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1 LakePoint opens for PG/EC Invite 6/4/14 4074 views
2 16u ready for WWBA 7/11/14 3523 views
3 WWBA comes to LakePoint 6/18/14 2876 views
4 17s turn to take on WWBA 7/3/14 2629 views
5 Catchers shine at Sunshine Southeast 6/2/14 2465 views
HP and 6-4-3 win PG/EvoShield    
Jul 30, 2014
Home Plate Maldonado won the 17u/18u PG/EvoShield Classic, while the 6-4-3 DP Cougars Montgomery took home the 14u/15u PG/EvoShield Classic title at LakePoint.  read 
One last hooray    
Jul 29, 2014
Skylar McPhee has led the offense for the 6-4-3 DP Cougars Montgomery, and he is a big reason why they are 5-0 and into the semi-finals at the 14u/15u PG/Evoshield Classic.  read 
16u and 17u titles claimed in extras    
Jul 23, 2014
The Scorpions South Underclass (p) and the SWFL 17u Grey won the 16u and the 17u Florida State Championships respectively, each claiming the titles with extra inning walk-offs.  read 

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