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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

PGCrosschecker Team Rankings to Set the Standard for Travel Teams

Perfect Game Staff        
A new wrinkle to the already highly competitive travel team world is about to be added with the introduction of the PGCrosschecker Team Rankings.

How the PGCrosschecker Team Rankings Work

The PGCrosschecker Team Rankings will be based on a combination of player rosters and team achievement. Special consideration will be given to the quantity and quality of the players on a team’s roster that are included in the PGCrosschecker class rankings. Team achievement in WWBA and BCS events will be important, but the rankings will also consider how the team performs in all other non-affiliated events on their schedule.

After the initial PGCrosschecker Team Rankings are announced over the next three weeks, they will not be updated again until this spring, when high school seasons are winding down across much of the country and teams are starting to come together for summer/fall play. The PGCrosschecker Team Rankings will continue to be updated at the beginning of each month for the remainder of the summer and fall seasons.

The rankings will be determined by the Perfect Game staff. We are seeking as much information as we can gather on every team in the country. Perfect Game is inviting each team to provide as with up to date information as possible, including rosters, schedules, results, web sites and any other information that could help in the ranking process.

We have established an email address at for teams to send any and all information on their programs. If you have specific question, please address it to Ben Ford, the BCS Director, at

A Link to the BCS Finals

Aside from creating awareness of the huge number of quality travel teams across the country, and perhaps a bit of healthy discussion as well, another primary purpose of the PGCrosschecker Team Rankings will be to select the teams for the age group BCS Finals.

In 2009, each of the five Baseball Championship Series Finals will feature a 64 team field that will be determined by the PGCrosschecker Team Rankings. In a perfect world, the 64 teams in each championship field will be the top 64 teams in the rankings. Should a ranked team not be able to participate, the next team(s) to be invited will be the 65th ranked team, the 66th ranked team, etc.

Each 64 team field will be broken down into 16 pools of four teams each as determined by the rankings. Teams will be reseeded after an initial round of pool play and all teams will be guaranteed six games, with 16 teams advancing to the playoffs and a chance at the BCS Finals trophy and rings.

The dates/locations for the 2009 Baseball Championship Series Finals are as follows:

18U – July 14-19 – Ft Myers, FL
17U – July 14-19 – Ft Myers, FL
16U – July 22-26 – Ft Myers, FL
15U – July 7-12 - Ft Myers, FL
14U – July 7-12 - Ft Myers, FL

The PGCrosschecker Team Rankings will debut this Friday, November 14, with teams #49-64 in the 18U age group being posted. Teams ranked #33-48 will be posted on Saturday (11/15), teams #17-32 will be posted Sunday (11/16) and the top 25 teams will be announced Monday, November 17. The honorable mention teams will be announced on Tuesday, November 18.

This will continue through the rest of the World Wood Bat Association/Baseball Championship Series age group levels on the following schedule:

17U: Tuesday, November 18-22 (64 teams total plus honorable mention)
16U: Saturday, November 22-26 (64 teams total plus honorable mention)
15U: Wednesday, November 26-30 (64 teams total plus honorable mention)
14U: Sunday, November 30-December 4 (64 teams total plus honorable mention)

The rankings will be hosted on and linked to the other Perfect game web sites. Ranked teams with web sites of their own are invited to post the link to the PGCrosschecker Team Rankings as well.
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