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Foot Speed for Baseball
Kevin Barr        
Published: Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Foot-Speed for Baseball

Baseball players should incorporate jump-rope, dot-drills, or mini-cones to improve foot-speed, which allows players to apply greater force against ground for balance & moving quickly in any direction.


Incorporate 5 minutes of drills 2x per-week at beginning of practice.

Stay tall & stay on balls of feet (not toes / not heels).

Keep wrists loose & close to body.

Use arms to generate more speed & power.

Maintain slight bend in knees. Never land straight-legged.

Start slowly & master movement. Once mastered, always move at game-speed.

Begin with low-volume / low-intensity / low-frequency of work.

Allow full-recovery between drills.

Always use good form & technique (quality vs. quantity).

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