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Draft | State Preview | 5/25/2018

State Snapshots: Pacific

Patrick Ebert         Perfect Game Staff        
Photo: Trevor Larnach (Scobel Wiggins)


Perfect Game 2018 MLB Draft Preview Index

South Atlantic
– FL, GA, NC, SC
Southeast – AL, KY, MS, TN
South Central – AR, LA, OK, TX
Mountain – AZ, CO, ID, MT, NV, NM, UT, WY
Pacific – AK, CA, HI, OR, WA
Great Plains – IA, KS, MO, NE, ND, SD
Great Lakes – IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, WI
Mid-Atlantic – DE, DC, MD, NJ, NY, PA, VA, WV
New England – CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT
Canada and Puerto Rico


Best High School Team:
South Anchorage

Highest Draft Picks

Draft History:
Brian Montalbo, rhp, Dimond HS, Anchorage (2000, Braves/4th round)

2013 Draft: Johnny Meszaros, rhp, Service HS, Anchorage (Rays/39th round)
2014 Draft: Roderick Bynum, Monroe Catholic HS, Fairbanks
2015 Draft: None selected
2016 Draft: None selected
2017 Draft: Jonny Homza, 3b, South Anchorage HS (Padres/5th round)

2017 Draft Overview

High School Players Drafted/Signed:


Best College Team:
BEST Junior College Team: San Joaquin Delta
Best High School Team: Orange Lutheran

Prospect on the Rise: Matt McLain, ss, Beckman HS
Wild Card: Tanner Dodson, rhp/of, California

Best Out-of-State Prospect, California Connection:
 Nick Madrigal, 2b, Oregon State
Top 2019 Prospect: Michael Toglia, of, UCLA
Top 2020 Prospect: Tim Tawa, of/if, Stanford

Highest Draft Picks

Draft History
(all 1st round/1st pick):Steve Chilcott, c, Antelope Valley HS, Lancaster (Mets, 1966); Tim Foli, ss, Notre Dame HS, Canoga Park (Mets, 1968); Jeff Burroughs, of, Woodrow Wilson HS, Long Beach (Senators, 1969); Darryl Strawberry, of, Crenshaw HS, Los Angeles (Mets, 1980); Phil Nevin, 3b, Cal State Fullerton (Astros, 1992); Adrian Gonzalez, 1b, Eastlake HS, Chula Vista (Marlins, 2000); Delmon Young, of, Camarillo HS (Devil Rays, 2003); Matt Bush, ss/rhp, Mission Bay HS, San Diego (Padres, 2004); Stephen Strasburg, rhp, San Diego State (Nationals, 2009); Gerrit Cole, rhp, UCLA (Pirates, 2011); Mark Appel, rhp, Stanford (Astros, 2013); Brady Aiken, lhp, Cathedral Catholic HS, San Diego (Astros, 2014); Mickey Moniak, of, LaCosta Canyon HS, Encinitas (Phillies, 2016); Royce Lewis, ss, JSerra HS, Aliso Viejo (Twins, 2017).

2013 Draft: Mark Appel, rhp, Stanford (Astros/1st round, 1st pick)
2014 Draft: Brady Aiken, lhp, Cathedral Catholic HS, San Diego (Astros/1st round, 1st pick)
2015 Draft: Dillon Tate, rhp, UC Santa Barbara (Rangers/1st round, 4th pick)
2016 Draft: Mickey Moniak, of, LaCosta Canyon HS, Encinitas (Phillies/1st round, 1st pick)
2017 Draft: Royce Lewis, ss, JSerra HS, Aliso Viejo (Twins/1st round, 1st pick)

2017 Draft Overview

College Players Drafted/Signed:
Junior College Players Drafted/Signed: 19/10
High School Players Drafted/Signed: 30/9

Prospects in the Top 500:

• Cole Winn, rhp, Orange Lutheran HS (11)
• Kris Bubic, lhp, Stanford (32)
• Brice Turang, ss, Santiago HS (24)
• Osiris Johnson, ss, Encinal HS (37)
• Tanner Dodson, rhp/of, California (46)
• Nico Hoerner, ss/2b, Stanford (48)
• Tristan Beck, rhp, Stanford (56)
• Matt McLain, ss, Arnold O. Beckman HS (62)
• Nick Sprengel, lhp, San Diego (93)
• Isaiah Carranza, rhp, Azusa Pacific (108)
• Brandon Dieter, ss/rhp, South Hills HS (121)
• Chandler Champlain, rhp, Santa Margarita Catholic HS (129)
• Preston Hartsell, of, Corona Del Mar HS (130)
• JT Schwartz, ss/3b, Corona Del Mar HS (132)
• Alex McKenna, of, Cal Poly (133)
• Kyle Luckham, rhp, El Dorado HS (143)
• Ethan Reed, rhp, Aliso Niguel HS (148)
• Kameron Guangorena, c, St. John Bosco HS (157)
• Vinny Tosti, of, Mater Dei HS (159)
• Jon Olsen, rhp, UCLA (184)
• Owen Sharts, rhp, Simi Valley HS (194)
• Dominic Pipkin, rhp, Pinole Valley HS (202)
• Brett Conine, rhp, Cal State Fullerton (207)
• Andrew Quezada, rhp, Cal State Fullerton (232)
• Erik Tolman, lhp, El Toro HS (233)
• Nico Decolati, of, Loyola Marymount (235)
• Victor Vodnik, rhp, Rialto HS (252)
• Brett Hansen, lhp, Foothill HS (255)
• Noah Davis, rhp, UC Santa Barbara (257)
• James Outman, of, Sacramento State (263)
• Cole Roederer, of, Hart HS (266)
• Colton Eastman, rhp, Cal State Fullerton (272)
• Kyle Molnar, rhp, UCLA (277)
• Nick Meyer, c, Cal Poly (278)
• Jonah Davis, of, California (279)
• Trevor Cadd, of, Martin Luther King HS (280)
• Emilio Rosas, ss, Mater Dei HS (284)
• Aaron Eden, rhp, Norco HS (292)
• Kingston Liniak, of, Mission Hills HS (301)
• Jarren Duran, 2b, Long Beach State (317)
• Shane Kelso, rhp, Feather River JC (324)
• Eric De La Rosa, of, Grossmont JC (331)
• Paul Richan, rhp, San Diego (335)
• Trenton Toplikar, rhp, UC Riverside (344)
• Tyrus Greene, c, California (348)
• Justin Montgomery, rhp, Cal Baptist (352)
• Grant Holman, rhp, Eastlake HS (375)
• Trevor Casanova, c, Cal State Northridge (387)
• Jake Moberg, of/if, Vista Murrieta HS (391)
• Jake Bird, rhp, UCLA (398)
• Blake Burzell, rhp, Laguna Beach HS (400)
• Nick Nastrini, rhp, Catehdral Catholic HS (419)
• Andrew Nardi, lhp, Moorpark JC (430)
• Clay Fisher, ss, UC Santa Barbara (433)
• Reese Berberet, 3b, Long Beach JC (470)
• Justin Hooper, lhp, UCLA (497)


Best College Team:
Best High School Team: Baldwin

Top 2019 Prospect: Jacob Hinderleider, ss, Iolani HS
Top 2020 Prospect: JT Navyac, if, Mid Pacific Institute

Highest Draft Picks

Draft History:
Mike Campbell, rhp, University of Hawaii (1985, Mariners/1st round, 7th pick)

2013 Draft: Kean Wong, 2b, Waiakea HS, Hilo (Rays/4th round)
2014 Draft: Kodi Medeiros, lhp, Waiakea HS, Hilo (Brewers/1st round, 12th pick)
2015 Draft: Ian Kahaloa, rhp, Campbell HS, Ewa Beach (Reds/5th round)
2016 Draft: Brandon Bonilla, lhp, Hawai'i Pacific (Orioles/14th round)
2017 Draft: Joseph Jarnski, rhp, Hilo HS (Rangers/12th round)

2017 Draft Overview

College Players Drafted/Signed:
High School Players Drafted/Signed: 4/2

Prospects in the Top 500:

• Micah Bello, of, Hilo HS (218)


Best College Team:
Oregon State
Best Junior College Team: Linn Benton
Best High School Team: Westview

Prospect on the Rise: Nick Madrigal, 2b, Oregon State
Wild Card: Luke Heimlich, lhp, Oregon State

Top 2019 Prospect: Adley Rutschman, c, Oregon State
Top 2020 Prospect: Mick Abel, rhp, Jesuit HS

Highest Draft Picks

Draft History:
Dave Roberts, 3b, Oregon (1972, Padres/1st round, 1st pick)

2013 Draft: Keynan Middleton, rhp, Lane CC (Angels/3rd round)
2014 Draft: Michael Conforto, of, Oregon State (Mets/1st round, 10th pick)
2015 Draft: Andrew Moore, rhp, Oregon State (Mariners/2nd round)
2016 Draft: Logan Ice, c, Oregon State (Indians/2nd round)
2017 Draft: David Peterson, lhp, Oregon (Mets/1st round, 20th pick)

2017 Draft Overview

College Players Drafted/Signed:
Junior College Players Drafted/Signed: 2/1
High School Players Drafted/Signed: 2/1

Prospects in the Top 500:

• Nick Madrigal, 2b, Oregon State (2)
• Trevor Larnach, of, Oregon State (26)
• Luke Heimlich, lhp, Oregon State (60)
• Cadyn Grenier, ss, Oregon State (95)
• Matt Mercer, rhp, Oregon (135)
• Beau Brundage, of, Portland (274)
• Steven Kwan, of, Oregon State (314)


Best College Team: Washington
Best Junior College Team: Everett
Best High School Team: Puyallup

Prospect on the Rise: Jayson Schroeder, rhp, Juanita HS
Wild Card: Hugh Smith, rhp, Whitworth

Best Out-of-State Prospect, Washington Connection: Matt Mercer, rhp, Oregon
Top 2019 Prospect: Carter Young, if/c, Selah HS
Top 2020 Prospect: Nick Kahle, c, Washington

Highest Draft Picks

Draft History: Mike Lentz, lhp, Juanita HS, Kirkland (1975, Padres/1st round, 2nd pick)
2013 Draft: Reese McGuire, c, Kentwood HS, Covington (Pirates/1st round, 14th pick)
2014 Draft: Jeff Brigham, rhp, Washington (Dodgers/4th round)
2015 Draft: Austin Rei, c, Washington (Red Sox/3rd round)
2016 Draft: Brandon Bailey, rhp, Gonzaga (Athletics/6th round)
2017 Draft: Wyatt Mills, rhp, Gonzaga (Mariners/3rd round)

2017 Draft Overview

College Players Drafted/Signed:
Junior College Players Drafted/Signed: 2/1
High School Players Drafted/Signed: 6/3

Prospects in the Top 500:

• Jayson Schroeder, rhp, Juanita HS (66)
• Hugh Smith, rhp, Whitworth (111)
• Tarik Skubal, lhp, Seattle (178)
• Damon Casetta Stubbs, rhp, Battle Ground HS (203)
• Daniel Bies, rhp, Gonzaga (329)
• Willie MacIver, c/3b, Washington (356)
• AJ Graffanino, ss, Washington (361)
• Joe DeMers, rhp, Wasington (418)
• Parker McFadden, rhp, Washington State (464)

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