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College  | Story  | 3/18/2015

Shortstops in demand, available

Mike Rooney     
Photo: Mike DeZam

No one involved in College Baseball misses the wretched combination of raised-seam baseballs and BBCOR bats that wreaked havoc on our sport over the previous four seasons. However, maybe that "era" did leave us with one parting gift. Possibly because of a shift in recruiting towards defense and athleticism, the crop of shortstops we have in 2015 is one of the best ever in College Baseball history.

We're going to break down the nation's best shortstops in several categories. First, we'll look at them from the view of a scouting director for this year's June draft. Next, we'll look at these players from the coaching lens, as if we could pick any shortstop in the country to win one game for the national championship. This group will certainly lean heavily towards defense. Finally, we'll look at a group with a strong off

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