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Softball  | Softball Tournament  | 2/28/2024

PG Softball Griffon Indoor 16U

Rachel Klipper     

ST. JOSEPH, MO- The late February weekend unfolded beautifully, gracing us with a balmy high of 65 degrees. Among the 16 teams present, a multitude of exceptional talent converged on Saturday, each team showcasing their finest skills and imbuing the game with a contagious spirit of camaraderie and competition.
Below is a recap of some notable performances throughout the competitive day.

Right-handed pitcher Lauren Hagedorn (2026, Adel, IA) with Iowa Nationals 16U stuck out from the mix this past weekend. She was averaging 65 mph for the weekend. She hit her spots with ease and displayed control of the ball. She had a total of 20 strikeouts and only 1 walk between 2 games. At the plate, she was 2nd in the line-up, consistently on base, and batted a .500 for the weekend.


Lefty batter Sophie Grier (2026, Weston, MO.) with TNT 16 Mac is a versatile player who excels both offensively and defensively. Her reliability as a batter, coupled with her command on the mound, makes her an asset to any team. With her consistent ability to generate offense and control opposing hitters, Sophie is a player who can be counted on to make significant contributions in key game situations. As she continues to refine her skills and develop as a player, Sophie has the potential to emerge as a standout performer at any level of competition.


Carlee Cole (2025, Burlington, KS) with Team Kansas 16U Mosher is a formidable presence behind the plate, showcasing a wide-set stance that provides her with stability and agility. Her positioning allows her to effectively block pitches in the dirt and control the game defensively. Her reliability as a catcher is evident in her ability to serve as a defensive wall, preventing wild pitches and passed balls from advancing baserunners. Her keen understanding of framing pitches enhances her team's chances of securing critical strikes and favorable calls from umpires. Carlee's defensive prowess is a significant asset to her team, instilling confidence in pitchers and maintaining control of the game from behind the plate.


RHH Jordyn Kennedy (2026, Ankeny, IA) playing for the Iowa Nationals 16U, demonstrated exceptional promise and potential for the next level of play. Her performance indicates that she possesses the necessary tools and skills to make a significant impact as she progresses in her softball career. She sets up with a slightly wider stance, anchoring herself into her legs, which allows her to generate power and leverage during her swing, giving a .800 average for the weekend. Her consistency and patience at the plate are undeniable and gave her the impressive stat of only one strikeout for the weekend.


RHP Tanner Cantwell (2026, Wildwood, MO) emerges as a promising talent on the mound for the St Louis Pirates Anderson. Her consistent delivery averaging 60 mph, diverse pitching arsenal, and ability to generate 9 strikeouts and only 1 walk for her 4 innings pitched make her a strength to her team. Despite facing some challenges during the game, Cantwell's composure, and resilience shine through, demonstrating her mental toughness and ability to perform under pressure. With continued development and refinement of her skills, Cantwell has the potential for the next level as she evolves as a pitcher.


Morgan Gabel (2027, Lincoln, NE) with Nebraska Wave was a highlight behind the plate, with stand-out defensive abilities; natural leadership, communication, and game-management skills that make her an incredible strength to the Nebraska Wave. Her ability to call the game effectively, communicate with her teammates, and execute advanced defensive techniques positions her as a cornerstone player for her team. With her dedication to excellence and unwavering commitment to her team's success, Gabel has the potential to emerge as a standout player at the next level.


Jacey Byler (2025, Springfield, MO) of United 25/26 was a unit at shortstop this past weekend. She could cover a great deal of dirt with plenty of time to get behind the ball. Her smooth transition with a hard attacking throw made for a reliable out. She often encouraged her pitcher between pitches. Batting a .750 with only the one strikeout for the weekend was the result of her strategic and demanding swing at the middle of the ball.