Bush (2023, Atlanta, Ga.) is a lefthander on the mound with a mid-70s fastball and a lively fastball. His frame is mature for his age. His uses a high leg kick delivery on mound generating an over the top arm slot and downhill action. His arm has some whip through the back while hiding the baseball well throughout. The fastball topped out at 77 mph with depth to his curveball that he mixed into his repertoire as well.

Jayce Blalock (2022, Grantville, Ga.) has strong hands allowing him to let the baseball get deep and drive it from gap to gap. His contact skills are apparent and the power potential is intriguing. Blalock also has a solid arm in the outfield with a great first jump tracking flyballs.

Carlos Elian Martinez (2022, Coamo, Puerto Rico) is a lefthanded pitcher who made the trip from Puerto Rico to Georgia over the weekend to pitch in the event. The southpaw has a fluid and easy arm action. He releases the baseball from a three-quarters arm slot with plenty of action to his pitches. His fastball topped out at 77 mph and a mid-60s curveball.

Brooks Wright (2024, Knoxville, Tenn.) has advanced footwork behind the plate with great hands and a knack for stealing strikes. He takes a longer swing at the plate with intent to drive the ball. His best pop time from the weekend clocked at 2.20 second showcasing a quick transfer into his throw downs.

James Hays (2023, Hawkinsville, Ga.) has a strong lefthanded swing with present pop. He uses his lower half well into his swing torqueing his hips and creating some drive. He is a line drive type hitter with the possibility of power in the future. On the mound he pounds the lower half of zone with a fastball that topped out at 81 mph. Hays has a bright future both at the plate and on the mound.

Andrew Dunford (2023, Centerville, Ga.) is a tall and athletic-framed pitcher. His delivery is quick with multiple moving parts that add deception to hitters. He hides the ball well as it comes from a three-quarter arm slot. He pounds the lower half of the strike zone with a low-80s fastball that has plenty of life to armside on the ride to the plate. His curveball and changeup both have feel as well with the changeup being his strikeout pitch presently.

Drew Burress (2023, Perry, Ga.) has a stocky frame with great athleticism and lots of upside. He throws his hands at the baseball and uses all parts of the field with good contact. His leadoff hitter as well as outfield skillset are impressive and the potential is still to come. He swings with intent at the plate and look to do damage the ball with an advanced approach and good eye.

Riley Jackson (2023, Melbourne, Fla.) has a loose and whippy righthanded swing at the plate that gets the barrel out in front. Jackson creates good bat speed with a line drive swing plane and advanced approach at the plate. The ball jumps off his bat when squared and his defense both at third base and behind the plate are impressive.

Gavin Ehrhardt (2023, Norwalk, Ohio) drives down the mound with a strong back leg. His pitches come from an over the top delivery staying compact and fluid throughout. Ehrhardt continuously pounded the zone when he was on the mound working the corners with a fastball up to 82 mph and a 12-to-6 curveball.

Colt Emerson (2023, Cambridge, Ohio) showed good barrel to ball skills repeatedly over the weekend. His swing consists of a line drive plane while letting the ball travel. His speed and athleticism are stand out tools that help make him a good defender in the middle infield.

Alex Stanyek (2023, Holmdel, N.J.) is built well for his age and his only going to continue to gain strength. His arm speed on the mound is noteworthy as he creates a downhill plane on his fastball. He commands the corners well with a fastball in the 77-81 mph range and feel for his low-60s curveball.

Blake Grimmer (2023, Spring Lake, Mich.) has an ideal frame with present strength on his build. His approach at the plate is advanced with a good eye. He has good pop in his bat and the balls comes off the barrel with some higher exit velocities. He creates good bat speed from his lefthanded swing and has a high ceiling and bright future moving forward. 

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