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Jupiter TrackMan Leaderboard

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A special thanks to our partners at TrackMan Baseball for providing the information listed below. TrackMan uses a series of revolutionary technologies to accurately track and record a variety of measurables in an effort to determine if those measurables, or a collection of them, can help discern a higher probability for future success. This year they took their game to another level, adding video and a daily leaderboard feature from each and every field at this year's 2016 WWBA World Championship.

The categories as listed below list the top performers from Jupiter in five separate categories: Max fastball velocity, max fastball spin rate, max breaking ball spin rate, max exit speed (velocity of the ball off of the bat) and max distance hit.

To view Real-Time data courtesy of TrackMan from select Perfect Game events please visit TrackManBaseball.com and also be sure to visit their one-of-a-kind online leaderboard from the WWBA World Championship.

Max Fastball Velocity

Rk. Player Team MPH
1 Wilberto Rivera Toronto Blue Jays Scout Team 96.6
2 Nick Jodway Dirtbags 95.1
3 Daniel Ritcheson CBA Marucci 95.0
4 Aaron Perry Kentucky Baseball Club Prime 94.9
5 Christian Santana Astros Scout Team/Elite Squad Prime 94.8
6 Luke Bartnicki East Cobb Astros 94.8
7 Jordon "Jo" Adell EvoShield Canes 94.4
8 Spencer Strider Royals Scout Team 94.4
9 Kumar Rocker Team Elite Prime 94.1
10 Christopher McMahon EvoShield Canes 94.0

Max Fastball Spin Rate

Rk. Player Team RPM
1 Roman Phansalker CBA Marucci 2811
2 Isaac Esqueda GBG Marucci 2787
3 Sam Weatherly Dirtbags 2691
4 Luke Torbert Team Elite Prime 2679
5 Emerson Hancock Braves Scout Team/Ohio Warhawks 2668
6 Alaska Abney Team Elite Nation 2655
7 Lyon Richardson Braves Scout Team/Ohio Warhawks 2624
8 Zach McCambley Baseball U 2618
9 Austin Kelly Dulin Dodgers 2616
10 Josh Bates Chet Lemon's Juice 2606

Max Breaking Ball Spin Rate

Rk. Player Team RPM
1 Carter Stewart Central Florida Gators 3296
2 Devin Green Ontario Blue Jays 2982
3 Daniel Lloyd US Elite/Team Majestic 2974
4 Dylan Gentry Team Elite Prime 2949
5 Chris Cappas Marlins Scout Team 2938
6 Alaska Abney Team Elite Nation 2917
7 Zane Stephens Twins Scout Team/Scorpions 2915
8 Cameron Robinson Twins Scout Team/Scorpions 2895
9 Amaury Telemaco Jr. Premier Baseball Futures Evans 2895
10 Landen Roupp Dirtbags 2888

Max Exit Velocity

Rk. Player Team MPH
1 Jayson Gonzalez BPA 105.8
2 Austin Gardner Homeplate Chilidogs 104.6
3 Cole Brannen Chain National 104.0
4 Heliot Ramos Padres Scout Team/Chandler World 103.7
5 Blake Jeter Upstate Mavericks 103.4
6 Ian Jenkins East Cobb Yankees 103.2
7 Reese Albert Twins Scout Team/Scorpions 103.0
8 Zack Miller All Star Baseball Academy 102.9
9 Sam Praytor Dodgers Scout Team/East Cobb 101.9
10 Nick Jodway Dirtbags 101.6

Max Distance Hit

Rk. Player Team Feet
1 Conner Nurse Richmond Braves National 395.2
2 Jeremiah Jackson Team Elite Nation 391.2
3 Andrew Cossetti All Star Baseball Academy 390.1
4 Zach Britton Team Indiana 389.9
5 Jordon "Jo" Adell EvoShield Canes 389.2
6 Shane Muntz Team Citius 385.2
7 Tanner O'Tremba Mountain West Slammers 384.6
8 Tim Dezzi Baseball U 376.6
9 Chase Hacker D-BAT 373.5
10 Steven Williams Team Elite Prime 373.4

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