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Disclaimer: PG cannot 100% guarantee the accuracy of the verbal college commitments listed below. Number of commitments only include the ones PG is notified or aware of.
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Marcos Paz
Louisiana State 2025RHPTX
Landon Fowler
Clemson 2025RHPSC
Anthony Robinson
Northern Kentucky 2024RHPOH
Jackson Barberi
Florida 2024RHPGA
Christopher Bedford
Hofstra 2024RHPNY
Jason Olson
Cody Bradt
Radford 2024OFSC
Kailand Halstead
Oregon State 2024CWA
Jackson Jordan
Texas 2024RHPTX
Bobby Hill
Cal State Fullerton 2025SSCA
Brandon Thomas
University of Washington 20253BCA
Aimon Chandler
Virginia Tech 2025OFPA
Logan Voelz
Florida International 2024RHPFL
Noah Haught
Richmond 2025SSVA
Jake Zawatsky
Massachusetts at Lowell 20243BMA
Aidan O'Brien
Davidson 2024RHPVA
Nate Wiles
Mount St. Mary`s 2025SSVA
Jett Bristow
Virginia 2025OFVA
Ajay Jones
Kennesaw State 2024OFGA
Parker Smith
Louisiana-Lafayette 2024CTX
Nathan Jackson
Longwood 2025SSVA
Peyton Jackson
Marshall 2024RHPKY
Evan Thomas
UC Santa Barbara 2025SSCA
Weston Lillard
Virginia Tech 2025RHPVA
Travis Stroh
Fairleigh Dickinson 2024OFVT
Isaiah Castaneda
Rice 2024OFTX
Bryden Bull
Mississippi 2025OFNV
Jackson Lucas
Troy 2025LHPFL
Brooks Franklin
Navy 2025SSMD
Brady Gold
Wofford 2025SSSC
Carson Shee
Louisville 20253BKY
Jean franco Moreno
North Carolina State 2025SSFL
Joshua Lim
Louisiana-Lafayette 2025SSLA
Sebastian Hurtado
University of Central Florida 2025CFL
Landon O'Donnell
Florida State 2023RHPFL
Erick Peralta
Miami 2025RHPNY
Ryan Oh
Loyola Marymount 2025OFCA
Brendan Horne
Vanderbilt 2025SSNH
Julian Pitts
Florida Gulf Coast 2025RHPFL
Miguel Velazquez
Cal State Fullerton 2025CCA
Ben Pew
Villanova 2024LHPDC
Porter Rovin
San Diego 2024LHPCA
Nicolas Carrillo
Alabama A&M 20252BFL
Zander Condeelis
Canisius 2024SSPA
Grant Werdesheim
Princeton 2024OFCA
Murphy Page
Texas Tech 2025RHPTX
David Posey
Navy 2024RHPPA
Will Huggins
Georgia State 2025SSGA
Caleb Beals
North Carolina A&T 2024SSNC
Kayci Rigby
Loyola Marymount 20243BIA