About The PG Series

PG Series - Your Rating. Your Rise. Your Reward.

Perfect Game’s mission and goals have always been to help improve the game of baseball at all levels. Baseball is a game that takes physical and mental skill. Both skills are tested in every pitch thrown, every ball hit, every play in a game.

The PG Series was established to give athletes of all ages, in every sport, three different aspects of their respective sport:

1. Set out to Improve - Your Rating (PG Challenge)

2. Compete for Selection - Your Rise (PG Trials)

3. Play on a High Level for Keeps - Your Reward (PG Classic)

Every motivated athlete continually strives for improvement and is never satisfied with their current skill level. There are over 45 million athletes playing youth sports and the majority of players and their parents want to know how their skills compare to their peers.

The PG Series will set out to test players in all ages with its ultimate goal of improving every athlete at every skill level.

Improvement can be reached in all skills with the following:

1. Testing those skills

2. Understanding strengths and weaknesses

3. Setting goals

4. Training and hard work

Improving is not just about gaining a mph on a throw, or a tenth of a second in a 40 yard dash, but making gains in all athletic skills that comprise PGAME, the Perfect Game Athlete Metric Evaluation. PGAME is our proprietary scoring metric used in determining overall and sport specific athletic ability.

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