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FB Velocities
Iowa Outlaws Select 06-Andrew Ada Boysen R61
Midwest Crushers 16u- American Lindaja Smith R61
Iowa Nationals Samantha Gripp R60
Midwest Crushers 16u- American Joselyn Muir R60
Expos 08 Olivia Young R60
Southern Iowa Savage Taylor Henson R59
Iowa Outlaws Select 06-Andrew Aubrey Lensmeyer R59
Wisconsin Heat Kyleigh Mathe R59
Midwest Crushers 16u- American Brylei Adney R58
Expos 08 Jolee Strohmeyer R58
Expos 08 Ava Hahn R57
Iowa Nationals Kori Lincicum R57
Southern Iowa Savage Cambry Livingston R56
Iowa Outlaws Select 06-Andrew Addi Downe R55
Iowa Nationals Giana Lavorato L55
Wisconsin Heat Kiran Sanford L55
Expos 08 Ella Simon R55
Southern Iowa Savage Gracie Peck R53
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