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Tournaments | Story | 6/27/2017

Tournament Housing Questions?

Taylor McCollough      Justin Amidon     

Tournament Housing Summary

The goal of our team and individual housing policy is to provide you with the best hotel options for our tournaments and events. To deliver on that promise and offer a variety of housing options, sufficient availability, and best possible rates, the tournament housing policy applies to all team and individual competitor events. To participate in an event, you must stay within the group housing block at one of the event-approved hotels. The only exception is for teams whose mailing address is within a 90 mile radius of Emerson, GA. The exemption allows those teams who could safely drive home to their place of residence before, during, and/or after tournament play.

Housing Policy Benefits and Why?

We want teams to have the most enjoyable, worry-free experience and focus on the game, benefits include:

  • Hotel amenities offered within the rate may include: free breakfast, free or discounted parking, and complimentary Wi-Fi that might not otherwise be built-in to the rate
  • Tournament Fees have already been discounted to incorporate a hotel rebate amount which helps us operate premier quality tournaments and facilities
  • We have negotiated the lowest group rate at many of the available hotels.  If you have received a lower group rate please let us know and we will reach out and attempt to determine whether the rate is available for the duration of your stay
  • Special LakePoint discounts for merchandise and LakePoint Station Entertainment Center
  • Convenient single booking system and personal customer service via email or phone

Commonly Asked Questions

What if I already booked on my own?

If you booked outside the block, your team is in jeopardy of not being accepted into the tournament. Experient will attempt to transfer your rooms to the official housing block. If the hotel is not in cooperation with the transfer, Experient will assist your team in finding a comparable hotel within the official housing block.

Why can I find rooms online for less?

  • Sites such as Orbitz or Expedia may offer rooms at a lower rate, also known as transient rates, however they usually only have 2-4 rooms available with strict cancellation or prepayment policies
    • Please note: The online transient room rates are not the same as group rates
  • Online reservations may require full pre-payment at time of booking 
  • These rooms are often accompanied by strict cancellation policies or non-refundable deposits
  • Additional amenities such as free breakfast, free or discounted parking and complimentary Wi-Fi are generally not included in the rate

I am trying to book a certain hotel why can’t I see it listed? 

The hotel may be sold out, have other business booked during the time of your tournament or the hotel was not accepted into the block due to pricing, undesirable amenities or location.  To see a full list of available hotels, sign in to Experient’s booking site and click on “Area Map” at the bottom of the page.

As a coach, will my credit card be charged if my team doesn’t book?

All blocks must be “secured” with a valid credit card through the month of your event.  Thirty (30) days prior to the start of your event, you become financially responsible for 80% of the total room nights in your block.  If you fail to utilize 80% of your block by this time, the credit card on file for your team will be charged a penalty by the hotel equal to room and tax for each room night in order to reach the 80% threshold.

Individual reservations must abide by the individual cancellation policy of the hotel and any fees for canceling will be charged to the credit card used to guarantee the reservation(s).

How many rooms does my team have to book?

Each coach or team contact should book enough rooms to accommodate all players on the entire team roster. Should your team book less rooms than can accommodate the individuals on their team roster, they will be considered non-compliant and may be asked to increase their block.

I don’t have my entire roster ready and I want to be fully accepted what should I do?

At the time you request an invite, only a team block is required.  Individual names for the reservations will not be required until closer to the tournament date. Please review information listed on the housing site upon booking for tournament specific cut-off dates. 

Who determines the housing guidelines?           

Collectively Perfect Game and LakePoint Sports determine the guidelines and requirements for the housing policy. In conjunction with Perfect Game and LakePoint Sports, Experient will assist in executing this policy.             
About LakePoint Sports Complex

Currently yielding over 1.5 million visitors in its first two years, LakePoint is on track to be one of the world’s largest and most unique destinations for travel sports. LakePoint will feature state-of-the-art sports venues and five million square feet of amenities including onsite hotels, restaurants, themed retail, bowling, ziplines, water parks and much, much more.

About Experient

As the LakePoint Sports Complex Official Housing Bureau, Experient may contact you regarding hotel accommodations and team or individual housing compliancy. Partnering with a housing bureau allows team and group travel a host of advantages stated throughout this policy. If you need assistance creating or completing a team block contact us or by phone at 888-999-7197. 

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